Violence / Silence

Psychoanalysis and art have had a relationship that is both complementary and controversial, with timely cross-fertilisation and isolation of the two fields. Although Freud stated that analysis must lay down its arms before the problem of the creative artist, he did not do so himself. Following Freud’s application of psychoanalytic thought to the understanding of art, there has been an increasing number of PA contributions to the comprehension of art and the artist, taking into account history and personality as well as the given artistic productions. Aesthetics and the creative process have been considered, as well as the responses of spectators both outside and within the psychoanalytic setting. When an analyst or curator refers to a work of art, analytic work might lead to a further exploration of their own conflicts and interests. Interdisciplinary studies attempt to link psychoanalysis, art and recently neuroscience lending the excitement of new perspectives and connections.

Exhibition Violence/Silence brings together a group of 16 renowned international artists representing a wide range of media;  from painting, film and performance to installation, sculpture and photography. They collectively,  intuitively throw rendered light on two magnetic opposites that are Violence & Silence, whilst observing aesthetic interactions and reactions in at the deep end of these two states. This multimedia exhibition will heighten and focus on the disproval of the real and try to emphasise and approach the hidden, dark, private thermostats of artists lives. Whether we choose between Violence or the other, Silence; both present us with an audible and risky set of subliminal questions.

Artists examine this space in between and seek latent meanings to restore connections and make new discoveries, to equally manifest what had not existed before. And like new planets being violently formed in H II region/zone painted by Ting-an Ling or new spaces being figured in bombed out but intermittently quiet landscape of Aleppo, captured photographically by Susan Schulman, the deep contact with the unconscious and preconscious, the infra and intersubjective interplay in the intermediate area, the special alternation of primary and secondary processes, the ability to master entering and leaving the timeless dimension with the two in continuous interplay, evoke and reimburse us with the new feeling of responsibility and heightened state of approval. To be dismayed or delighted by a work of art suggests the impassioned revival of unconscious love and hate, which might be associated with a conscious feeling of the uncanny. A lovely beauty, a mysterious beauty, or a terrible beauty might provide an aesthetic experience, highly dependent on an individual. Although “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, there is frequently consensus in a historical social context about a work of art being beautiful. However, the complex concepts of beauty remain ill-defined, skewered and enigmatic, up top this day, just as the ideas of Violence & Silence remain forever enigmatic in its polar opposites and seemingly interwoven precluding each other in different scenarios. Metabolising aggression, hostility and trauma can provide its own aesthetic rewards and solutions. In the ultimate conclusion of our impending virtual simulation age, one is compelled to ponder with concern on value of Civilisation & Language, conjuring its last breath and forsaking its creative, happy future for diminishing ends of violence and destruction, whilst at the same time being in the serious state of absence of mindfulness & wisdom of introspection.

Exhibition Violence/Silence will feature new and recent work by artists:

Geraldine Swayne, Mark Woods, Ann Grim, Teo Robinson, Franko B, Susan Schulman, Martin Sexton, KeelerTornero, Sarah Pager, Rebecca Scott, Dallas Seitz, Vanya Balogh, Liz Helman, Thomas Quallman, Ting-an Ling & Thomas J Ridley


Lead image by Susan Schulman

Duration 11 May 2018 - 20 May 2018
Times 12-6 daily
Cost Free
Venue The Cello Factory
Address 33-34 Cornwall Road Waterloo London SE1 8TJ, ,
Contact 07587454613 / /

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