23 November 2016


Quiz – Damien Hirst vs Jeff Koons

How much do you know about Hirst and Koons?

23 November 2016


Quiz – Zaha Hadid

Test your knowledge of architect/designer Zaha Hadid

23 November 2016

Quiz – Robert Mapplethorpe

How much do you know about Robert Mapplethorpe?

22 November 2016

Quiz – Three Little Known Facts About Francis Bacon

Test your knowledge of Francis Bacon

21 November 2016


Quiz – Anish Kapoor Olympic Orbit Tower Factoid

Test your knowledge of Anish Kapoor’s Olympic Orbit Tower

21 November 2016


The Art Of The Firing Squad: Execution Expressed In Painting

In art, the firing squad is composed as much in time as it is in space; in these first words of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude, we encounter a plethora of narrative potential for past future heroism.

18 November 2016


London gets state of the art Design Museum

The Design Museum unveiled its new building to the press yesterday ahead of its public opening on 24 November 2016. Housed in a landmark grade II listed modernist building from the 1960s on Kensington High Street, formerly the home of the Commonwealth Institute, the building has been sensitively retuned by John Pawson, the culmination of a five-year construction process costing £83m.

17 November 2016


Top 10 – Art/Fashion Collaborations

To coincide with London Fashion Week, Artlyst this week takes a look at the best fashion and art collaborations.

6 November 2016

80’s Art Star David Salle On Seeing Art The Way Artists Do

In his new book ‘How to See: Looking, Talking, and Thinking about Art’ 80’s art star David Salle aspires to teach nonartists to see art the way artists do!

6 November 2016


Was Caravaggio A Good Christian? By Revd Jonathan Evens St Stephen Walbrook

Caravaggio – “What a man! What a painter, but what a man and what a believer.” Those are the words of François Bousquet, Rector of San Luigi dei Francesi in Rome, the church which, in the stunning Contarelli Chapel, houses the magnificent paintings which formed Caravaggio’s first major commission and made his reputation. Bousquet makes his assertion in the introductory film […]

2 November 2016

Art Basel Miami Beach Announces 2016 Film Programme Selected By David Gryn

Art Basel Miami Beach has announced the Film Programme for the 2016 event. This year it will run from November 30 through December 4, presenting a premier program of over 50 film and video works by some of today’s most exciting artists from North and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

1 November 2016


David Bowie Collection A Very Personal Curation Of Style And Taste

From 1–10 November, the collection will be exhibited at Sotheby’s New Bond Street galleries in London, giving fans, collectors, art lovers and experts a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to immerse themselves in the extraordinary range of objects that informed Bowie’s private world.

12 October 2016


Hugh Mendes Talks to Artlyst About His Preoccupation With Death And Memento Mori

Hugh Mendes is a German-born British painter. He graduated with an MA in Fine Art from City and Guilds of London Art School,  in 2001 after reading a BA (Hons) in Fine Art at Chelsea School of Art 1975-78. Mendes’ work has been shown globally at Museum shows and it is in prominent private collections […]

9 October 2016


Paul Carey Kent Picks His Frieze Favourites For The 2016 Fair

An average year seems the general verdict on Frieze. Everyone picks up on the Focus section of young gallery projects, so I’ve concentrated on the main fair with works from some of the best stands. Most worthwhile art is transformative in some way, but many of my favourite works at this year’s Frieze (to Sunday 9 […]

6 October 2016


Frieze And Frieze Masters Artlyst Chooses Their Top 20 Artworks 2016

Visitors to London during Frieze week will no doubt be in for art over-kill this year, with thousands of artworks, on hundreds of stands, housed in two ginormous plastic tents, in opposite parts of Regents Park London. Each year Artlyst runs around like a headless chicken in order to choose their favourite pieces. Here are the offerings in no specific […]

2 October 2016

What Else Is On In London During Frieze Week 2016 by Paul Carey Kent

Paul Carey-Kent gives us his selection of what to do in London during Frieze week. There’s quite the overload of art. So if you have time for Frieze and Frieze Masters, here are a dozen other things to do. Seni Awa Camara: Maternité Submergente, 1986 at Magnin-A, Paris 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair (Thurs-Sun at Somerset House). I […]

18 September 2016


Berlin Art Week’s Distinctive Feel September 2016 By Ben Austin

Ok, so it isn’t Basel, or even Frieze for that matter, but ABC provides something a bit different from the mega fairs, on a smaller scale and dedicated solo presentation, the vast majority of the galleries are German and they all have that distinctive feel, of being clinical and exact in presentation and execution, perhaps […]

29 August 2016


Beatrice Haines Interviewed By Artlyst Ahead Of Her Latest London Exhibition

Beatrice Haines: The 2015 Winner of the Anthology Competition was born in 1986 and lives and works in London and the South West. This Royal College graduate works in many different media including drawing, photography, printmaking and sculpture. Her current work focuses on relationships between the scientific and emotional, the grotesque and beautiful, the micro and macro and life and death. […]

16 August 2016


Eva Masterman Winner Anthology Art Competition – Interviewed By Paul Carter Robinson

Paul Carter Robinson interviews Eva Masterman, the winner of the 2016 Anthology Art Competition, sponsored by CHARLIE SMITH LONDON. The £2000 prize was  awarded on 4 August 2016. Masterman, a Royal College of Art Ceramics and Glass graduate, has an interest in material and process that forms the basis of her work.  AL:  How do […]

8 July 2016


USA Website ArtList That Infringed UK’s Artlyst Name Closes Down

The New York based online company ArtList, not to be confused with the popular London based art information website Artlyst is to shutdown. The startup will now close shop and sink into oblivion, just a year after they were warned by lawyers in the UK that the company was infringing on Artlyst, an internationally established […]

24 June 2016


Brexit: Expect Museums To Start Charging And Non-UK Art Prices To Skyrocket

The decision by British voters to leave the European Union has been announced – and commentators have begun the analysis, the post event combing over of where the losing campaign went wrong.  The art world thrives on interchange and currency; Britain has the third largest art market in the world, and more than 7,800 British […]

17 June 2016


Tate’s Switch House A Dialogue Between Art And Space

It’s alarming to think that Tate Modern opened in 2000, firstly because it makes me feel super old, but also one wonders, what did we do before it was there? It’s become such a cultural behemoth in delivering international contemporary art, helped by an extraordinary spending spree to obtain significant pieces. It’s weird to think […]

10 June 2016


Fun House: Royal Academy Summer Exhibition A Hodgepodge Of All Sorts

Ok I admit it. I’ve deliberately avoided the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition every year since I first saw it in 2007, mainly because it’s such a hodgepodge of all sorts that it somehow does much injustice to those actually exhibiting, being a big clamoring for wall space. The same happened this year, with large major works by […]

3 June 2016


Dropping Out Like Flies In A Damien Hirst Installation

The Artlyst lystical of creative people who dropped out at uni includes some predictable names: John Lennon, Orson Welles, good old Pablo Picasso. What do these names (Yoko Ono aside) have in common? They are prodigious geniuses who excelled beyond all expectations in their fields, notably going out on a limb and pushing boundaries (god I […]

27 May 2016


Yayoi Kusama: Turning Pumpkins Into Vuitton Bags And Airbnb Rooms

I was interested to read that Tate Modern has apparently been working in conjunction with Airbnb to provide the opportunity for renters to have Yayoi Kusama decorate a room of their choice. The implications of this are mightily tempting: your room instantly shoots up not only in interest among potential punters, but monetary value, should you […]

20 May 2016


Jeff Koons: Showing The Love For Irony And Pseudo Philosophical Claptrap

The loads of people who know me as a boring old traditionalist (Turner Prize?! Yah boo hiss!) are always surprised when I say I actually love Jeff Koons. I really do, and enjoyed his new show, cleverly titled Now! at Damien Hirst’s gorgeously lovely wonderful awesome Newport Street Gallery. The reason being is that he […]

13 May 2016


Turner Prize 2016 The Artbytch Verdict Is Out And WTF

This week Artbytch looks at the announcement of the shortlisted Turner Prize nominees for 2016.

6 May 2016


V&A’s Bizarre Decision To Ban All Sketching At Undressed Is Pants

I know I’m a little late to the party here but several people have been asking me what I make of the V&A’s bizarre decision to ban all sketching at its exhibition on underwear. I’m perhaps not as outraged as some are at it, as I do harbour a controversial view that sketching in art galleries […]

5 May 2016


Francis Bacon: Alice Herrick And Clive Jennings Discuss The Ravarino Drawings

The Herrick Gallery, London is currently presenting a selection of drawings purportedly by the great British painter Francis Bacon, lent by Cristiano Lovatelli Ravarino to David Edwards, the brother of John Edwards, to whom Bacon left everything when the artist died in 1992. These works are juxtaposed with new paintings by Darren Coffield. But the […]

16 April 2016


Gavin Nolan Sixty Second Interview With Artlyst’s Paul Carter Robinson

Gavin Nolan’s latest exhibition at Charlie Smith London consists of recent paintings depicting versions of historical figures. The show runs from  14 April – 15 May. Combining hyper-realism with abstraction and mark making, his mostly intimate oil paintings reveal the heroic and fragile nature of the subjects and meditate on creativity, language, legacy and obsolescence. […]

8 April 2016


Microsoft Rembrandt vs Microsoft Republican Candidate In Bad Toupee

The news of a new Rembrandt is bound to set tongues wagging. And any preconceived doubts about its authenticity are immediately allayed: it looks convincingly like any other Rembrandt. Actually, it’s a little too convincing, and if it looks like every other Rembrandt, that’s because that’s exactly what it is.  Arriving a little too late for April […]

25 March 2016


Tracey Emin’s Unintentionally Unironic Zoolander-style Who Am I Quest

When learning of Tracey Emin’s decision to marry a rock of course the first thing the less charitable parts of our minds would be thinking will be along the lines of “well no one else would” or “someone has to”, etc. and other grumpy-expression shaming opinions. But I’ll leave that filmly unsaid, and instead ponder on […]