21 July 2014

Mimmo Rotella Pioneer of European Pop Art: Survey Opens In Milan

A pioneer of European Pop art, Mimmo Rotella’s 150 work survey focuses on his early pieces from 1953 – 1964. Works of his contemporaries like Andy Warhol, Piero Manzoni, Cy Twombley and a signature mirrored portrait by Michelangelo Pistoletto add an interesting historical context to the beautifully curated exhibition. After returning to Rome in 1952 […]

14 July 2014

Bridget Riley Stripe Paintings: The Pursuit Of Perception As Another Medium

Bridget Riley’s exhibition at David Zwirner offers a comprehensive overview of her latest body of work together with preparatory studies, works on paper and earlier stripe paintings ranging from 1961 to 2014. Her career now spanning over more than fifty years has seen no interruption in the exploration of the influence of colour and form […]

12 July 2014

Digital Revolution: Barbican Exhibition Clocks The Latest Aesthetic Take Over

Digital Revolution the exhibition takes up a vast presence at the Barbican, filling its theatres, exhibition spaces and corridors, even permeating other channels such as communication: an automated press email was filled with rhetoric marvelling at the technology of the out of office reply. Indeed, consistent with the connotation “all-encompassing” attached to the term ‘Revolution’, […]

12 July 2014

Radical Geometry: Latin American Passion Equals An Historical Epiphany

The group exhibition Radical Geometry, from the Patricia de Cisneros Collection – at the Royal Academy of Arts, London – explores several of the artistic revolutions in South American art from the 1930s to the 1970s. Highlighting the ideologies that produced geometric abstraction, and the differing artistic manifestos that spanned five Latin American cities, often […]

10 July 2014

Dennis Hopper: An Easy Eye On 60’s Counterculture Royal Academy

Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album is presented by the Royal Academy of Arts and were taken between 1961 and 1967 by the American actor, film director, and artist. These vintage black & white photographs have never been seen in the UK before. Dennis Hopper was not a formally trained artist, but created paintings and assemblages, […]

9 July 2014

Michael Nyman: Hillsborough Memorial Symphony An Optimistic Triumph Of Determination

On Saturday 5th July, 2014, a co-production between Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and Liverpool Biennial with Liverpool Cathedral, commissioned Michael Nyman’s Symphony No.11: Hillsborough Memorial, to mark  the 25th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster. Michael Nyman’s Symphony No 11: Hillsborough Memorial was a moving  performance. We went to the cathedral with little knowledge of how […]

6 July 2014

Zavier Ellis: A Visual Salute To Witchery And Street Discontentment

Zavier Ellis presents the viewer with a contemporary ritual. The body of work acts as a salute to witchery and street discontentment. Pieces are made in an aim to translate the dark truths of society’s religious and political ideologies. In the sight of the works on show, one can not stop but to think that […]

6 July 2014

London Art Gallery Recommendations by Paul Carey Kent For July 2014

Reviewer at large Paul Carey- Kent has been out and about in London choosing a selection of exhibitions which defy the obvious and turn up some interesting insight into what actually is happening in the better known galleries as well as some of the nooks and crannies in our great metropolis. Candida Höfer: Villa Borghese […]

5 July 2014

Listening to Alex Gene Morrison’s Recent Paintings

What is it these paintings, by Alex Gene Morrison under the umbrella title “Same As It Ever Was”, are saying to me? Initially they have the echoes of Babel’s Tower. Black fragments, quotations from past ‘isms scatter themselves around the gallery walls. Languages of figuration: geometric abstraction, modernism, constructivism, symbolism, all shuffling for dominance and […]

5 July 2014

Larry Clark Sells Off Photo Archive To Friends And Fans

Kids director and artist Larry Clark presents a large selection of works from his photographic portfolio at the Simon Lee Gallery, London. The artist recently turned 71 and decided to gift this body of work to friends and fans; rather than sell the photographs at auction or bequeath them to museum or gallery. The works […]

4 July 2014

Barbara Kruger: Lost in Emoticon Translation

Influential American artist Barbara Kruger first came to prominence in the 1980’s along with fellow artist’s Louise Lawler, Sherrie Levine, and Richard Prince – all of which used principles of appropriation as the core of their practice – a prescient fact in the light of today’s contemporary mass media text and image interactions – the […]

1 July 2014

Gallery Hopping In London’s West End July 2014 Round Up

Let’s visit a few West End galleries, said my friend Jess who was in London for the day, eager to take in a few exhibitions. Not knowing exactly where I could find the cream of the crop, currently on show, I checked Artlyst and then, with help from the Arlyst App, this is what we […]

29 June 2014

Scottish Artist Paul Chiappe Unveils First New York Solo Show

Jean Fisher once said that the impulse to draw is not to capture appearance so much as a demand to animate thought. Thus drawing is always beyond perception. It exists on the other side of perception. As children, it is the way we manifest one of our primary urges to define the world, or reinvent […]

28 June 2014

A Tale Of Three Cities Paul Carey Kent Goes To Munich, Zurich And Basel

There’s more than enough to see at Art Basel and its satellite events, but travelling via Munich and Zurich made for an entertaining excess. SATURDAY – MUNICH Matthew Barney: Shaduf, 2012-13 – that being an ancient Egyptian irrigation tool elaborated into a throne room, as inspired by the pharaoh fertilising crops with his own faeces […]

28 June 2014

Adrian Ghenie: The Axiomative Figure and the Subjective Self

Adrian Ghenie’s exhibition ‘Golems’, at the Pace Gallery, London, is a collection of the Romanian painters new figurative works. These are paintings in oil on traditional linen; in fact there are many elements to the artist’s works that reference the history of European painting, yet with the contemporary addition of juxtaposing Ghenie’s paintings with installation. […]

26 June 2014

Royal College of Art Photography Crosses The Line 2014 Degree Show

The venerable photography programme  at the RCA is often a suitable gauge by which to judge current trends in the medium. Even though  the degree does not set trends to the extent of some its American cousins, it consistently produces well produced, highly polished and often thoughtful work. Judging from this year’s graduates, Photography is […]

26 June 2014

START Launches New London International Emerging Art Fair

In the over saturated world of international Art-fairs one could quite imagine that launching a new event in London would be a dangerous gamble. However, START London’s latest contemporary art fair has bucked the trend and come up trumps. The fair which brings together emerging galleries and new artists is the brain-child of the founders […]

23 June 2014

Sculpture Rules: Royal College of Art 2014 Degree Shows Open

This year ‘s Royal College of Art degree shows are once again split over its two sites with Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, Textiles, Jewellery, Ceramics and Glass being held at the Battersea campus while the more product based courses are still housed in Kensington. Expectations are high from these Post Graduate students as some of the […]

20 June 2014

Art Basel: Visuals With A Bit Of Drunk Texting

Ben Austin follows the pack to the Art epicentre with a satellite or two thrown in for good measure Isn’t there a rule about drunk texting and doesn’t that apply to writing about an art fair, anyway I really don’t care, as it is nearly 11pm, I’m due to go to the Kunsthalle for arty […]

19 June 2014

Trip To Art Basel Ben Austin’s 2014 Diary Day One

Outward journey – Gatwick, North Terminal, standing in long and winding line to check in at the Easy Jet counter. Now, under normal circumstances I am quite tolerant and considerate of others, but here my patience was being tested. You see, I know the score, I am seasoned traveller, I have earned my wings. I […]

18 June 2014

Manipulated By Marina Abramovic: Immersive Performance Piece Creates Collective Response

I am dispersing with the usual third person format in summarising Marina Abramović’s residence at the Serpentine, this being an ‘experience’ not an exhibition, and entirely subjective to each individual’s impression of it, bound to change immeasurably from person to person. Press and public alike cannot but refer to this new piece without needing to contextualise […]

14 June 2014

Sean Scully: Immersing And Mesmerising As Rothko’s Seagram murals

Sean Scully’s eighth solo show is currently on view at Timothy Taylor, the artist’s first in London since 2010.  The exhibition features a monumental five-panel installation on aluminium called Kind of Red (2013) and a select number of paintings from his recent Landlines series. Dublin born in 1945, Sean Scully moved to London in 1949.  […]

13 June 2014

Pinta Art Fair And Warm Weather Bring A Latin Vibe To London

I love Pinta!  Yes a sweeping statement but this fair is (and there are so many out there) one that gets it right. They really understand their market. They have created a niche event which showcases some of the most dynamic Modern and Contemporary Art from galleries in Latin America, Spain and Portugal. Where Art14 […]

12 June 2014

Kara Walker’s Sphinx An Unrealised Proposal To Honor Mammies

Upon entering the disused Domino sugar factory, in New York the first thing you notice is the smell. It’s pungent, acrid, and forces a sensitive nose to wrinkle slightly. A little further in, you encounter the cherubic countenance of a pre-pubescent black boy clad in a loin cloth and holding a basket like he’s making […]

12 June 2014

Ai Weiwei And Richard Long Conceptual vs The Physical Qualities Of Materials

Threaded throughout the Lisson gallery’s mission statement, its essays on exhibited artists Ai Weiwei and Richard Long, is that very problematic and fluffy term ‘Conceptualism’: We’re a conceptual gallery, showing conceptual artists making conceptual artworks. It’s a jarring term signifying works where the root or source of the ‘art’ content is non-physical, an intangible brainchild […]

9 June 2014

A-list Artists Bargain Price Tags Art Car Boot Fair 2014

The 11th annual Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair took place yesterday, Sunday 8 June 2014.  The fantastic weather added to the festive atmosphere, making it a great day out for all those attending.  Once again, over 70 renowned and up and coming artists stalled out selling their original and limited edition works of art, off […]

9 June 2014

Piet Mondrian Neo Plasticism And Urban Spacial Relationships Tate Liverpool

Piet Mondrian (1872–1944) was one of the most important contributors to the development of abstract art in the early part of the 20th century. As time has moved on and new artistic approaches have challenged the way we view art, we can revisit Mondrian with a fresh approach and see why he was so important […]

7 June 2014

Sean Scully: A Modernist Meets The Masters Beneath The Dreaming Spires

Sean Scully Encounters: A New Master Among Old Masters is the first exhibition at the Christ Church Picture Gallery Oxford to juxtapose the work of a contemporary painter with its collection of old masters. The exhibition is comprised of eleven paintings and thirty-three prints. The artist collaborated with the Picture Gallery’s curators Jacqueline Thalmann and […]

6 June 2014

David LaChapelle: Modern Temples Of Consumerist Worship An Ominous Vision

In the first of our Artist to Artist series Michal Cole talks to and reviews the American photographer David LaChapelle’s latest London exhibition ‘Land Scape’ at ROBILANT + VOENA. David LaChapelle’s ‘Land Scape’ exhibition at ROBILANT + VOENA is a celebration of colours and textures presented in large format photographs. His work is magnetic; you […]

5 June 2014

Royal Academy Launches Their Great British Salon Of Contemporary Art

With summer well and truly here, the Royal Academy of Arts’ annual Summer Exhibition launches the great British salon, with a host of private and members views. The exhibition opens to the public on Monday 9 June but Artlyst has had a sneak preview of what is on offer this year. This is the world’s […]

29 May 2014

Katja Loher Expresses The Fragmentation Of Her Beloved Harmonious Cosmos

BANG BANG! the first New York solo exhibition for Swiss-born artist Katja Loher, is a new and evolving phase of her video universe, or, to use her terminology, “the miniverse”. Included are her large scale ‘video planets’, hand-sized ‘soap bubbles’ and a host of new works. The exhibition title makes me think of a Nancy […]

28 May 2014

London Degree Shows Get Going With Impressive Central Saint Martins

This weekend saw the opening of the first of Central St Martin’s degree shows.  On display were works by those completing their first degree in Fine Art and Post-Graduate degrees in Fine Art, Photography, Art and Science.  The second show including ceramics, architecture, fashion, graphic design, product design, textile design, jewellery and industrial design will […]