27 November 2014

Mark Rothko At The Gemeentemuseum – A Canvas Soaked In Life

Artlyst has travelled to the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague, which is presenting a retrospective of the great Abstract Expressionist Mark Rothko – for a private tour of the show with the exhibition’s curator Doede Hardeman – forty years after the artist was last shown in the Netherlands. This is a unique opportunity to enjoy Rothko’s […]

26 November 2014

Sean Scully: Work Still Evolving In Breakthrough Mid-Life Retrospective In Shanghai

To come all the way to China to see the mid-life retrospective of one of best-known living abstract painters in the world is quite a level of commitment and as a result you must have already prejudged that this is going to be a positive review. Sean Scully is no stranger to the British and […]

25 November 2014

Dexter Dalwood – Archaeologist Of The Metropolis – London Paintings At Simon Lee Gallery

Simon Lee Gallery presents ‘London Paintings’, Dexter Dalwood’s first exhibition since joining the gallery. London has been a setting and subject matter recurring throughout Dalwood’s career. With this recent series of works, the English artist and Turner Prize nominee focuses on the capital and presents us with a new narrative through which to view a […]

24 November 2014

Transmitting Andy Warhol – Tate Liverpool

Transmitting Andy Warhol is the first solo exhibition of Warhol work in the north of England and brings together more than 100 works, across a range of media with major paintings to explore Warhol experiments with mass-produced imagery, which he ‘transmitted’ back into the public realm. The works will be exhibited alongside Gretchen Bender. Also […]

19 November 2014

Victorian Obsession: New Leighton House Pre-Raphaelite Exhibition Infused With Decadence

A Victorian Obsession, offers a rare opportunity to see paintings by famous as well as lesser known Pre-Raphaelites, in one of their natural habitats: Lord Leighton’s exquisite and opulent former live-in-work space, a mansion which was turned into the Leighton House Museum soon after his death. Some of the paintings on display were actually produced […]

14 November 2014

Nam June Paik At Tate Modern – The Optimistic Shaman Of Technology

Tate Modern presents a series of pioneering works by Nam June Paik, known as the Korean ‘father of video art’, whose installations anticipated the YouTube age, the works are on display at Tate Modern, after being acquired by the institution after a record £6 million, multi-year sponsorship deal with Korean car maker Hyundai, who has […]

13 November 2014

Chris Stein Negative – Me Blondie And The Advent Of Punk – Louche 70s Cool At Somerset House

Somerset House presents an exhibition of previously unpublished photographs by Chris Stein, co-founder of Blondie, providing a behind the scenes look on life in the band, from their underground early days to global success chart domination. The images include Debbie Harry and other icons of the 70s and 80s new wave world, from Andy Warhol, […]

11 November 2014

David Hammons At White Cube – Spotlighting The Injustice Of Systems

White Cube, Mason’s Yard presents an exhibition by American artist David Hammons; with a survey of the artist’s recent works. Hammons solo shows are rather rare events. They occur only every few years lately, and the last two were in New York, at L&M Arts, in 2011 and 2007. But now he has arrived at […]

6 November 2014

Matthew Barney Crown Zinc At Sadie Coles HQ – An Act Of Operatic Alchemy

Sadie Coles HQ presents artist Matthew Barney’s exhibition ‘Crown Zinc’ with a series of new sculptures that have their origins in his 2014 film ‘River of Fundament’, which premiered at the English National Opera this summer to wide acclaim. Each work condenses the film’s dominant themes of death, rebirth, and the twilight era of modern […]

3 November 2014

Gabo, Burgert, Merz, And Bochner – London West End Exhibition Reviews November 2014

STÜCK HIRN BLIND – Jonas Burgert At Blain/Southern Blain/Southern presents the exhibition ‘STÜCK HIRN BLIND’; this is a new body of work by German artist Jonas Burgert – his first solo show in London in over five years. The exhibition includes his largest painting to date, a monumental work spanning eight metres, together with two […]

2 November 2014

Art Exhibitions Not To Miss In November 2014 By Paul Carey Kent

London UK – So many new international galleries seem to be opening in Mayfair that one might get blasé…   but Marian Goodman’s is heroically scaled, and kicks off with a refreshing account of Richter’s recent work: not the auction-friendly strands of scraped abstracts or blurred photo-realism, but…   a seven-pane glass sculpture; eight of the rigorously […]

1 November 2014

Black Narcissus And Opulent Romanticism: Chris Ofili A Twenty Year Survey

Taken from the Cole Porter song, the title of this gorgeous two decade survey show is more then apt. Including over thirty major paintings, plus site-specific environments on two of the Museum’s floors, this exhibition posits Ofili as one of our major innovative artists. Ofili’s first introduction to New York City was as part of […]

26 October 2014

Turner Prize 2014: Headscratchingly Challenging And Not Very Public Friendly

The Turner prize, created thirty years ago to promote public discussion about new developments in contemporary British Art, couldn’t be less public-friendly this year, and will be hard pressed to lure the masses. Aside from elements like the exuberant colour in Ciara Phillips’ installation and the musicality of Tris Vonna-Michell’s voice, some works can be […]

24 October 2014

Gerhard Richter At Marian Goodman Gallery – The Hallucinatory Blur Of Mediums

The Marian Goodman Gallery presents its inaugural exhibition of German artist Gerhard Richter at the heavily anticipated opening of the gallery. Richter is one of the most critically and commercially successful artists; the octogenarian has been shown by Marian Goodman for some 30 years; but with the opening of Marian Goodman, London – this is […]

24 October 2014

Egon Schiele: The Radical Nude – Death Among The Rouged And Risqué

The Courtauld Gallery, London presents Egon Schiele: The Radical Nude; the exhibition surveys the artist’s drawings and watercolours from a controversial and all too brief career – as the artist died aged only 28, succumbing to the Spanish flu, that only three days before had claimed the life of his pregnant wife — yet even […]

21 October 2014

Steve McQueen At Thomas Dane – With Clarity And Heartbreak

The Thomas Dane Gallery presents a poignant and heartbreaking film by acclaimed artist and film-maker Steve McQueen. ‘Ashes’ is a two-part exhibition; the darkened gallery at 3 Duke Street, is filled with McQueen’s short film; the on-screen image of a young black man sitting on the prow of a small boat, basking in the glory […]

18 October 2014

We Could Not Agree Frieze Satellite Show – Far Beneath Cavendish Square

Geoff Leong and artist-curator duo Vanya Balogh & Cedric Christie present the exhibition ‘WE COULD NOT AGREE’ which – after climbing down into the bowels of London – is to be found in the 20,000 Sq ft multi storey Q-Park car park beneath Cavendish Square. The exhibition features over 100 artists in the circular depths […]

17 October 2014

Marvin Gaye Chetwynd At Studio Voltaire – Enter The Absurdist Carnival

Turner Prize nominee Marvin Gaye Chetwynd – the artist formally known as Spartacus – marks the 20th anniversary of South London-based not for profit arts organisation Studio Voltaire with her usual brand of Absurdity; a video theme also running through New Sensations prize winner Charles Richardson’s crazy work ‘Rehearsal’ – during this entertaining Frieze week. […]

17 October 2014

Saatchi’s New Sensations – A Pop-Up Of Absurd Invention

Saatchi Art presents New Sensations 2014 at Victoria House, Bloomsbury, London. The competition was launched seven years ago to support the most imaginative and talented young artists in the UK and to present their work to an international audience during Frieze Week. The Prize is now established in the UK and is an important annual […]

17 October 2014

Richard Tuttle Unveils Whitechapel Retrospective And Tate Turbine Hall Installation

During World War II, when Richard Tuttle was but a young boy, his father had a nervous breakdown, which effectively tore down his hitherto patriarchal authority. The future celebrated North American sculptor, painter, and textile artist reacted by retreating to his front porch in New Jersey, and had an intensely formative time of reflection. Tuttle […]

16 October 2014

Richard Serra At Gagosian Gallery – An Uncompromising Gravity

The Gagosian Gallery Brittania Street London, presents an exhibition of Richard Serra’s latest works; filling the gallery with all of the artist’s usual magisterial weight. This is in fact Richard Serra’s first show of sculpture in London since 2008; an ensemble of four works, each very different to the last – with a room devoted […]

16 October 2014

Frieze Masters: Edition Three Still Full Of Weighty Surprises In Every Corridor

The third edition of Frieze Masters opened its doors to the public yesterday and, unlike Frieze London which controversially closes on Saturday evening, will run until 6 pm on Sunday, 19. October.   The fair hosts 127 of the world’s leading galleries showing art ranging from the ancient era including a 7,000 year old  Neolithic […]

14 October 2014

Cerith Wyn Evans At The Serpentine Sackler Gallery

The Serpentine Sackler Gallery presents an exhibition of Welsh artist Cerith Wyn Evans’ illuminated works. Apparently this is a major solo show that brings together a number of pieces by the artist; and described as a varied body of work brought together ‘in concert’, which Wyn Evans has stated as “responding to the spaces which […]

13 October 2014

Paul Carey Kent reveals His Ten Hot Alternatives To Frieze

Paul Carey Kent  reveals his TEN HOT ALTERNATIVES TO FRIEZE, ten free exhibitions that are bound to get your art radar going. This is the most intense art week in the London calendar and not all of the madness needs to break the bank, with Frieze charging a cool £33 for one day’s admission not […]

11 October 2014

Pre-Frieze London Art Gallery Overview By Olivia McEwan

This weekend Artlyst reviewer Olivia McEwan covers the most talked about exhibitions to see before the Frieze sets in! This week sees a pleasing blend of the old and the new: selected entrants to the annual Illustration Awards are showing at Somerset House, while José Damasceno’s ‘Plot’ revitalises the Holborn library’s staid 1960s décor with […]

10 October 2014

Yoshitomo Nara: Commercial Allure Presenting The Right Touch Of Unease

Perhaps the most persistent characteristic of Nara’s work is its commercial allure and marketability (expect a strong presence at Frieze this year). This is not to say it has simply been well publicised – though the hagiographic forward from the Dairy co-founder Nicolai Frahm does try its best, describing viewing a new work: “For the […]

9 October 2014

Sigmar Polke – Alchemy, Anarchy, And The Drug-Fuelled Journey

Tate Modern presents Alibis: Sigmar Polke 1963-2010; this is the first exhibition to fully encompass the full range of materials with which the artist worked over a 47 year period of practice; and the exhibition is the first full retrospective of the late Polke’s career, bringing together paintings, films, sculptures, notebooks, slide projections and photocopies […]

7 October 2014

Tracey Emin: New Exhibition Continues Her Quest For Self Examination

In her first solo exhibition in a London gallery, for five years, Tracey Emin continues her fascination with self-examination and self-reflection. The work consists of drawings, bronze sculptures, large scale embroideries,  gouache paintings and neon works, mainly depicting the female nude form, in various compositions floating in front of an empty background. The work creates […]

6 October 2014

Lee Bul Unafraid Of Creating Jagged and Confusing Experiences For Her Viewer

The Ikon Gallery in Birmingham has opened its doors for the South Korean artist Lee Bul’s first UK solo exhibition, 10th September – 9th November 2014. With an explosion of highly reflective surfaces, flashing lights, progressive sketches and several large installations, Bul transforms the gallery into an immersive and intriguing space. Unafraid of creating jagged […]

4 October 2014

Turner Prize 2014: Beyond The Valley Of Tabloid Titillation

Clenching anuses, mass-produced rainbows of wallpaper, pretentious postcolonial posturings, and the ramblings of a nervous madman are what fill the tabloid-titillating Turner Prize in 2014. Or at least, that’s what some would have you believe. Named after the English Romantic landscape painter JMW Turner, a radical artist in his own day, the annual contemporary arts […]

30 September 2014

Ai Weiwei At Blenheim – Mischief In A Gilded Palace

The Blenheim Art Foundation presents Ai Weiwei in the first contemporary art exhibition in the rooms and gardens of the 18th century Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire – the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill – with more than 50 artworks by the celebrated Chinese artist and social activist. The exhibition; which is actually the launch of the […]

30 September 2014

London Art Gallery Round-Up October 2014 By Paul Carey-Kent

The latest in Paul Carey-Kent’s rolling top ten, together with previous choices which you can still see.       TEN CURRENT CHOICES Sigalit Landau: Knafeh @ Marlborough Contemporary, 6 Albemarle St – Central To 1 Nov: www.marlboroughcontemporary.com The titular Knafeh refers to a video in which the preparation and division of the sweetmeat, which is equally […]