14 May 2013

Leon Kossoff : Obsessive And Frenetic London Landscapes – In New Exhibition

Leon Kossoff is quoted as saying: “London is in my bloodstream. It is always moving – the skies, the streets, the buildings. The people who walk past me when I draw become part of my life”. Entering the space at Annely Juda for his much-anticipated retrospective on this theme, one is met by a pulsating, […]

11 May 2013

Installation Art : A Look At Nine Of London’s Current Best

Paul Carey-Kent explores Londons top exhibitions of Installation Art.   You could argue that the main point of going to a gallery is to see the installation, as a combination of art fairs and the Internet might give you a fair idea of the works in the show, but not of how it all fits […]

9 May 2013

Zabludowicz Collection New York: Exploring The Balance of Sight and Sound

Have you ever walked into a gallery trying to look at the art on the wall and been distracted by the sound track from a video piece playing close by? I know I have. It’s a frustrating moment when the auditory and visual sensations compete for your attention.  The Zabludowicz project  sets out to tackle […]

6 May 2013

New York’s Lower East Side Hots Up For Frieze Week

The Lower East Side has become the exciting new gallery area in New York with a concentration of over 60 galleries presenting new and innovative art. The area itself maintains the old world charm of its roots as a place where early immigrants settled. The scale of the buildings and streets are small and intimate. […]

4 May 2013

Yayoi Kusama: An Unrelenting Pursuit Of Truth And Beauty

Doyenne of the art world whose career has spanned 6 decades, Yayoi Kusama is now 84 years old, and continues to generate work in superlative fashion. She now presents us with an array of new pieces at Victoria Miro gallery. Because of her tenacity, her unrelenting pursuit of truth and beauty, her cheekiness and boldness, […]

3 May 2013

Letha Wilson: Exploring Landmarks and Monuments With A Tactile Intimacy

The famous architect Louis Kahn said “Truly a work of Art is one that tells us,  that Nature cannot make what man can make.” The show Landmarks and Monuments at Art In General, confounds this quote. “Landmarks and Monuments” incorporates photographs of expansive canyons, mountains, and moonlit vistas into complex concrete enigmatic sculptural forms.” The […]

3 May 2013

Bodies And Movement In May : Twelve London Art Exhibitions

    Paul Carey-Kent former Editor at large for Art World Magazine has a look at twelve of the best art exhibitions in London. With Frieze NY,  The Venice Biennale and Art Basel just around the corner, London still holds its ground as an international centre for excellence.   Georgina Starr: Two Bubbles   A […]

2 May 2013

William Eggleston Presents Metropolitan Museum of Art With Photo Legacy

William Eggleston once boldly stated that he was “at war with the obvious”.  The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s show At War with the Obvious: Photographs by William Eggleston presents 36 breathtaking dye transfer prints, recently donated to the museum, through a Purchase by, Louis V. Bell, Harris Brisbane Dick, Fletcher, Rogers Funds, Joseph Pulitzer Bequest, […]

24 April 2013

Florian Maier-Aichen: Photographs Creating Illusions of the Bigger Picture

At one point, perhaps somewhere around 1911, pictures decided they wanted to stop being a window through which you could see things already in the world – be it a landscape or an apple or a laughing cavalier – and simply be something in the world. They stopped representing and started being, either through abstraction […]

23 April 2013

Artist Serena Korda Creates Ritual Ballet With Monster Latex Puppet

British Artist Serena Korda explores animal symbolism and folklore with a series of three performances and two film pieces in “Aping the Beast”. The Boob Meteorite, the second in a series of three performances, is a ritual ballet featuring a towering monster latex puppet, manipulated by a team who have him jigging around by maneuvering […]

22 April 2013

Dorothy Iannone Challenges Tracey Emin’s Title Of Ultimate Bad Girl

When I first heard that boobs, bums, willies and acts of masturbation mischieviously fly out in the work of octogenarian American artist Dorothy Iannone, I must admit I was curious. She has been compared to Tracey Emin as  the ultimate bad girl, the real definition of a minx, and this is her first retrospective show […]

20 April 2013


Paul Carey-Kent highlights 10 interesting artists who happen to be women!   No sooner have I celebrated women in charge than a glut of interesting artists who happen to be female open shows in the first few days of April, so here’s some extra coverage… It’s an indication of the richness of London’s art scene […]

20 April 2013


Manifold is the first full presentation of a new stream in the work of Anglo-Bangladeshi artist Rana Begum. She’s become known for fetish-finished wall-based works which project into the gallery space, legible from front-on but dynamised by the viewer so that physical movement activates colour movement.  Prior to 2011, these took the form of repeating rectilinear […]

20 April 2013

Deutsche Borse Prize 2013 Promotes Debate, Frustration And Exasperation

As in past years, the jury has selected artists for what they represent rather than what they do. But you gotta love them for it! Chris Killip, Father and son watching a parade, Newcastle West End, Tyneside, 1975 © Chris Killip, Courtesy of the artist and Eric Franck Fine Art, London   Every year the […]

15 April 2013

Istanbul Inn London: Explore Turkey In A New Cultural Exhibition

This weekend saw the launch of Istanbul INN London, a four-day showcase in the heart of Bloomsbury giving the general public a glimpse at the wide array of culture that Istanbul has to offer. In a world where the West is becoming increasingly fascinated by the Middle East, many people are looking to learn more […]

14 April 2013

Judith Braun An Act of Investigation Through Drawing

Judith Braun’s solo show, ‘May I Draw’, is an act of investigation through drawing. She seems to probe universal truths that are revealed in sacred geometry, making her own mark with the unfolding of pattern, arabesques, and abstract lines by artfully manipulating graphite and charcoal. She posits us in a realm that defies language, just […]

13 April 2013

Sebastiao Salgado: The future By Finding A Past Untouched In Genesis

It’s fitting that Sebastiao Salgado’s most recent monumental project be shown at The Natural History Museum as it is both as sublime as the best nature has to offer, but also a fossilised, archaeological body of work relative to the photographic zeitgeist. In ‘Genesis’, Salgado has deployed his customary breadth of ambition to attempt to […]

8 April 2013

Ilya and Emilia Kabakov Explore The Grim Reality Of Post-Stalinist Russia

The cavernous, industrial Ambika P3, a space designed to test structural concrete has been turned over to the celebrated Russian artists Ilya and Emilia Kabakov for the next few weeks. As influential pioneers of installation art, ‘The Happiest Man’ is one of the most ambitious politically motivated works ever shown in London. The piece depicts […]

7 April 2013

SP-ARTE 2013: International Galleries Presence Strengthen Brazil Art Market

The SP-Arte fair opened in São Paulo on the 4 April and on day 3 of this truly international event, many interesting galleries, especially the North American and European contributors, impacted on the quality of the fair. Gagosian with Takashi Murakami and Roy Lichtenstein, presented an outstanding selection of first rate work. The fair in […]

28 March 2013

George Bellows A Re-evaluation Too Far – Royal Academy London

In the world of academia there is a phenomenon known as ‘critical re-evaluation’.  This is where an artist that time has forgot for one reason or another is taken up and championed until people think that artist was great after all. This seems to happen most often with women or artists from ethnic minorities, based […]

25 March 2013

Landscape Explored In New London Photography Exhibition At Somerset House

Landmark: The fields of photography until April 28th at Somerset House, East Wing galleries. – Review Kerim Aytac In the second major photography show in which Somerset House has partnered up with The Positive View Foundation, curator extraordinaire William A. Ewing, presents us with of an exhaustive survey of approaches to Landscape in (mostly) contemporary […]

17 March 2013

John Piper: Effortless Mastery of Composition and Technique

Jack Castle looks at a new London exhibition of John Piper, an artist who is long overdue for reevaluation. John Piper is strangely ageless although he looks old, perhaps partly because fashion began to turn away from him. In the same way that the traditional or canonical route of art history began to bend away […]

17 March 2013

Barnaby Hosking and Mustafi Hulusi New Exhibition Max Wigram Gallery

Max Wigram Gallery this week presented a show of new work by two London based artists, Barnaby Hosking and Mustafi Hulusi. Hosking’s show Contemplating Duality, taking up the back space of the gallery, displays two new sculptural works Not Two and Endless. In Not Two pieces of gold mirror are fixed to the walls of […]

15 March 2013

London West End Area Art Reviews By Jack Castle – March 2013

Edwina Leapman, Annely Juda Fine Art, 28th February – 28th March 2013 Monochrome really belongs to Yves Klein, but as Edwina Leapman was also a devotee in the 1960s, at first glance these ‘New Paintings’ from 2012 are down that similar and well-trodden path. But Edwina Leapman and Annely Juda beg to differ, and as […]

11 March 2013

Independent : The Flip Side Of Blatant Commercialism During Armory Week

Ben Austin’s  NY Armory Week Diary –  Day 4 What can one day about the Independent Fair down in the art heartland of Chelsea? Open planned and booth free, invited exhibitors rather than applications. This is a high-minded art fair with conceptual work abound. There is no frenzy of activity, no entrance charge and no […]

10 March 2013

Ai Weiwei Exhibition: Museum of Image and Sound Sao Paulo

A major exhibition from one of most important Chinese contemporary artists is presented for the first time in Brazil, in São Paulo at the Museum of Image and Sound. Ai Weiwei has been considered by specialist art magazines to be the most influential artist in the world because of his use of art as a […]

9 March 2013

William Turnbull: Head, Mask And Totem Imagery Chatsworth House

Chatsworth House opens for the 2013 season on Sunday 10 March with an exciting solo exhibition of painting and sculpture by the late William Turnbull.  An interior gallery houses a portion of the exhibition while the gardens and grounds of the estate become a temporary home for larger works. Chatsworth House has been the home […]

8 March 2013

New York Armory Week: Snow Doesn’t Stop The Winter Frieze

Armory Week 2013 Ben Austin’s Exclusive Diary – Part 1 New York City – Mega metropolis, where anything is possible.  Where everything and everyone goes at a hundred miles an hour. This is a city where innovation in its’ very name and ambition soars like the formidable skyline. So it was exactly a hundred years […]

8 March 2013

Jean Michel Basquiat’s Politically Charged, Primally Sexual Paintings – Gagosian NY

Gagosian’s current exhibition of Jean Michel-Basquiat’s work, including over fifty unique pieces by the artist, is nearly a retrospective and something not to be missed. One could spend a whole day exploring each work, letting its madness take over until the world around no longer matters. This show not only reinforces Basquiat’s truly unique and […]

4 March 2013

Art13 Final Round-Up and The Verdict From Experts

Art13 London welcomed artists, galleries and collectors from across the world, over the weekend, as well as a number of first time, local collectors, to its inaugural edition, confirming the Fair’s status as the largest and most dynamic art fair to launch in London in over a decade. Like Frieze, Art 13 has special sections […]

3 March 2013

Andrew Curtis and Leon Chew New Exhibitions At PayneShurvell

Andrew Curtis’s ‘The Leisure Circle’ a new off-site collaborative project between PayneShurvell and curator Annabel Cary opened Friday night in in a temporary space in Camden/King’s Cross. The exhibition parallels another show of the the artist Leon Chew currently at PayneShurvell’s Shoreditch space and Dark Matter Studios. Curtis’s exhibition is mounted in a ‘pop up’ […]

3 March 2013

Inaugural Art13: London’s New Fair On The Block

Self-described as “London’s most exciting art fair launch in a decade”, Art 13 brings a dynamic new art fair to the capital.  Over 120 galleries from 30 countries are showcasing exciting emerging and established talent at the Olympia Exhibition Hall.  What differentiates Art 13 from more established fairs is the embracing of the lesser known […]