1 May 2010


Art Statements Art Basel 2010 Selected Artists

  Art Statements at Art Basel 16-20 June 2010 is by far the most exciting and innovative section of the fair. It spotlights solo projects by young artists selected by the Art Basel Committee from more than 300 applications, this year’s participating artists (26 in total)  come from 17 different countries.  The Art Statements sector has promoted […]

18 April 2010


Latest London Art Reviews

Paul Carey-Kent Previously Editor at Large, Art World Magazine Art Exhibitions • Events • Galleries By Paul Carey-Kent 29 July 2011 ‘Anthology’ at CHARLIE SMITH London, 336 Old St, 5-20 Aug I have to declare an interest in the juried prize show ‘Anthology’, which opens on the evening of Thursday 4 August (when the winner […]

3 April 2010


Anish Kapoor Tower Of Babel Planned For London 2012 Olympics

    Anish Kapoor has designed Britain’s largest piece of public sculpture, a 120 metre tall interwoven tower that people will be able to climb. The tower will boast spectacular views of London and the Olympic park. The work falls somewhere in between a crushed Buckminster Fuller Geodesic Dome, a fun fair Helter Skelter and […]

30 March 2010


Courtauld Institute : Cuts Challenge Witt Library

Many paintings dealers have expressed their concern about changes introduced to the operation of the Witt Library by the management of the Courtauld Institute last summer.  Most of the library staff were dismissed, and replaced by fewer, less qualified staff.  The new staff are no longer able to offer the range of services previously offered.  […]

25 March 2010


British Contemporary Art to Suffer In Darling’s Latest Budget

One of the cuts concealed in Alastair Darling’s budget yesterday was a staggering £60 million in funds earmarked for the arts slashed from the Department for Culture Media and Sports 2010-11 budget.  In addition, £2.2 billion is to be diverted from the National Lottery’s culture and heritage endowment to the Olympics. This is money that […]

22 March 2010


Ross McLaren Canadian Artist : Spotlight

I knew Ross as a filmmaker, collaborator and the founder of the Funnel, the most important locale for experimental film in Canada. It wasn’t just the man’s charm, but his films — awkward, jarring, disjunctive, and, of course, ironic — which grabbed my attention. It was the late 1970s. It was punk. No one followed, […]

15 March 2010


Save The ICA London

  Join The Campaign : ‘Save The ICA London’ Click Here                                                                                      The ICA […]

1 March 2010


Banksy film Premieres At London’s Waterloo

Banksy is at it again this time in the role of filmmaker. The film titled, “Exit Through The Gift Shop” or “The Worlds First Street Disaster Film” had it’s premiere at a pop up cinema in Waterloo tonight in a disused railway arch. The festivities came complete with a painted red carpet and salvaged arm […]

23 February 2010


New Kieran Timberlake Designed U S Embassy for London

U.S. Embassy London New Building Unveiled U.S. Embassy London Kieran Timberlake Wins Design Competition Kieran Timberlake has won the competition to design the new United States’ high-security embassy in London. Here is the first photo: The design for the new London embassy at Nine Elms was finally confirmed today 23 February 2010 It will be […]

28 January 2010


Tony Blair’s Most Controversial Photo Shock and Awe 2010

This is perhaps the most telling photo of Tony Blair ever presented on the net. Artist Richard Hamilton’s ‘Shock and Awe’ © 2010 sums up the sad demise of this once popular Prime Minister. Mr Blair will soon be appearing at the iraq inquiry. Please dig it and pass it on. Image of Tony Blair […]

14 January 2010


Report on London Art Fair Art Projects Photo50 2010

The London Art Fair opened last night with the sort of celebrity studded private view that defies all reports of an economic downturn. It once and for all proves that there is still plenty of money in London collector circles. This year’s London Art Fair may not have been the sort of feeding frenzy that […]

9 January 2010


American Artist Kenneth Noland Dies Age 85

Kenneth Noland  1924-2010 Studied at Black Mountain College, North Carolina, 1946-48, and with Ossip Zadkins in Paris, 1948-49. Taught at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Washington, D.C., 1949-51, at the Catholic University, Washington, D.C., 1951-60, and at the Washington Workshop Center of the Arts, 1952-56. Served as Milton Avery Professor of the Arts, Bard College, […]

1 January 2010


Top 10 London Art exhibitions of 2009

ArtLyst’s Top 10 exhibitions of 2009 1)Anish Kapoor 2) Roger Hiorns 3). John Baldessari 4) The Museum of Everything 5) Gerhard Richter Portraits 6) Pete and Repeat 7) Pop Life: Art in a Material World 8) Gustav Metzger 9) Gerry Judah : BABYLON 10) Ryan McGinley Moonmilk   1. Anish Kapoor Sep 26-Dec 11, Royal […]

26 October 2009


Gormley’s One & Other Comes To A Close

One & Other came to a close last week, after 100 days and nights. 2,400 people from the Shetland Islands to Penzance to take  part in 2,400 individual hours, which created a portrait of a nation of eccentrics and performers, exhibitionists and mediators, artists and campaigners. The world was riveted: there were over 7,500,000 hits […]

22 October 2009


Frieze / Zoo / Pavilion Round Up

The Frieze Art Fair was established six years ago in London’s Regent’s Park and now ranks among the most important international art events in the calendar. The latest news on Frieze Art Fair in London can be found here.This year featured over 150 stands displaying new works by the likes of Anish Kapoor, Julian Opie […]

15 October 2009


Top 100 ‘Most Influential People in the Art World’ 2009

Well, It’s that time of year again and the word is out from ArtReview magazine in its annual Power 100 list, which is released to coincide with the Frieze Art Fair in London.The list sees Damien Hirst plumet from number 1 to number 48 The top 10 includes Tate director Sir Nicholas Serota in third […]

1 October 2009


Police Censor Richard Prince Photograph At Tate Modern

Tate  vs  Nanny State You really have to ask yourself, is this 1960? Just how far have we come as a nation when an internationally recognized artist such as Richard Prince is ‘voluntarily’ banned from one of our most revered institution’s walls. As for the Met, I put it down to a misguided agenda without […]

6 September 2009


Abu Dhabi Overtakes Dubai

New Culture Capital Emerges Paul Carter Robinson explores Abu Dhabi is rapidly moving ahead of rival Dubai by initiating a far more interesting cultural development agenda. The program is intelligent, green and more importantly, in tune with metro-life circa 2010 and beyond. If you are trying to attract tourists with a certain level of sophistication […]

25 August 2009


Daily Telegraph ‘Outraged’ By Government Spending On Art

Details obtained through the freedom of information act has revealed that the government has spent £556,911 in the past 12 months on a selection of artworks for the Government Art Collection (GAC). These items are distributed to decorate various drab embassies and government offices dotted around the world .In a recent article titled “Government Art […]

23 August 2009


Banksy Superstar Kate Moss

If Warhol were alive today he would have splashed Kate Moss all over the cover of Interview Magazine not to mention immortalize her in a series of paintings and limited edition prints. In terms of pop icons, Kate Moss is definitely the two dimensional successor to Marilyn Monroe. She clearly holds the title of, ‘most […]

7 August 2009


Edinburgh Festival 2009: Exhibitions

Here are ArtLyst’s Edinburgh Festival visual arts highlights 2009   Nashashibi / Skaer Turner Prize Nominees 2009 (A must see) doggerfisher Open 6-9pm Festival Exhibition: Art Festival venue number 811 Gayfield Square, Edinburgh0131 558 7110www.doggerfisher.com   New Media Scotland – Open 6-8pm Festival Exhibition: Reveal/ResetArt Festival Venue number: 23Alex Hetherington This work, a multi-channel video […]

4 August 2009


176 The Zabludowicz Collection: Best Kept Secret in Camden:

Carved out of yellow Oxford stone just north of the Stables market in Camden Lock or actually to be exact Chalk Farm is a neo classical former 19th century Methodist church now home to the fabulous 176 Gallery / The  Zabludowicz Collection. The collection was started over 15 years ago by Anita and Poju Zabludowicz. […]

24 July 2009


Absurdity of Brian Sewell : Beyond Bloomsbury Designs For The Omega Workshop Courtauld Gallery W2

Brian Sewell is a silly ass!  The lame pomposity of his irrelevancy is exemplified in a recent article for the nearly extinct Evening Standard news paper titled, “Not So Grand Designs” In this rambling, subjective assassination Mr Sewell attempts to justify his hatred for all that is modern by nit picking at the craftsmanship and […]

24 July 2009


Partridge Fine Art Goes Into Administration

Update: 10/09/09  Partridge Fine Art has been reported as going into administration. Moving vans have been busy clearing all stock from the Bond Street gallery. The likelihood of finding a buyer for Partridge, at this stage seems unrealistic, although the official word from the receivers is, that they are still actively seeking a buyer for […]

19 July 2009


Banksy Video Banksy VS Bristol Museum

Here is your chance to see the preview trailer for               Banksy vs Bristol Museum   Graffiti artist Banksy has pulled off an audacious stunt amid tight secrecy to stage his biggest ever exhibition. A burned-out ice-cream van is among 100 works Banksy has installed at Bristol’s museum, replacing many of the museum’s regular artefacts. The […]

19 July 2009


Venice Biennale 2009 Review

Venice Biennale 2009 – selected highlights Giardini and Arsenale, Venice , Venice7 June – 22 November 2009 Reviewed by: Rachel Howfield (Massey)   On setting off for a three day art frenzy at The Venice Biennale 2009 I never considered the possibility of writing a review. I do not consider myself qualified to comment on […]

18 July 2009


Michael Jackson and Bubbles by Jeff, Koons Will This Now Quadruple In Price?

It’s a scary prospect but will the death of Michael Jackson drive this kitsch trinket to become one the worlds most valuable works of contemporary art by a living artist? It is quite possible that the new phenomenon of ‘fan art’ will kick start a new season of auction records for Jeff Koons, the artist […]

11 July 2009



THE GROSVENOR HOUSE ART & ANTIQUES FAIR COMES TO AN END AFTER 75 GLORIOUS YEARS It is with great regret that The Grosvenor House Art & Antiques Fair and Grosvenor House announce that The Grosvenor House Art & Antiques Fair will no longer be continued. For 75 years the hotel and the art and antiques […]

17 March 2009


Test Case Challenge Over Fake Jean-Michel Basquiat To limit Auction Houses Liability

New Ruling may challenge limits of auction houses’ liability Background: Tony Shafrazi, who was Basquiat’s primary dealer, says he bought the 1982 untitled piece from Christie’s in 1990 for $242,000, and resold it a year later to collector Guido Orsi. In his suit filed this month in Manhattan Supreme Court, the Iranian-born dealer, who has […]

15 March 2009


How To Enter the Summer Exhibition At The Royal Academy 2010

Deadlines Please be advised that the deadline for artists resident in the United Kingdom to buy Entry Forms online has been extended to Wednesday 10 March 2010; the final day for artists in the rest of Europe is Friday 5 March but the RA are no longer sending forms to artists in the rest of […]

15 March 2009



“NOT THE ROYAL ACADEMY” is an established part of the Summer Season and is featured by the National Press, Radio and TV. The Exhibition will show over 800 of the best paintings by artists who have submitted but have been rejected by the RA Summer Exhibition. “NOT THE ROYAL ACADEMY” is open to the public […]

14 March 2009


2010 Whitney Biennial

Whitney Chooses Biennial Curators Carol Vogel from The New York Times’s announced that the next Whitney Biennial curators have just been chosen, Francesco Bonami and Gary Carrion-Murayari. “It seemed like a good idea on a lot of levels,” said Donna De Salvo, the Whitney’s chief curator. “Francesco is well known to the Whitney” — he […]