28 September 2014

British Museum Explores The Ming Dynasty Fifty Years That Changed China

The British Museum is hosting a new major exhibition which centres around the golden age of the Ming dynasty in Chinese history, which they claim to be fifty years that changed China. This exhibition aims to change the way the Western world has viewed Chinese history, focusing on using the rare items on display in […]

25 September 2014

Anselm Kiefer – The leaden Weight Of Human History

The Royal Academy of Arts presents a truly monumental retrospective of Anselm Kiefer’s work; the most significant display of the artist’s creations ever to be held in the UK. The RA’s major exhibition chronicles Kiefer’s work over his 40 year career, showing a selection of the artist’s oeuvre from the 70s to the present day; […]

24 September 2014

Ran Huang – An Experience I Never Experienced – And The Tragedy Of Meaning

Simon Lee Gallery presents ‘An Experience Shaped by An Experience I Never Experienced’ – Ran Huang’s first solo exhibition in London. The show by the Chinese artist includes an extensive body of new work, and the artist’s most recent film, ‘The Administration of Glory’. The film was nominated in 2014 for the Short Film Palme […]

23 September 2014

Olafur Eliasson – The Turner Colour Experiments Vs Turner’s Awe

Tate Britain presents acclaimed Danish artist Olafur Eliasson – creator of the impressive Turbine Hall commission ‘The weather project’ 2003, where many a viewer basked in the almighty glory of a replica sun – with a new series of works in the Tate’s Clore Gallery. The artist has made a new oeuvre of work that […]

22 September 2014

Stuart Brisley – State Of Denmark – Union Plan For The Working Man

Modern Art Oxford presents the elder statesman of counterculture, Stuart Brisley in ‘State Of Denmark’; the title is a reference to Shakespeare’s Hamlet as Marcellus exclaims to Horatio: ‘Something is rotten in the state of Denmark’. This is the artist’s response to British institutions; a challenge to their decline via secrecy, decadence, and irrelevancy. Brisley […]

17 September 2014

Jasper Johns: Regrets – Love Loss And Fixation

The Courtauld Gallery presents ‘Jasper Johns: Regrets’; a display of new work by the internationally renowned octogenarian American artist. Johns made his reputation in the late 1950s with the iconic Flag and Target paintings which paved the way for the development of Pop Art. The exhibition showcases the artist’s most recent oeuvre of work, which Johns […]

17 September 2014

Justine Kurland Sincere Auto Care

Justine Kurland’s show at Mitchell-Innes & Nash is called “Sincere Auto Care’. Every image features our love or dependence on cars. Ms Kurland hit the road herself and didn’t come back from a cross country road trip until she had fully captured the underbelly of American car culture. Using the documentary ‘reportage’ style of early […]

12 September 2014

Nadav Kander – Dust

Photographer Nadav Kander’s latest series of photographs ‘Dust’ exhibited at Flowers, London, explore the vestiges of the Cold War era through the radioactive ruins of secret cities on the border between Kazakhstan and Russia. The works are rooted in the artist’s interest in the ‘aesthetics of destruction’ with a series of desolate and haunting landscapes. […]

12 September 2014

Anthony Caro – The Last Sculptures

Annely Juda Fine Art presents ‘Anthony Caro – The Last Sculptures’, the final series of works created by Sir Anthony Caro in the two years before his death in 2013, at the grand old age of 89, having practised his art consistently into his late 80s. The Artist was renowned as a ’60s radical’ in […]

10 September 2014

Johannes Vanderbeek Zach Feuer Gallery

The Zach Feuer Galley opens this season with a show of new works from sculptor Johannes VanDerbeek. There are cast wall works made of clay and resin with subtle warm and cool neutrals painted on top.The wall works have the texture and primal impact of cave drawings. Also along the walls are simple gestural drawings […]

9 September 2014

Roxy Paine At The Marianne Boesky Gallery

Roxy Paine is off to a strong start for his first show at Marianne Boesky Gallery. I don’t have the dirt, as to why he moved from his long standing representation with James Cohan Gallery but this new work is fresh and very impressive. All the new work is hand carved meticulously (by him) in […]

9 September 2014

Wimbledon – Chelsea MA Shows 2014 – Pazazz And The School Of Emin

Fine art degree shows exist in a curious vacuum: here is the culmination of many wild imaginations encouraged over the course of the MA year, free from the constraining need for commercial value twinned with the pressure of external criticism. Thus incubated and allowed to flourish, the fizzing energy and pazazz that characterises the works […]

9 September 2014

Nick Cave Dazzles At Jack Shainman

When I entered Jack Shainman gallery Thursday afternoon Nick Cave was finishing up a talk to his students from Chicago. Everyone listened with rapt attention as Nick stood in front of his new work, a long floor piece of antique wood boxes brimming with curios. Even though his opening was in 2 hours – at […]

7 September 2014

Horst P. Horst: Superlative Survey Of A Great Photographer Of Style

It’s another coup for the V&A with this superlative survey of the late, great Horst P. Horst. Not only does the excellent exhibition design and intelligent curation highlight what was great about the first great master of fashion photography, the show ties in with the rest of the V&A collections so well as to encourage […]

6 September 2014

Mummies Unraveled: New Exhibition Explores Ancient Lives Through Interactive Technology

The British Museum is well known for its exhibits on Ancient Egypt, ranging from well preserved mummies to giant statues of Pharaohs, with the Rosetta Stone seemingly always having a small crowd surrounding it, attracting many visitors. However, the museum has currently expanded its collection of mummies, for its temporary exhibition on “Ancient lives, new […]

28 August 2014

Frank Auerbach – Lucian Freud’s Collection At Tate Britain

Tate Britain presents a very significant private collection of paintings by the octogenarian artist frank Auerbach, taken from the personal collection of his dearly departed friend Lucian Freud. Collected over many years; the artist’s works hung in Freud’s house until his death in 2011. Earlier this year the collection was accepted in lieu of inheritance […]

25 August 2014

London Sculpture: Something Permanent – Something Temporary An Overview

Paul Carey-Kent goes out and about in London searching for the best sculpture in town. Galleries aside, London grows ever more artistically interesting. I rather like Fritsch’s 15 foot Blue Cock poking fun at Nelson’s Column. But pausing only to note of that the German word hahn has the same double meaning as cock in […]

24 August 2014

Richard Prince, George Condo, Juan Muñoz Interact With Whimsy

The Skarstedt Gallery, Old Bond Street, is showing a modest yet drolly theatrical exhibition; ‘Interactions’ relating the works of Juan Muñoz, George Condo, and Richard Prince. The exhibition is comprised of four pieces from the three artists, with two works from Richard Prince; ‘Untitled (Two women, two men, in three-quarter profile)’, 1980, and ‘Untitled (Four women […]

23 August 2014

Six London Exhibitions To See This weekend Before The Carnival Takeover

GV Art on Chiltern Street presents Automatic Art: human and machine processes that make art. The subject of this exhibition was already of interest to me as it related to a topic I did this year on my illustration course asking the question, “Are rules creative?” The artists in this exhibition use formulas and obsessive […]

17 August 2014

Leon Jakeman Explores Art Through The Eyes Of A Recovering Addict

The Brink, Space13’s L.I.F.T (Lost Is Found Theory) exhibition explores artist Leon Jakeman’s recovery journey and feature work from participants in the Brink’s Community Arts Programme. Simon Yorke will exhibit portraits of people who sell the Big Issue. As you walk along Parr street, you will find this wonderful cafe, arts hub, discreet but dignified on […]

16 August 2014

Emerging Art In South London Exposed Peckham and Camberwell Round-up

Who Says Peckham isn’t the the most interesting place for emerging art in London? Florence Goodhand-Tate our UAL roving reviewer has been out and about discovering the best that South London has to offer. Peckham and Camberwell is a hotbed for new talent with a selection of galleries to match the vibrancy of the area. […]

12 August 2014

Disobedient Objects: Creative Ingenuity That Emerges From Situations Of Political Strife

Ornate china tea sets, warped casserole dishes, and smartphone apps are all disobedient objects, according to a new exhibition in the V&A’s Porter Gallery, which spans across the globe from the late 1970s to today. Not in the sense that this motley assortment of items refuse to perform their roles as conduits of hot beverages […]

10 August 2014

Elective Affinities: London West End Art Exhibition Reviews August 2014

Blain/Southern – The Space Where I am The West End’s Blain/Southern presents the group exhibition ‘The Space Where I Am’ exploring concepts of the void and emptiness seen in contemporary art from the 1960s to the present. The title of the exhibition is taken from French philosopher Gaston Bachelard’s 1958 book ‘The Poetics of Space’. As […]

9 August 2014

Marina Abramovic: A Clairvoyant’s Perspective Uncovers Density And Connection

Marina Abramovic demands a certain sensitivity in engagement, she works with spiritual intelligence, a landscape of thought that operates through our senses rather than an academic portfolio of images and discussion. Entering the exhibition invited an experience that was unique to the world of energy, presence, healing, consciousness, creativity and transformation. I am someone that […]

3 August 2014

A Bikers Guide To The American Road Myth: Two London Photography Shows

This month two shows, Dennis Hopper at the Royal Academy and Danny Lyon’s ‘The Bikeriders’  at Atlas Gallery, engage with the freedom of the road and the subcultures that sought it- the Rock n Roll lifestyle on the road. The immediacy of the camera has often attracted those for whom living in the moment is […]

3 August 2014

Hackney WickED A Triumph For London’s Best Alternative Art Festival

Last weekend was sizzling and what better way to spend a day than wandering around one of the UK’s leading alternative free art festivals, Hackney WickED! I was there on Friday and there was so much to do that I  make my way down again Sunday for a final look around. This was a great […]

2 August 2014

London Art Exhibitions To See In August 2014 By Paul Carey Kent

Here is a selection of must see London art exhibitions for August 2014 Sigrid Holmwood: A Peasant Painter’s Garden @ ASC Gallery, Erlang House, 128 Blackfriars Rd – near St George’s Circus, Southwark To 8 Aug: www.ascstudios.co.uk Three Women and a Cow, 2013: Mushroom pigment made from blood red webcaps (cortinarius sanguineus), chalk, chrome yellow, […]

31 July 2014

Kazimir Malevich: Fizzing Dangerous Energy And Potential At Tate Modern

Interestingly enough, this near perfectly curated retrospective of Kazimir Malevich is not featured on the Tate’s prominent list of highlight exhibitions on its homepage, amongst other high profile shows Folk Art (Britain) and Mondrian (St. Ives). For even those not familiar with his wide reaching influence on avant-garde painting during the 20th century, or his […]

25 July 2014

Louise Bourgeois: Body, Sexuality And The Erotic MIMA Middlesborough

Middlesborough Institute of Modern Art (mima) stands brilliantly apart from the town’s surroundings, representing a shining beacon of modernity and optimism; it is a great coup to be the first institution to display the touring ARTISTS ROOMs exhibition ‘Louise Bourgeois: A Woman Without Secrets’. For the strength and significance of this American artist’s works cannot […]

23 July 2014

Jeff Koons: A Hubris Trickster Creating The Visually Grandiose

Standing at the very beginning of the Jeff Koons retrospective, on the polished floors of the Whitney Museum, I scrutinise my distorted, disproportional and caricatured reflection in the pristine mirrored blue orb, teetering precariously on the shoulder of a 25 foot plaster cast copy of Hercules. This is part of the “Gazing Ball” series which […]

23 July 2014

Anarchic Art Event Celebrates 20th Anniversary With A Fete Worse Than Death

Last weekend, ‘A Fete Worse Then Death’ celebrated its 20th Anniversary of anarchic art activity with an event curated by Darren Coffield, Sam Walker and Alice Herrick. The Fete ran from 12-8pm on Rivington Street on 19th July 2014 with stalls & live performances from noon until midnight in the Red Market & Gallery. The […]

22 July 2014

Measuring Inventing Temperature: Alternative Ways Of Understanding The World

Measuring Inventing Temperature, a group exhibition at the Korean Cultural Centre curated by Je Yun Moon, is based on an interesting curatorial approach, where artists respond to philosophical questions arising from the domain of science. The exhibition takes as its premise the questions raised by Hasok Chang, Professor of History and Philosophy of Science at […]