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10 October 2017

Alexander De Cadenet Inside The bronze Apple By Amanda McGregor

The bronze apple of creation called ‘Creations’ that Alexander De Cadenet placed on the Henry Moore Alter in the centre of the St Stephen...

14 September 2016


Inside Reading Gaol Amanda McGregor Asks Who else is imprisoned unfairly?

As the hand that creates, then wipes the tears from the strong, we question the nature of suffering. The architecture of space that is...

21 October 2017


Under The Church: Meet Mayfair Gallerist Iain Michael Brunt’s Latest Project

Tucked under the church off Weighhouse Street in Mayfair I found Iain Michael Brunt; whom after a move from impressionism into modern art has...

30 January 2017

Nadine Talalla Brings Life To Dead Abject Feelings of Womankind

  The emergence of female artist’s in 2017 gives an opportunity to find discourse and insight into our contemporary culture, integration, position and sense...

9 August 2014

Marina Abramovic: A Clairvoyant’s Perspective Uncovers Density And Connection

Marina Abramovic demands a certain sensitivity in engagement, she works with spiritual intelligence, a landscape of thought that operates through our senses rather than...

21 October 2013


The Activity of Dying: Death And Art Merge As A Performance Piece

Cheek to Cheek with ‘Death’. Its not everyday you have a moment to contemplate the activity of dying and more importantly how it effects...

21 July 2013


Art Infrastructure: Redefining The Conceptual Apparatus Of Creative Pursuit

The journey of an artist can be a similar experience to running over hurdles, on a school sports day event. A creative adapts, becomes...

18 May 2013


The Energy Frequency Of Creation In Our Relationship To Art

Amanda McGregor asks; If Our Relationship To Art is Determined By A Need To Escape To A Controlled World Of Fantasy And Magic, How...

20 January 2013

Greetings Earthlings: Reflections From The Artists Earth Star – Review

“Ascending With Our Earth Star”, an art event which opened on 21 December 2012, is an exhibition incorporating a mixture of performance and visual...

3 November 2012


Exposed: Are Hacktivists Anonymous Just Too Anon?

The way Anonymous present themselves to the world and communicate to the world is interesting. They work underground to expose and educate. They also...

2 October 2012


Turner Prize 2012 The Artists Reviewed By An Artist

Visiting the Turner Prize is a bit of a ritual for art lovers, a ritual that opens a window into the examination of the...

4 August 2012


British Heritage The Endgame Of Our Collective Inheritance

Over the last few months, I have been traveling back in time, looking at ‘our’ inheritance as a collective. The Mayan prophecy predicts that...

19 June 2012


Environment Is A Strong Informant Embracing Energies That Inspire

Artist Amanda McGregor explores the connection between nature and creativity I was at the Rural Museum in Reading at the weekend visiting a furniture...

28 February 2012


Empowering Artists A Journey Into Truly Seeing

Amanda McGregor on Karen L. French’s 2012 Book ‘The Hidden Geometry of Life’ The creative path of being, as the archetypal ‘Alchemist’ is rarely...

3 February 2012


Sharing Our Intimate and Personal Relationship To Art

The process of sharing our intimate and personal relationship to art is often a confidential aspect of life that is rarely bought to the...

30 August 2011


Objectivism and Sanction of the Victim

Artist Amanda McGregor Challenges Ayn Rand On Philosophy, Creativity and Love How do we centre ourselves with the understanding of our own personal motivations?...

12 August 2011


UK Riots Leave Big Society In Tatters

We must now produce a new vision for a global infrastructure? ArtLyst Editorial By Amanda McGregor The awakening of conscious after a shock globally...

15 October 2017

Central St Martins in the Fields Design Then And Now

Throughout its history, St Martin-in-the-Fields has looked beyond its own doors and played an active role in wider social, humanitarian and international issues.

8 August 2014


Scottish Independence: Anish Kapoor, Tracey Emin and Gavin Turk Vote No

Is Nationalism a cultural black hole? This is a question raised time and time again when arguing that Scotland should sever ties with the...

16 September 2013


Gilbert & George Honoured With Twin Doctorates By Plymouth University

The pioneering artist duo Gilbert & George have received Honorary Doctorates of Art, in recognition of their contribution to the visual arts both in...