Mirek Antoniewicz

While held by the hand we suddenly find ourselves dragged into another dimension, immersed into an atmosphere of stories which are extraordinary and personal: the child portrayed by Mirek Antoniewicz in his paintings kidnaps the viewers who, with the glimpse of an eye, are instantly allowed to flow into an oneiric dimension, made of dreams and memories. Nor just a sequence of the artist’s reminiscences or just an autobiography made of powerful, intense images, Mirek Antoniewicz’s oeuvre goes beyond such plain categories. It feels like an enchanting trip to the unconscious, guiding the viewer towards the mysteries of the human psyche. Through his many, multiple declinations his child acts as a transfer between the viewer and the artist’s interior dimension. Such an absolutely unconscious process, thus, can lead the observer to the domains of the human mind, where inner feelings, emotional states and forgotten thoughts reside. Once such an innermost realm is discovered, it appears clear how Mirek Antoniewicz’s artwork does raise a series of questions, involving the spectator into a process of introspection. It stimulates a reflection upon the unequivocally individual chances and conditions which determine each and everyone’s lives. Antoniewicz’s child is styled and transformed, rendering his multiple aspects, hence, suggesting the many changes and the continuous metamorphosis undertaken during a whole lifetime. An inner trip, an intimate dialogue with memory, Antoniewicz’s oeuvre is a universe, a space in which imagination does not really seem that far from reality.

Anna Zerbaro Pezzin
art curator

Duration 05 April 2013 - 01 January 1970
Times 8 PM
Address VIA CAMPIGLIO, 13 Milano 20133, ,
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