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xavier white


Xavier is a motivated artist / designer / maker. This London born artist is mostly self taught, regaining life skills through creating in a post head injury (Peckham 1985) confused fluxus limbo state.

He is now working on the Xavier White' Full Circle glass art exhibition at the Maudsley Hospital in Camberwell, where he was treated after his near fatal road accident nearly 30 years ago.

Xavier White’s Full Circle charts Xavier’s creative journey throughout his rehabilitation; exploring his attempts to visualize the inner workings of the brain and his investigations into human learning processes. With works ranging for delicate glass assemblages and images, larger installations, a number of stained glass windows and films on youtube.

He has shown commitment to a number of subject areas in his creative rehabilitation. Glass, Recycling and reenergising objects, Cycling, Art, Creativity, Educational inspiration, the human brain, it’s process’s and learning systems, the NHS and it’s carers. He has recently completed a university degree, his ambition immediately prior to receiving his brain trauma. He survived that one too!

Following his A Head in Art, a look at seminal works of Art that have contributed to artistic developments over the last 200 years, he is continuing his journey working on Cohedia, the mind expanding cityscape, an on going project of Xavier’s. 

Xavier also runs a part time gallery from his spacious home in Blackheath since 2009, see Gallery 2.

The link below takes you to a number reviews of a number of exhibitions at Xavier White's.




Xavier's works

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