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sharon haward


The focus of Haward's work is the desire to create artworks which are more about absence than presence and which have a limited life span. By building, deconstructing and projecting Haward creates works which reconfigure spatial elements in order to explore the relationships between buildings and people. Through the development of site specific installations and open ended experimental work Haward explores  specific venues - a crypt, an empty flat, a room in a museum, an outdoor public space, a staircase - to both conjure up a sense of continuing historical narrative and create works which echo, reflect and refract the transient nature of minute to minute, day to day, year to year shifts in meaning and function.

Recent installations include a moving image work in St.Omer railway station, a Battle of Britian installation in a Napoleonic fortress, plus site specifc works in a decommissoned school, a coach station, an empty house in central Liverpool, a empty flat and a crypt.


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