Zabludowicz Collection Announces Second Part Of 2014 Invites Programme

The Zabludowicz Collection has just announce the second part of the 2014 Invites programme. Two distinctive artists and an art collective will present new work made especially for their exhibitions.
Rachel Pimm works across sculpture, performance and video to explore the hybrid and fluid concepts of naturalness andartificialness. For Invites Pimm presents an exhibition titled Natural Selection. Charles Darwin’s theories, frequently remembered through the mutated term survival of the fittest coined by Herbert Spencer in 1864, act as a departure point. Pimm alludes to the aggressive drive of any given species to survive and flourish, and links this to ecological ‘greenwashing’, increasingly used to camouflage corporate misdemeanours into the leafy background. Her ‘product-ready’ work points to both man-made technological interventions that involve the mimicry of natural forms, and the increasingly conflated physical spaces of the dom estic, r etail, business and leisure.
Working with video and performance, Lucy Beech has developed a project for Invites that focuses on ideas of emotional capitalism, where economic and emotional discourses mutually shape one another. Tracing real and fictional  systems that transform female empowerment into an authoritative branding tool, the work will be developed with a group of performers and will engage specifically with notions of  competitive vulnerability. For her artist’s presentation Lucy Beech will also be developing a new off-site performance work in collaboration with Edward Thomasson. Characterised by elaborately choreographed group activities, the work will extend their ongoing exploration of how performance is initiated in non-theatrical environments as a tool for working through everyday problems and experiences.
The ARKA Group is a collaboration between Ben Jeans Houghton and Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau, producing films, sculptures and sound works about the stranger fringes of scientific and philosophical thought. The ARKA Group collaborate with distinctive individuals from various disciplines and institutions relevant to the subject of each new work. Recent projects have consisted of interactive installations that dismantle cinematic ideas and methodologies, replacing moving image with audio narratives and sculptural forms that employ the viewer’s imagination as the producer of the visual component of the work. For Invites they will investigate the ‘edgelands’ of cities, bringin g together sculptural forms made from found materials with elements of sound and performance.

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