Gui Mohallem: Brazilian Artist Inspired By Residency in Lebanon

Gui Mohallem presents 13 works at the Emma Thomas Gallery including videos, photographs and objects. Inspired by a stay in Lebanon, the birthplace of his parents. The works displayed in the show tackle issues relating to historical conflicts and strong traits of a local culture. Coexisting in the intrinsically complex works is beauty and horror. “At this stage of my research, I seek a non idealized with other,” explains the artist.

“Tcharafna” follows the series “Welcome Home”, taking this as a starting point for a new search. “After the experience of the series ‘Welcome Home’, tried to find a new path, more complex, in that place of belonging is not seen as a paradise. After finding a place to call home in a pagan shrine, won the floor to take the most important step: to investigate the cultural roots of the family”, says Mohallem.

The title of the current series is a term similar to when we say “Nice to meet you.” The word “tcharafna”, however, is related to honor, being the literal translation would be “We are honored.” The presence of deep feelings within a universe everyday and commonplace is reflected in these Mohallem’s works, marked by blood, symbol, while family ties and violence.

In this exhibition, the artist merges a set of videos and photographs from the vast collection of images collected over the course of the stay in the village Fakiha, place of origin of his family in northeastern Lebanon. Continuing his research on belonging, “Tcharafna” not compose a single linear narrative. Like his previous works, the new series brings a posture involved and emotionally connected

Opening June 6, close July 18. Entrance is free. Emma Thomas Gallery, Rua Estados Unidos, 2205, Jardins, São Paulo – Brazil

Words: Douglas Negrisolli Photo: Courtesy of Emma Thomas Gallery

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