8 February 2013

Memory and Identity Explored in 4 New London Photography Shows

Thomas Zanon-Larcher, Nicolle, Smithfield I, London, May 2009 Courtesy of the Artist and Wapping Project Bankside (above)   There’s a bunch of new shows to visit this month, as galleries gear back up after the Christmas holidays.  Here’s my pick of the ones to see, some included to stimulate rather than please. First up is […]

8 February 2013

Contemporary Art Brazil: More Than Just A Carnival In 2013

Carnival is is fast approaching and besides the traditional Brazilian party, the entire country will feature important established and emerging contemporary art exhibitions. ArtLyst’s Brazil corespondent Douglas Negrisolli reveals a lineup of work from André Feliciano to Ai Weiwei – Guide : part 1 The art scene in Brazil is very hot! The economy is […]

2 February 2013

Carl Andre: Is That All There Is To Art?

My work doesn’t mean anything. It is just the presentation of the materials in the clearest form I can make it. – Carl Andre 2013 “Art Is What The Artist Says Is Art” – Marcel Duchamp Carl Andre: Mass & Matter a new exhibition which opened on Friday 1 February at the Turner Contemporary in […]

1 February 2013

Juergen Teller Iconoclast on the Wane ICA London – Review

It is telling that the centrepiece of the Juergen Teller retrospective now on at the ICA is a trio of very large nudes featuring Vivienne Westwood, juxtaposed with a saccharine snapshot of a kitten on a table on one side of the room and a stolen glimpse of Kurt Cobain strumming a guitar on the […]

29 January 2013


Paul Carey-Kent takes a look at the young German artist Daniel Lergon and uncovers the impressive narrative of Lergon’s work over the past decade Daniel Lergon is a German artist represented in his home country by Christian Lethert in Cologne, as well as by Almine Rech (Paris/Brussels), Andersen’s Contemporary (Copenhagen), Galerie Andreas Huber (Vienna) and […]

27 January 2013

William Scott Retrospective Opens At Tate St Ives

The eagerly awaited William Scott retrospective exhibition opened to the public yesterday at Tate St Ives, the first stop on a three city touring show. Next month marks the centenary of the birth of the painter, perhaps the most accomplished painter of his generation. Scott moved effortlessly between abstraction still-life and figuration with equal confidence […]

26 January 2013

Death: A Subject For Art And Debate Wellcome Collection London

So it falls to me to review “Death” so soon after the death of someone I knew. His name was Chris Jones, who died in a car accident on Sleaford Road, Metheringham, Lincolnshire, at 5.30pm Christmas Day, 2012. He was an incredibly nice man, 23 years old, with an enormous heart and a smile that […]

26 January 2013

London Art Exhibitions Explore Unusual Materials In February Lineup – Review

Paul Carey-Kent discovers copious use of fresh new materials in this months London gallery art offerings. Maybe there’s no such thing as an unusual material these days. Consider the use of acted magazine texts by Gerard Byrne at Whitechapel, woollen thread by Fred Sandback at David Zwirner and the coal, coats and chairs of Jannis […]

25 January 2013

Manet Portraits: The Blurred Boundaries Between Portrait and Genre Painting – Review

Edouard Manet is one of the best-known and influential figures in the development of modern art, yet somehow, the Royal Academy’s “Manet: Portraying Life” is the first major exhibition of the artist’s work in the UK.  Additionally, never before has there been an exhibition that focuses on Manet’s portraiture, despite the continued presence of portraits […]

23 January 2013

The Deceptively Deep Francesco Clemente – Review

Francesco Clemente found fame as part of the Neo-Expressionist movement of the late 1970s and early 1980s, or the ‘transavanguardia’ as their early supporter Achille Bonito Oliva named them. The intent was to react against the anti-painting sentiments common at the time, and to return to the ‘internal motives, to the constitutive reasons of working’, […]

20 January 2013

Photo50 An Illuminating Meditation On Photography And Memory

This year’s Photo50 at the London Art Fair provided, yet again, a diverting and fascinating escape from the throngs  browsing the fair below. In the past, this curated exhibit has been assembled by a panel of selectors, but this year free reign was given to Nick Hackworth, owner of Paradise Row gallery. Allowing for one […]

20 January 2013

Greetings Earthlings: Reflections From The Artists Earth Star – Review

“Ascending With Our Earth Star”, an art event which opened on 21 December 2012, is an exhibition incorporating a mixture of performance and visual art combined with the healing arts. The 21st of December is a date which the Mayans predicted would bring in a new Earth phase and welcome an expansion of human consciousness. […]

7 January 2013

John Chamberlain Confluences My Favourite Show Of The Year – Review

John Chamberlain (1927-2011) lived just long enough to help plan his retrospective at the Guggenheim, New York (Feb 24 – May 13, 2012) and it proved exemplary. First, it looked good spiralling up the ramps, where its chronological ascent made sense. Second, the ‘Choices’ – a title designed to emphasise that Chamberlain selected his materials, […]

7 January 2013

London Photography Exhibitions Not To Miss Spring 2013 Preview

After such a good end to the year for Photography in London, a barren 2013 seemed likely, but though there will be fewer outings by some of the major institutions, there looks to be some quite exciting shows on the horizon. January Photo50 @ The London Art Fair: 16-20 January, Islington Business Design Centre First […]

5 January 2013

Nude Art Opening Mayhem In Daniel Libeskind Pop UP Gallery

‘Yeah, you missed it’, stated Tony Andre the Director of Guerilla Galleries (London) whom I rang today to ask how last nights opening event went. A very private PRIVATE VIEW of the ‘100% NUDE’ exhibition was mobbed, with 300 attending the show, half in the buff. It was held in the Daniel Libeskind designed building […]

4 January 2013

Ten Good Reasons To Visit The London Art Fair By Paul Carey-Kent

Ah, the London Art Fair (Previews 15 Jan, public opening 16-20 Jan at the Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, Islington). So why bother? In fact, there’s always enough interesting work to make a visit entertaining and worthwhile, it’s just a matter of speeding past where appropriate and slowing down for the good stuff. That […]

31 December 2012

Tony Cragg Movement From Within – Review

What is movement? Ok, fine, maybe we know what movement is, but how should we think about it? In the medieval period medicine considered movement to equal life, and stasis to be death – a supposed aetiology of the black plague was “stagnant air”, and restoring circulation and movement to the air would solve the […]

16 December 2012

Art In London With A Christmas Twist By Paul Carey-Kent

I’m no great fan of Christmas (wouldn’t once every two years be enough?) but here all the same is a fairly arbitrary box of not entirely festive goodies for the festive season: a candle, cards, a film, a show with gifts, a Tate selection, a trip and a book… CHRISTMAS CANDLE NAKED FLAME Giorgio Sadotti: […]

12 December 2012

Miami Basel Ben Austin Rounds Off The Big Art Week

The booths have all been dismantled, the artwork packed up, crated and carted off in trucks to planes to be dispersed all over the cultural globe. The dealers count their sales and curse the ones that got away. The hordes of international art world people have all left town, exhausted and partied out. The art […]

11 December 2012

Best London Photography Shows of 2012 As Chosen By Kerim Aytac

In honour of the festive list season, and the need to have something to talk about at the countless social events about to befall us all, here’s my list of the best photography shows in London from this about to be past year. If the Mayans were wrong, 2013 promises to build upon what was […]

9 December 2012

Art Basel Miami The Final Round-Up A Collective Experience

Miami Beach Art Basel is so much more than a merging of international galleries in what is disputably the most important commercial art event in the calendar.  Art  comes together in all shapes and forms to create a meeting of minds and a collective experience in an environment conducive to sharing trends in any sort […]

8 December 2012

A NADA Alternative Art Basel Miami Beach: Day Four

I apologise in advance if this entry is somewhat sparse and not quite up to speed, as I am nursing a harsh hangover with added sleep deprivation.  No sympathy please for self inflicted wounds. So, yesterday I met up with the fair gang, Cyril and Richard, both of who are collectors and dealers. We arrange […]

7 December 2012

New London Photography Shows Evoke Nostalgia And Abandonment – Review

The current batch of photography shows on around Central London are marked by a refreshing, if occasionally baffling, straightforwardness, the likes of which would have been too irony or concept free for the scene a few years ago. This is a reflection, one might argue, of a growing confidence in the market for ‘straight’ photography […]

7 December 2012

Enter The Big Guns Art Basel Miami Beach Day Three

On The Third Day Of His Diary Ben Austin Discovers Size May Matter To Some But Reputation Trumps Size! So, enter the big guns. The mega money and serious players are fully primed and ready to go trophy hunting. They want the big names, the blue chip stuff, artwork that needs no introduction. After all […]

5 December 2012

Welcome Art Tourists Miami Basel Diary By Ben Austin

Day one: Roll up, roll up, the circus is in town. Miami Basel is the Big Top, the main event. Come all you collectors, critics and curators. Welcome art tourists, party people and socialites. The guest lists are filling up and bars are being stocked. The fancy hotels on Collins are teeming and the high-end […]

5 December 2012

Design Miami Opens With The Best Of Classic and Contemporary – Review

Design Miami in its eight edition opened last night with an impressive roster of 29 international participants in the gallery program and 7 emerging galleries as part of the Design On/Site program. One of the more interesting booths was mounted by Didier Ltd who put on a special featured exhibition of sculptural jewellery created by […]

1 December 2012

London Gallery Round Up By Paul Carey-Kent – December Preview

What would you sooner, solo show or group? This month I feature three solos varied enough to look like groups, tightly-themed and more disparate group shows and a solo (or is it?) with multiple guests…  not to mention an artist with three substantial London shows at once – would that be a group solo? And even […]

29 November 2012

Bloomberg New Contemporaries Inescapable Sense Of Sameness ICA – Review

For many aspiring artists who are lucky enough to crack the proverbial nod, the Bloomberg New Contemporaries represents their first step up the ladder of the art world.  With funding from the Arts Council England and the National Lottery, the organisation assists new art school graduates at the beginning of their careers by introducing them […]

28 November 2012

Richard Hamilton Shock and Awe The Late Works – Review

There is a famous story about Giotto, Cimabue, and a fly. Cimabue, the master, left Giotto alone in the studio one day for an unrecorded reason. Giotto painted a fly on one of Cimabue’s unfinished works. Cimabue came back, and spent an unknown amount of time trying to shoo the fly away before realising it […]

27 November 2012

Antony Gormley Exhibition Challenges The Gallery’s Physical Possibilities

A new exhibition by the British sculptor Antony Gormley. Titled ‘Model’, at White Cube Bermondsey consists of an ambitious construction containing 100 tons of sheet steel forming an architectural installation which challenges the physical possibilities of the gallery space and investigates our experience of architecture through the body and of the body through. Made in […]

27 November 2012

Tony Cragg Exhibition Perceiving The Natural And Material Worlds

Tony Cragg is exhibiting a powerful new selection of works at Lisson Gallery in London from tomorrow 28 November. This is Cragg’s twelfth exhibition at Lisson, representing more than three decades of collaboration since his groundbreaking first show in 1979. Cragg’s work is based first on observation and understanding of the natural and material worlds, […]

23 November 2012

Why Did Peter Doig Finish The Pink Hat? – Review

In Peter Doig’s show the other day, speaking with the charming girl working there, I was told that Peter Doig had finished the pink hat on ‘Cave Boat Bird Painting’ (2010-2012) in the gallery, as it was hanging there, hours before the opening. This anecdote has some importance to the entirety of this exhibition. The […]