20 July 2010


A Visit to the New Museum in Lisbon -Paula Rego

“A Portuguese female Artist’s fairytale legend, threes nothing quite like Dame Paula’s magical Museum”    The new museum of Paula Rego’s is located in Cascias just along the coast from the City of Lisbon. The Journey from the City Centre by train takes roughly about half an hour and is a beautiful coastal trip with […]

17 July 2010


Arts Council England implements cuts to 2010-2011 budget

Region: Arts Council England On 24 May 2010 the Department for Culture, Media and Sport announced a £19 million reduction in our 2010/11 income from government. This cut is in addition to an earlier in-year reduction of £4 million announced in the April 2009 Budget, meaning that our 2010/11 budget has been reduced by a […]

14 July 2010


UK Art Institutions Asked to Cut 25 -30 % in their budgets.

The British  arts scene has flourished  as never before, in the past  15 years ,with rising audiences and corporate sponsorship – all made possible by secure government funding. However, spending cuts are set to change that winning formula for ever, as ministers urge arts institutions to adopt a US-style approach to fundraising that will rely […]

7 July 2010


Chichester Eastbourne Art Reviews Summer 2010

CHICHESTER EASTBOURNE ART July, 2010 If you do like to be beside the seaside in summer, then there’s much to be said for making the south coast combination of three architecturally award-winning spaces into an attractive day trip: Pallant House, Chichester, which opened its extension in 2006; the Towner Gallery in Eastbourne, basking in the […]

7 July 2010



 Concept, design and production:  Gerry JudahConsultant Engineering: Capita Symonds  Fabrication and Installation: Littlehampton WeldingPhotography: David Barbour     The dramatic landscapes of India and the ornate architecture of its temples, mosques and synagogues with their theatrical rituals had a profound effect on Judah’s developing psyche which were later to resurface in his work. Austere, post-war London came […]

2 July 2010


Charles Saatchi Donates Gallery and 200 Works To The Nation “What’s The Catch”?

Charles Saatchi, The British Art Collector who discovered the likes of Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin, will donate his London gallery and more than 200 works valued at £37 million ($52 million) to the nation. He announced Thursday, that The gallery located in Chelsea, will change it’s name to MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art, London) […]

1 July 2010


The Opening Night, U3 triennial, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The opening night began before I even entered the Moderna Building, outside a large crowd of people from the students to the dressed to impress mingling on the lower platform and crowding on the stairs –  some venturing through the very imposing doors (Doors of education and knowledge, their stature indicating that something special is […]

24 June 2010


Lisbon Contemporary Art Fair

Common people, but sometimes also arts professional, think that it is not so easy to understand the meaning of certain contemporary art installations, paintings and sculptures, and to decide which works can be considered as valuable and which cannot. If you would like to look into these matters, find some answers to these questions, and […]

23 June 2010


Lisbon Art fair November

ARTE LISBOA – THE ONLY CONTEMPORARY ART EVENT IN PORTUGAL Quickly strengthening the international calendar of art events, ARTE LISBOA has been declared a great event attracting more than 20.000 visitors annually.  ARTE LISBOA is recognized as a Fair of high quality with the presence of the best national and international galleries and is taking place […]

14 June 2010


Circuit Gallery Blog: Night School

CRITICS CHOICE: Nicola Mann writes about Circuit Gallery artist James Rajotte’s compelling photographs of East High School as part of our ongoing series. Read the article on our BLOG > Night School  

17 May 2010


Gesture: Subject and Object


10 May 2010


International Art’s Project Europa -the Woman

This project unites artists from across Europe, each contributing at least one artwork, all together in a variety of media, reflecting on the theme “Europa – The Woman”.  With the support of New College Oxford University, the artworks are exhibited during May 2010 at their Long Room Gallery and later in 2010 in London. Some […]

4 May 2010


Turner Prize 2010 Latest News

The 2010 Turner Prize was announced live on Channel 4 at 7:45 pm Monday 6 December. The winner this year was Susan Philipsz for her sound installations. The winner is often a surprise and difficult to predict. Last years winner, Richard Wright was an outsider. It was thought Roger Hiorns would win for his installation, […]

4 May 2010


Tracey Emin -Late Night In Margate The Creative Quarter

The Truly Confessional Girl, “Our Tracey” In her Home Town” Margate, unveils her new Sculpture a new pink neon sign for the front of Droit House-Margate.

3 May 2010


Frieze Projects 2010 : Sarah McCrory Appointed Curator

Sarah McCrory has been appointed as the new Curator of Frieze Projects, the highly respected programme of artists’ commissions which is an integral part of the annual Frieze Art Fair events program. In the last few years, McCrory has worked for Studio Voltaire a not for profit gallery organization and  is known for her support […]

1 May 2010


Art Statements Art Basel 2010 Selected Artists

  Art Statements at Art Basel 16-20 June 2010 is by far the most exciting and innovative section of the fair. It spotlights solo projects by young artists selected by the Art Basel Committee from more than 300 applications, this year’s participating artists (26 in total)  come from 17 different countries.  The Art Statements sector has promoted […]

25 April 2010



CONTINUUM written by Mik Godley Review of Marek Tobolewski, Continuum exhibition at The Hive Gallery, Barnsley UK   Originally for Nottingham Visual Arts November 2009   I’m no formalist, and I have little appreciation for “process art” if that’s what this is, so for the last twenty years I’ve often wondered “what on earth is […]

18 April 2010


Latest London Art Reviews

Paul Carey-Kent Previously Editor at Large, Art World Magazine Art Exhibitions • Events • Galleries By Paul Carey-Kent 29 July 2011 ‘Anthology’ at CHARLIE SMITH London, 336 Old St, 5-20 Aug I have to declare an interest in the juried prize show ‘Anthology’, which opens on the evening of Thursday 4 August (when the winner […]

6 April 2010


The Split Kingdom

Certain motifs recur in these small works, subtly changing, half reappearing, as if they are not so much instances of the same things as memories of those instances. Figures emerge – from rooms, landscapes, other figures – involved in mysterious or impossible tasks, fighting their way through dense fogs produced in the fluidity and plenitude […]

3 April 2010


Anish Kapoor Tower Of Babel Planned For London 2012 Olympics

    Anish Kapoor has designed Britain’s largest piece of public sculpture, a 120 metre tall interwoven tower that people will be able to climb. The tower will boast spectacular views of London and the Olympic park. The work falls somewhere in between a crushed Buckminster Fuller Geodesic Dome, a fun fair Helter Skelter and […]

1 April 2010


Simple Systems, Complex behaviours – Sound Sculptures and Installations by Zimoun

“The sound sculptures and installations of Zimoun are graceful, mechanized works of playful poetry, their structural simplicity opens like an industrial bloom to reveal a complex and intricate series of relationships, an ongoing interplay between the «artificial» and the «organic». He is interested in the artistic research of simple and elegant systems to generate and […]

30 March 2010


Courtauld Institute : Cuts Challenge Witt Library

Many paintings dealers have expressed their concern about changes introduced to the operation of the Witt Library by the management of the Courtauld Institute last summer.  Most of the library staff were dismissed, and replaced by fewer, less qualified staff.  The new staff are no longer able to offer the range of services previously offered.  […]

25 March 2010


British Contemporary Art to Suffer In Darling’s Latest Budget

One of the cuts concealed in Alastair Darling’s budget yesterday was a staggering £60 million in funds earmarked for the arts slashed from the Department for Culture Media and Sports 2010-11 budget.  In addition, £2.2 billion is to be diverted from the National Lottery’s culture and heritage endowment to the Olympics. This is money that […]

22 March 2010


Ross McLaren Canadian Artist : Spotlight

I knew Ross as a filmmaker, collaborator and the founder of the Funnel, the most important locale for experimental film in Canada. It wasn’t just the man’s charm, but his films — awkward, jarring, disjunctive, and, of course, ironic — which grabbed my attention. It was the late 1970s. It was punk. No one followed, […]

21 March 2010


Tools : Stuff : Art

Tools     :     Stuff   :     Art   ‘Before starting work I walk around it several times accompanied by myself. ‘       Between 1890 and 1898 Erik Satie lived at  6 rue Cortot :  “in a wardrobe.”  Satie was a collector . . . .  After his death his wardrobe was found  to contain […]

15 March 2010


Save The ICA London

  Join The Campaign : ‘Save The ICA London’ Click Here                                                                                      The ICA […]

1 March 2010


Banksy film Premieres At London’s Waterloo

Banksy is at it again this time in the role of filmmaker. The film titled, “Exit Through The Gift Shop” or “The Worlds First Street Disaster Film” had it’s premiere at a pop up cinema in Waterloo tonight in a disused railway arch. The festivities came complete with a painted red carpet and salvaged arm […]

24 February 2010


Henry Moore A Darker Side – Tate Britain

Over the past fifty years, there have been several British exhibitions dedicated to Henry Moore the Artist and his work.

23 February 2010


New Kieran Timberlake Designed U S Embassy for London

U.S. Embassy London New Building Unveiled U.S. Embassy London Kieran Timberlake Wins Design Competition Kieran Timberlake has won the competition to design the new United States’ high-security embassy in London. Here is the first photo: The design for the new London embassy at Nine Elms was finally confirmed today 23 February 2010 It will be […]

5 February 2010


Trinidad – Creative new beginnings for Chris Ofili – Tate Britains Retrospective Exhibition

Still in his early 40’s Chris Ofili has presented a very powerful retrospective exhibition at Tate Britain this month, and currently on exhibition until May 16th 2010. He demonstrates his ability to communicate in a highly original visionary way, using his cultural heritage and cultural identity, religious background and biblical art history he positively flaunts […]

28 January 2010


Tony Blair’s Most Controversial Photo Shock and Awe 2010

This is perhaps the most telling photo of Tony Blair ever presented on the net. Artist Richard Hamilton’s ‘Shock and Awe’ © 2010 sums up the sad demise of this once popular Prime Minister. Mr Blair will soon be appearing at the iraq inquiry. Please dig it and pass it on. Image of Tony Blair […]

27 January 2010


Istanbul Europen City of Culture 2010

European City of Capital Culture Istanbul 2010   One Port for two Continents – We will always have Paris? Written by Juliette Goddard MARCA As an artist to land in Istanbul for the arrival of the opening of the New Year 2010 and Celebrate the European city of capital culture 2010 with the moon the […]