20 July 2013

Marc Chagall: From Folklorist Narrative Artist To Modern Master

Marc Chagall (1887-1985) was a noted Russian-Jewish painter and one of the best known representatives of the Russian Avant-Garde in the West. He painted in a style all his own, combining elements of Expressionism, Symbolism, Cubism and, to a lesser degree, other Modernist art movements. A prolific and multi-faceted artist, Chagall left behind thousands of […]

17 July 2013

Art At Lloyds Exhibition Highlights New British Emerging Market

Art at Lloyds is presenting an innovative Summer exhibition titled, ‘New British 2013’, showing current, emerging artists practising in the UK. The show highlights the disparity between blue-chip galleries and the emerging market, a reality that is greatly pronounced. Through New British 2013, the curators’ goal is to offer an opportunity for artists and galleries at […]

13 July 2013

Latest Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro Art Exhibitions For July

Everardo Miranda and Gustavo Speridião present exhibitions in Rio de Janeiro Anita Schwartz Gallery presents, June 27, Everardo Miranda applies iron oxide by means of friction, onto the wall with a length of 19 linear feet, four feet in height. The edges are fuzzy, hazy, with the exception of a meter wide in the center […]

5 July 2013

Groundbreaking LGBT Art Exhibitions Open In London And New York

Gay Pride is again celebrated with simultaneous art exhibitions in London and New York showcasing the work of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) artists at the Clifford Chance law firm headquarters. The exhibition is organised by Arcus, Clifford Chance’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employee network, the London exhibition showcases the works of nine […]

2 July 2013

LS Lowry: Uncovering An Enigmatic Beauty In The Proletariat

Natural figures would have broken the spell of my visions so I made them unreal – L.S. Lowry The decision to showcase the career of LS Lowry is bold as well as timely because of the enormity of the debate surrounding his work. Curators TJ Clark and Anne Wagner have set off with the intention […]

2 July 2013

Jew York: Artist’s Identity Beyond The Mattzoh Ball Soup

When I first got the announcement for a summer group show titled “Jew York”- I was aghast! The yellow six sided star beneath the title fuelled further alarm.  What could these two galleries – collaborating under this one umbrella, possibly mean by this? The press release attached provided no clarification. It read “We live in […]

2 July 2013

London Art From Deptford To Savile Row July Round Up

Paul Carey- Kent takes a look at a selection of new London art exhibitions for the month of July and discovers pockets of diversity and originality alive and well in  the capital. Matt Hale: Untitled (Pipes) Top Photo: Perhaps July belongs to the big boys: Lowry, Hume and Caulfield at the Tate; Donald Judd at […]

30 June 2013

Royal College Of Art Graduate Photography Exhibition 2013

This year’s Photography Graduates at the RCA have put together a surprisingly subdued collection of imagery. Not that the RCA was ever shouty, but in previous years the work in the final show always projected insolent confidence, entitlement even, yet in this batch there seems to be a need manifested to look inside the medium, […]

30 June 2013

Brazil Now: A Cross Section Of Art – New Exhibitions

Flávia Junqueira opens expected second individual exhibition in São Paulo Flávia Junqueira at the Baró Gallery ushers in the biggest solo show that she has done so far. In Study for Fun, the artist displays two series of unpublished photographs enlarged, and an installation made during a one year period of artistic residence in Paris. […]

29 June 2013

PUNK: Metropolitan Museum Misses The Point By Locking The Safety Pin

Warning: This is not the Alexander McQueen show. I don’t think I have ever attended an exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art that struck me as hardly realised and shallowly researched as this one is. I suppose even the Met has its moments of disappointment amongst all their outstanding shows. I want to start […]

25 June 2013

The Rise of a Paperless Society Explored at the Saatchi Gallery

The premise of this exhibition is that paper is on the way out. We’ve seen the rise of the paperless office, paper money is losing out to transactions by card and e-books are on the up. The gallery claims that this has led to artists holding on to this precious material, but was it ever at […]

25 June 2013

Paul Delvaux Surrealist Master Of Tableaux With Neoclassical References

“I would like to create a fabulous painting I which I would live, in which I could live” – Paul Delvaux (1897-1994) There is a theatrical quality to work of Paul Delvaux where he choreographs narratives of melancholia and eroticism with scenes mostly inhabited by naked women. These strange, but appealing, surreal worlds are occupied […]

22 June 2013

New ICA Exhibition Explores Feminism, Fetishism and Sexual Politics

If works on paper is a phrase you usually associate with genteel riverscapes, with irises in vases painted by silver haired septuagenarians in twin sets on tranquil Sunday afternoons, then prepare to be robbed of a major misconception. Curator Sarah McCrory has wrestled the phrase from the grasping hands of the middle aged, middle class […]

18 June 2013

Sao Paulo Exhibition Roundup By Artlyst’s Brazil Corespondent Douglas Negrisolli

Mauricio Parra celebrates painting at Mezanino Gallery The artist Mauricio Parra presents an exhibition titled “Old Place, New Landscapes,” from June 15, at the Mezanino Gallery in São Paulo. It includes a series of studies carried out in oil on linen, and is work that has been developed in the last year and a half, […]

17 June 2013

Christian Vogt: Creating A Coherent Overview Of A Singular Vision

Margaret Street Gallery is back on form with ‘Today I’ve Been You’ by Christian Vogt. A mini retrospective of sorts, the show explores some of the main creative strands of this renowned Swiss artist photographer’s latter career. Vogt has been active since the sixties and, though still clearly prolific, there is the sense of an […]

17 June 2013

Photography Exhibitions In London: A Mixed Bag In June

Kerim Aytac reviews a mixed bag of photography exhibitions in London this month, with some excellent work to see from artists both established and emerging.  As the degree shows begin, this month’s galleries provide an interesting insight into the marketplace aspiring graduates are about to enter. Most recommended is the excellent ‘Light Break’ from the […]

13 June 2013

Patrick Caulfield And Gary Hume: Of Visual Excitement And Sensual Slick

The parallel retrospective exhibitions of two prominent painters make for an exciting day at Tate Britain. These exhibitions are visually stimulating and an exercise in looking at painting, challenging the viewer with new ways of seeing and representing the world in two-dimensions. Patrick Caulfield came to prominence in the 1960s and is often inaccurately connected […]

12 June 2013

America’s Conflicted History Revealed Through Civil War Photographs At The Met

Isa Freeling explores a new exhibition of Civil War Photographs at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York where “humanity seems to call out from the grave” The Civil War photographs of 1861 to 1865 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art remind us of the egregious, conflicted history of the United States. Yet they […]

12 June 2013

Mariana Castillo Deball The Lives Of Objects At Chisenhale Gallery

This summer the Chisenhale presents a solo exhibition by Mariana Castillo Deball that examines the lives of objects in “What we caught we threw away, what we didn’t catch we kept.”  Travelling the world and modern history, Deball combines sculpture, printmaking, and archival elements. Entering Chisenhale Gallery on a sunny day, the coolness and simplicity […]

12 June 2013

Joe Bradley A Young Giant Among New American Painters

Joe Bradley is a young giant among the select group of heroic American male painters. When I entered his show at Gavin Brown Enterprise, it immediately conjured up De Kooning, Stills, Motherwell, Reinhardt and Noland. In my mind I saw Clement Greenberg nodding in critical approval. This is Joe Bradley’s second show with Gavin Brown […]

11 June 2013

Venice Biennale Essential Highlights By London Gallerist Joanne Shurvell

The 55th Venice Biennale includes 88 official national participants showing in the country pavilions in the Giardini, at the Arsenale and in off-site locations throughout Venice.  Running alongside and influencing the national shows, is the international exhibition, The Encyclopedic Palace, curated by Massimiliano Gioni, a director at New Museum in New York. This exhibition draws […]

10 June 2013

A Helter Skelter Of Art Presented At Royal Academy Summer Show

Today, Monday, 10 June saw the opening of this year’s Royal Academy Summer Exhibition now in its 245th year.  To some it is an important part of the summer’s calendar of arts events, to others it is a staid, dry event of no great significance.  The organisers try to give it a unique feel every […]

9 June 2013

Tracey Emin and Peter Blake Prints Sell Out At Art Car Boot Fair

The Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair 2013 got off to an engine roaring start at midday, Sunday 9th June. Now in its 10th year it featured work by over 70 renowned artists including Sir Peter Blake, Gavin Turk, Emin International, Polly Morgan, Mat Collishaw, Bob & Roberta Smith, Pam Hogg, Pure Evil and Marcus Harvey […]

4 June 2013

Flesh Reality: A New Exhibition At Point Zero Project Space London

Point Zero arts project space is a new addition to Dalston, East London. The district is primarily known for its fashion-forward nightlife but Point Zero makes its own bold statement with debut show, Flesh Reality. The exhibition features works by the likes of Sarah Lucas, Laurie Simmons and Erwin Wurm, alongside some excellent work from […]

4 June 2013

Sarah Sze: Gravity Defying Installation American Pavilion Venice Biennale

Sarah Sze’s gravity defying installation, representing the US at the Venice Biennale this year, takes the title “Triple Point” from the singular combination of temperature and pressure at which all three phases of a substance (liquid, gas, and solid) exist in perfect equilibrium. Measuring distance from three ordinal points, triangulation is also used to specify […]

2 June 2013

Gui Mohallem: Brazilian Artist Inspired By Residency in Lebanon

Gui Mohallem presents 13 works at the Emma Thomas Gallery including videos, photographs and objects. Inspired by a stay in Lebanon, the birthplace of his parents. The works displayed in the show tackle issues relating to historical conflicts and strong traits of a local culture. Coexisting in the intrinsically complex works is beauty and horror. “At […]

31 May 2013

Julie Mehretu Explores Time, Place And Space At White Cube

 “I am interested in the multifaceted layers of place, space, and time that impact the formation of personal and communal identity”, states Ethiopian-born artist Julie Mehretu. Liminal Squared, her first UK solo exhibition at White Cube in Bermondsey, brings together narratives of ideology, culture, power, and personal freedoms. These concepts wrestle for meaning and order […]

29 May 2013

London Curve: A Dozen Of The Best Art Exhibitions For June

Paul Carey-Kent has a look at twelve of the more interesting London art offerings for June 2013. Including Painting from the Zabludowicz Collection and Painting in the 2.5th Dimension at the Zabludowicz Collection. Assuming we’re about to move on to a semblance of summer, there are worse places to enjoy it than Holland Park, the […]

25 May 2013

Central Saint Martins Graduates Create First Rate Degree Shows

This year’s crop of Central Saint Martins graduate shows have surpassed expectations and created a first rate exhibition not to be missed. It is unusual to see such strong contenders from the undergraduate body competing strongly with the MA programme. I was especially impressed with the oversized drawings by Carla Raffinetti (see above) and the […]

23 May 2013

Margaret Harrison: At The Forefront Of Feminist Art Practice

The stout, lumpy figure of Ena Sharples stands at the corner of a functional looking balcony staring out over the rooftops of an anonymous urban landscape. A mishmash of red brick terraced streets fades into obscurity behind her. She slumps heavily over the railings wearing an unflattering Ulster coat and an expression of discontent. It’s […]

22 May 2013

IMAGE: The Occult Factor An inaugural exhibition of Esoteric Artists

Making art is indeed an alchemical act. Whether you approach it as an occultist, a practising magician, an artist or someone who has an interest and appreciation for the visual arts, the gallery space at 32 Store Street has certainly something to offer. As the exhibition subtitle states, this is the first show of its […]

21 May 2013

TRIBE : New Installation Explores Themes of Female Adolescence and Feminism

For their exhibition at Peckham Space, Sarah Cole and the TRIBE of eleven young girls (from Southwark Youth Service) played and explored around the themes of female adolescence, feminism, group dynamics, hiding and inclusion. For the short period of seven weeks, they ostensibly formed a tribe of their own and explored its motifs, its ceremonies […]