Camberwell BA Degree Exhibitions 2015: A Review From Within

It was so nice to visit the Private View of the Camberwell BA show tonight and see all the graduates celebrating. The show is huge and a bit overwhelming as it contains work from so many students, so I am just going to choose a few of my favourites from each subject.

 3D Design

The 3D design course takes up a small space near the canteen containing a range of objects both functional and sculptural. The pieces that caught my eye were illustrated triangular shapes on chains by Yining Sun. The faces on them are particularly fun and a bit Picasso-esque.

FDA Illustration and FDA Graphic Design

An FDA is a two year course which is meant to prepare students more for the “real world” than a BA. The illustration space contains lots of drawings and prints. A favourite was a hand drawn wallpaper design for children labelling different animals by Heeju Lee. I think the piece would work better using a printmaking method and this would also make it easier to manufacture but a nice idea and nice drawings.

The graphic design section of the exhibition becomes a lot more poster based. A fun and interactive touch in the FDA space was that you could put together your own catalogue of favourite pieces from the exhibition for free. There is also a shop where you can buy postcards and prints. This also gives you a chance to talk to the students about the work:

I continue to a small room of video works. The “Rule Britannia” video by Luca Bowles is a funny representation of London life. I was pleased to hear that he won a Vice competition with it.

BA Drawing

As usual Camberwell’s definition of drawing is loose and I am greeted by a sculptural piece made of feathers. Other sculptural pieces fill the room and so does a confusing and intriguing installation by Victoria Sin. Adie Risborough draws on the walls in the room and in a couple of the hallways too. Florence Thomas experiments with photo manipulation in the form of cutting out silhouettes and stitching into images.

BA Illustration

I am biased towards illustration so probably spent too much time in this section. Illustration contains large and small scale works: drawings, prints, sculptures, paintings, films, books and ceramics. Monica De Fonseca made some beautiful etchings using interesting techniques (aquatint?). You see more in these images the closer you look. Chico Banana (their real name?) created a little Mexico with a selection of work on a wall. I particularly liked the clay plate map: Alex Gamsu Jenkins created a large scale zombie scene. His style is similar to that of the illustrator Kyle Platts who is also a Camberwell graduate. Yaxxy Wong’s strobe light installation containing figurine creatures arranged in a pyramid made me feel genuinely scared. Therefore, I think this piece was effective in communication and storytelling. Also in illustration was drawn animations – a couple of favourites were by Isabel Barfod and Fredrick Hoffman.  The media used in illustration even stretched as far as a person. Not clear in my photography but she is wearing Alexandra McQueen style make up. My favourite piece in illustration was Story Screen by Katt Hardy. She used beautiful coloured inks to draw on wood. The drawings are very delicate and I think must have been time consuming. Illustration also has a shop in the exhibition where you can purchase prints, cards, badges, ceramics and other handmade items.

BA Photography

Photography contained some conceptual pieces such as Lee Mann’s Tipex on Paper and experimental pieces such as Zichen Zhao’s fading images. There were technical experiments with colour by Scott Pattinson and some out-to-shock pieces by Jade Downer.

BA Painting

Like the rest of the exhibition painting is varied. The chairs by Bethany Lloyd looked very comfortable but I wasn’t sure if they were allowed to be sat on.

I also enjoyed the geometric patterns by Jack Martyn Richardson with their impressive use of symmetry; the experimentation with doorknobs by Richard Davies; Albeiro Rojas Tomedes unusual structures; Bethany Heatson’s elaborate installation; Felix Tredwell’s fun stylised paintings and Katie Maisey, whose mixed media pieces even included food. But a particularly eye catching piece was Fiona McAuliffe’s crowded installation. The mature student’s piece contains objects that represent stories from her life.

BA Graphic Design 

I move on to the cleverly named Only Tools and Sources which proves that graphic design students don’t just spend their life on the computer as it included photography, 3D work, fold out paper creations and more. A favourite was Danielle Naramore’s tablecloth, which documents objects placed on a table. It is a fun and simple textile idea. Another favourite was Silvie Holectiova’s perception of objects books. It’s a simple and effective idea of exploring an object at different angles within a book:

Erika Lagunsad explores commercialism by giving away a rail of free clothes. Graphic design is also selling books within the exhibition.

BA Sculpture

The studio contains crazy structures everywhere like an obstacle course. Feeling almost overwhelmed, I listened to Rosie Watt’s sound piece and it soothed me. The teddy bear structure by Katie Sims was effective and made me feel quite sad: like all the mutilated teddies were staring at me confused and scared. There were some very ambitious works such as Mica Cutt’s water fountain and also a performance in a tepee where one person rubbed dirt on another. 


Lastly, a section in the printmaking studio corridor displays printmaking works from all disciplines: 

A special mention goes out to: Kamila Ossowicka, Barry Baxter, Luca Bowles, Heeju Lee, Filip Rasinski, Adie Risborough, Victoria Sin, Katt Hardy, Monica De Fonseca, Nadine Ghandour, Lizzie Heath, Yaxxy Wong, Isabel Barfod, Zichen Zhao, Lee Mann, Jack Martyn Richardson, Fiona McAuliffe, Katie Maisey, Felix Tredwell, Danielle Narramore, Silvie Holectiova, Katie Sims, Rosie Watt, Mica Cutts, Yining Sun

Words/Photos Florence Goodhand-Tait

Images: (If your name has been left off let us know and we will try and add)

1)Top photo catalogues for fda illustration and graphic design

2) fda graphic design

3) fda illustration and graphic design 

4) the print shop from illustration

5)Photography BA Degree exhibition

6) Monica Da Fonseca etchings from illustration

7)Painting from illustration dept

8) drawing

9)Sculpture Florence Thomas from ba drawing

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