Carole Suety + Matthias Olmeta

Agnès b is delighted to celebrate the works of two photographers, Carole Suety and Matthias Olmeta as part of East London Photography Festival ‘Photomonth’ 2011.


Carole Suety, a rising star, who graduated with first class honors in 2009 and has grown form strength to strength. To date Carole has shown at the ‘Galerie Huit’ in Arles  and has also contributed work for the Salon Photo prize (2011), the ‘SNAP’ 2010 fundraiser, and has been selected for Cream 12 at the Crane Kalman Gallery in Brighton. In 2010 Carole was selected for the graduate directory for Wallpaper magazine.


The starting point of my work is always very personal as I tend to use familial snapshots or traditional objects as a basis… but, as I said, this is just a starting point… My series of images often work like a chain of sequences producing a narrative. What I do could be described as an attempt to deconstruct western ideologies and myths in order to reveal how they determine our relationship to marriage, family, sexuality or death. Deeply influenced by surrealist aesthetics, in which cultural and natural order interlace with one another, I aim to create pieces that open new fictional spaces where the boundaries between dream and reality are blurred’. Carole Suety.



An established photographer whose work has recently been shown in New York as part of a group show with agnès b. , ‘Certain French young photographers’ and after Photomonth moves to ‘Paris Photo’. Don’t miss in store at Spitalfileds.


It is there. It is always there; that desire to take a photograph – not a work of art – but a photograph. An object suspended with a future in view; an impassive precursor. The object is always recognizable, biographical, narcissistic and obsessive. Nothing eludes us in this already substantial body of work, because everything is here. After so many years it is part of him: psychiatric patients met in Cuba, transvestite friends, encounters with prostitutes, and finally most importantly – his family. Add to this list the phallus, the importance of which cannot be excluded, as its story integrates with that of his photography.


An object among other objects, an autonomous animal that binds together this little world as an essential hidden presence, dissolving and merging into a monstrous chaos. We are oblivious as to how it is done, but what results is a Photograph. Chemical and handmade, its very existence defies the industrial act and new technology. We catch a glimpse of elements which in the past have been regarded with disdain a love of texture, of the fusion and confusion between sensations and affects. These images subvert the discourse of contemporary critics. As the monochrome nuances of the substance-matter, essential to our perception, is a far cry from a neo-picturalism long gone.


The moment the people and objects are impregnated with this hazardous alloy straight from the 19th century we are confronted with an almost mystical feeling and forced to contemplate them, hieratic, the consequences of some mysterious recovery.


The photographs cannot be categorized as aesthetic and ascribe little importance to reality. Constantly manipulated they are soiled and damaged, to ultimately become glorified. Above and beyond the filter of a machine, the photographic act enables a life experience to be assimilated and digested. François Cheval





Duration 06 October 2011 - 03 November 2011
Times mon-sat 11am-7pm, sun 11.30am-5pm
Cost free
Venue Agnes b
Address 16 Lamb street London E1 6EA, ,
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