Coletivo Terca ou Quarta + City Collection


Artists: Felipe Goes, Fernanda Izar e Jeff Chies

The exhibition “COLETIVO TERCA OU QUARTA  + CITY COLLECTION” provokes the dialogue between the works of contemporary painting artists (Felipe Goes, Fernanda Izar and Jeff Chies) and the precious collection of the Public Gallery Mario Ybarra de Almeida, thereby bringing an important public debate on the poetic potential of the association between young artists and collections of public institutions.

Besides the works of these young artists, the exhibition will feature works by important Brazilian masters such as Alfredo Volpi, Francis Amendola and Ottone Zorlini, and key artists in the history of international modern art as Pieter Ouborg of Cobra Group, and Emilio Vedova of the Italian Informal Art.

The exhibition will have art educators for the public reception.


Coletivo Terça ou Quarta

Artists: Felipe Goes, Fernanda Izar e Jeff Chies

Curator: Thais Rivitti

Education: Paulo Portella Filho

House of Culture Manager: Milton Najm Bernardi

Local Producer: Denise Zakaib

Media: Agência Rebeca Come Terra

Production : Medianeiro Projetos Culturais and Governo do Estado de São Paulo, Secretaria de Cultura (ProAC – ICMS)


Duration 01 August 2014 - 20 September 2014
Times Weekdays, from 9:00AM to 9:00PM
Cost Free
Venue House of Culture
Address Sao Bento street 909 Araraquara 14801300, ,
Contact +55 (016) 33331159 / vemvercoletivoterç /

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