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shay culligan


I am an Irish-born visual artist based in Boston, USA. In 1998 I graduated from Massachusetts College of Art.

My current medium of choice is serigraphy where I screen print my photographs and designs onto canvas and other media. My work explores such issues as displacement, isolation, neglect, uncertainty, trust and anxiety, often in an urban context.

I am an outspoken critic of the hegemony that is the elite fine art establishment, for their blatant disregard of competent living artists in favor of the manufactured reputations of so-called geniuses, most of them deceased. I am an advocate of strong craft skills, and I frown upon the practice of artists putting their signatures to works created entirely by assistants. 

I have exhibited my work in Dublin, London, the Hague, Boston, New York, Seattle, Dallas, Buffalo, Los Angeles, Springfield and Ontario.

Shay Culligan serigraphy

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