Emerging Art In South London Exposed Peckham and Camberwell Round-up

Who Says Peckham isn’t the the most interesting place for emerging art in London? Florence Goodhand-Tate our UAL roving reviewer has been out and about discovering the best that South London has to offer. Peckham and Camberwell is a hotbed for new talent with a selection of galleries to match the vibrancy of the area.

House Café Gallery in Camberwell is showing Codependent. In it is work by two artists. Robbie Eunson presents paintings that play with looking at the human figure in parts. We see how seeing just one corner of a face can change how we read the person. Composition is played with; one face stretching across two canvases and a canvas with just legs. Deborah shows two TV screens that show other people looking at the exhibition. We see their expression as they look at the work…and they smile at her other humorous pieces in the exhibition;  a banana peel and several mouse traps scattered around with, I’m guessing, the intension of catching people instead of mice with red wine and cigarettes, rather than cheese.

(Top Photo)

South London Gallery is showing Last Seen Entering Biltmore, a room containing pieces inspired by the idea of “Backstage”. There are some TV screens showing black and white programmes;   some paintings; a plant; some glass pieces with keys hanging. All the objects work together as an installation.

Upstairs in the South London Gallery is Julia Crabtree and William Evans: Antonio Bay. The sculptures are interesting curved forms echoed nicely by the colour and pattern of the carpet that covers the whole of this floor.

Peckham Platform is showing Something Very Extraordinary. People working in the gallery are very friendly and enjoy telling you about the work. The exhibition is commissioned by the local timber yard and looks at the history of the local area and the canal that used to run from Peckham through to Burges Park. The exhibition is a small room that contains old photographs and two paintings of the canal. There is a map on the table showing where the canal used to run and children (and anyone else) are in invited to build cranes and bridges on it. It’s an educational workshop that was being enjoyed by children while I was there, so probably something entertaining to do during the summer holidays.

The London Arts Board is a notice board on the corner of Vestry Road and Peckham Road currently showing On Paper and The Action of Forces. This is a good idea so I wish it was being better looked after. As you can see parts have been peeled off and graffiti has been added…. (Maybe if the graffiti were more artistic this wouldn’t be a problem) The drawings behind the graffiti are interesting though; I like the shapes and patterns used. I’m going to keep an eye on the board in hope that it improves.

GX Galley presents Flock 2014, an exhibition of recent Fine Art graduates. The exhibition is a good size with dark spaces downstairs to explore. My favourite artist in the exhibition is Sam Turpin who is a Camberwell graduate. His mixed media pieces show illustrative storytelling in an imaginative way. I think it’s a mix of not just media but thought processes. Within the page there are parts in control, parts out of control, soft marks, and sharp marks. The exhibition also contains other mixed media works, drawings, photography pieces, and sculptural pieces.

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