Curitiba International Biennale Takes A New Urban Approach This Year

The Curitiba International Biennale arrives at it’s 20th year with an special focus: street art and art that happens outside museums and galleries, getting into the city. “The only criterion for the selection of works is the quality and relevance: they must impose itself on the quality and be able to point to some of the many issues of contemporary art,” say the curators Teixeira Coelho (MASP) and Ticio Escobar (Valencia Biennale) explaining why the choice to leave behind the practice of choosing a theme and a title for the biennale.

This edition happens in Brazil, at the Paraná state capital, Curitiba, between August 31st and December 1st, with works by artists from five continents in more than 100 different  areas of the city. Urban art and artistic performances gain attention, because in addition to being strong and increasingly present in the international arena, provide a direct and immediate contact with the community. Interestingly enough, this choice creates most enduring legacies, expanding the Biennale reach beyond the period of exhibition. “The Biennale is an excellent opportunity to get in touch with what is most contemporary in the art world. By observing the works, watch the performances, visit a museum, it is possible to cross geographical boundaries and expand the cultural repertoire. This year, the Biennale will involve the entire city, provoking people in a different way”, said the general director of the Biennale, Luiz Ernesto Pereira Meyer.

Curitiba International Biennale Takes A New Urban Approach This Year

In order to expand and consolidate its local ties, the Biennale supports the achievement of three circuits. The FICBIC, International Film Festival of Curitiba International Biennale,  curated by Eduardo Baggio. The program includes national and international films and a competitive university show, whose prize is a trip to the 64th Berlin International Film Festival. The CUBIC, University Circuit of Curitiba International Biennale promotes debates, discussions and exhibits works by university artists. The Galleries Circuit has a special program in the main contemporary art galleries of the city. During the three months of the Curitiba International Biennale, public and private institutions hold a parallel programming: The Open Biennale, coordinated by artist and teacher Tom Lisboa, that seeks to approach art and community to expand its reach.

Curitiba International Biennale Takes A New Urban Approach This Year

There are three types of itineraries for those who want to visit the Biennale: By Walking, By Bike or By Van. The public can simply choose the best way, schedule a visit through the website and enjoy all that is exhibited in the city. People can also buy a pocket bilingual guide, which shows where the art works are (either in exhibitions or on the street). This is a great option for tourists who come to Curitiba at the time of the Biennale.

Curitiba International Biennale 2013

Date: until december 1st

Where: Curitiba − PR – Brazil

Words: Priscilla Davanzo –  Photo Credits: Top Ai Weiwei – Very Yao (2008) – photo Ela Bialkowska  article: artist Béatrice Steimer @ Curitiba’s Botanical Garden (photo Rodrigo Cardoso) artist Jill Orr work The sleep of reason produces monsters – photo Bruce Parker & Joanne Haslam

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