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Rafael Fuchs was born and raised in Tel Aviv, and graduated with honors (BFA in photography) in 1984 at Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem, Israel. After graduation he was living in Paris for one year, where he participated in a group show " Young Creatives" that was curated by Francois Hebel. The photographs that he exhibited in that show (self portraits using theatrical make-up while being drafted by the Israeli army to serve in the occupied South part of Lebanon) got him the first place award for Portraiture by the Advertising Photographers of America Society, upon his arrival to the US in 1985 . In the past 20 years, while residing in NYC, Rafael has been contributing to numerous major American and International magazines (as: Time, Newsweek, Life, W, Glamour, Entertainment Weekly, and more), as well as shooting ad campaigns (Coke, Pepsi, Visa, and more) and images for various music labels (as Matador, Sony,and more) Some of his most popular portrait subjects are : Colin Powell, JK Rowling, Emily Watson, Burt Reynolds,Derek Jeter, Nathan Lane,John McCain,Beyonce,Geoffrey Rush,Chemical Brothers,Basement Jaxx, Michael Stipe, Pink, Julia Stiles and more. Rafael gained numerous awards throughout his career , and exhibited in a few galleries (as Ace gallery in NY, Ad-hoc and Eastern District in Bklyn, and more). His latest show "Fuchs_Now" at Eastern District Gallery in Bklyn,NY during Dec. 2009, was a personal survey of his latest work and it included about 200 of his own prints from various current on going projects: "I Am Amerikan", "Transgenders in Kansas City", "Nudes", "The Bushwick Yearbook" as well as videos (“Rory Crashers”, “Meditation”, and more) and self published books (“I Am Amerikan”,” Raw One”, and more.) Rafael Fuchs resides in Brooklyn, NY

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