19 November 2012

Cartier-Bresson’s Decisive Moment Explored At Somerset House – Review

An interesting premise here, as curator William E. Ewing challenges the legacy of Henri Cartier Bresson’s ‘decisive moment’ through a survey of post-war, pre-conceptual colour photography, as well as some more recent examples. Cartier-Bresson hated colour, as did many, for black and white was considered the higher status approach until the sixties and seventies, but […]

10 November 2012

Hoxton And Shoreditch Contemporary Art Reviews – November 2012

The air is getting crisper, the days are getting shorter, but it’s not quite winter yet.  This weekend I was able to enjoy the remaining sunshine with a stroll through Shoreditch and Hoxton to check out some art.  Setting out with a cozy scarf and a hand-drawn map (smart phones and GPS are too complicated […]

7 November 2012

Andrew Logan Welcome To My Most Glamorous World – Review

Fresh from their successful exhibition of the works of iconic London artist Duggie Fields, mere weeks ago, curator partnership DuoVision (James Lawler and Martin Green) have pulled off another coup with their newest exhibition, a retrospective of the works of sculptor, performance artist, jewellery-maker, portraitist and painter Andrew Logan – Andrew Logan: Welcome To My […]

5 November 2012

Hollywood Costume The Opulent Must Have Christmas Book – Review

There are only a handful of museum exhibitions that become events each year and the Hollywood Costume exhibition at the V&A certainly falls into this category. It is one of those unpredictable occurrences, when the public engages and embraces an exhibition, that transcends into a phenomenon. Like a hit film, there are plenty of good […]

4 November 2012

Young Masters Prize Pays Homage To Art Past And Present

The Young Masters Prize is an unique annual award which encourages artists to engage in art from an historical context. This year It will be presented to the artist who combines 21st-century originality with art that has existed before us. The creators of the Young Masters Art Prize believe that; “Art loses power if it […]

31 October 2012

Photography Given Kudos In First National Gallery Exhibition – Review

The exploration of the relationship between painting and photography is so large a topic that this complex, sober exhibition cannot help but omit some of the key strands that have come to define this symbiosis. Indeed, curator Hope Davis acknowledges this fact when stating the show sets out to make an argument about the links […]

26 October 2012

Rain Room Cold Damp View From The Inside – Review

This autumn has seen a number of big events in the arts, but one of the most popular has undoubtedly been Random International’s Rain Room in the Barbican Curve gallery.  Since the installation opened on 4 October, queues to enter the space have dominated the Barbican foyer and stretched 2-3 hours in length.  What is […]

22 October 2012

Daido Moriyama And William Klein Two Monochrome Image Junkies – Review

So it’s another belter from Simon Baker whose appointment as Head of Photography for the Tate has proven to be a good choice. After the excellent ‘Another London’ at the Tate Britain, he brings us this initially unlikely pairing of two monochrome image junkies, Working with a co-curator, as he did with the Tate Britain […]

20 October 2012

Edmund de Waal Conceptions Of Space In A Non Digital World

Review – Edmund de Waal certainly has a lot going for him. A glance at his biography shows that he always has. He received a place to study English at Cambridge, but deferred entry to be apprentice to Geoffrey Whiting, who in turn was disciple to Bernard Leach. During this time he made hundreds and […]

18 October 2012

Hollywood Costume Golden Age To Present V&A Museum – Review

Hollywood Costume, the V&A’s major autumn exhibition, is major indeed. This is the sort of blockbuster show that delivers what many museums only imagine possible. It is curated by Hollywood costume designer and senior guest curator Deborah Nadoolman Landis, along with the former rector of the RCA Sir Christopher Frayling, as guest curator and V&A […]

11 October 2012

Rothko Sugimoto Amplifying A Common Thrust Pace Gallery – Review

Because I’ve never attended the London or New York fashion week shows, I assume the opening of Pace gallery’s new London space was like one; or at least like the gallery openings in films, where people you apparently should want to know only whisper in each other’s ears. Pace have had (what now looks like […]

3 October 2012

Matthew Darbyshire Recreates The Wonderful World Of Mockintosh

Review – The Zabludowicz Collection has commissioned the artist Matthew Darbyshire to recreate T Rooms an installation originally exhibited at Tramway in Glasgow. This new work builds on his previously successful concept, making modifications which fit more into the London urban-scape, but still play on the pastiche of familiar Glasgow and other 20th century design […]

1 October 2012

Bharti Kher’s Surreal World Of Cyborgs Bindis And White Elephants

Review – Bharti Kher’s is one of India’s best-known contemporary artists. Collections of Her work has attracted the attention of important collectors such as François Pinault, Charles Saatchi and Frank Cohen. To name a few.  Although the artist was born and bred in England, she settled in India permanently in 1992 after meeting her future […]

21 September 2012

Jerwood Drawing Prize An Integral Fine Art Practice – Review

Drawing was once considered one of the cornerstones of Western art.  The reason for this is simple: if art was to be accurate and representational, then one had to learn how to draw first before one could paint or sculpt. For an example of how the practice of drawing was once considered to be so […]

20 September 2012

Photography From The Sixties and Seventies Explored Barbican – Review

Although one could definitely make the case that there is too much work in this show, it is a noble attempt to bring a wide range of important work to the general public. According to its curator, ‘ Everything Was Moving: Photography from the 60’s and 70’s’ is an attempt to explore ‘how photographers intersected […]

16 September 2012

Liverpool Biennial Gathers Kudos On The International Art Circuit – Review

It’s difficult to know where to begin when discussing a show that includes 242 artists in 27 locations.  Liverpool has given itself over to contemporary art for the next 10 weeks, exploring the theme of ‘hospitality’. Within that realm there is a sub-themed exhibition, ‘The Unexpected Guest’ curated by Lorenzo Fusi, in which works by […]

16 September 2012

Wolfe von Lenkiewicz Rebirth of A Renaissance Masterpiece – Review

Deriving from rinascere, an Italian word meaning ‘to be reborn,’ it is fitting that the work of Dutch Renaissance artist Hieronymus Bosch is reborn in a contemporary interpretation by Wolfe von Lenkiewicz.  All Visual Arts current exhibition features large-scale drawings and paintings based on Bosch’s most famous work, The Garden of Earthly Delights (1490-1510). Held […]

16 September 2012

City & Guilds of London MA Fine Arts Exhibition 2012- Review

In the postmodern world of art, tertiary institutions have increasingly ditched technical skills in favour of conceptual innovation.  In London, art colleges that pride themselves on technical excellence are a rare commodity. There are a number of reasons for this.  In the twentieth century, artists began to challenge the role of art in society.  Many sought […]

7 September 2012

Sao Paulo Biennial Exclusive The Imminence of Poetics – Review

International Arts Corespondent Andrea Shortell Sends This ArtLyst Exclusive Report, From The Sao Paulo Frontline. São Paulo flourishes with cultural energy the weekend before the 30th Biennial begins, as if it were preparing for a tsunami of visitors. Every cultural space from the contemporary arte commercial galleries in the chic neighbourhood of Jardims opens its […]

31 August 2012

Warhol Mauro At What Point Did The Irony Stop? – Review

A girl ironically goes into a Mayfair nightclub, the kind where attractive young women get in free, and the men pay £50 entry and for all the drinks. It will be a bit of a laugh. While in there, a man approaches her, buys her a few drinks, and more happens. They start seeing each […]

27 August 2012

New Face of Klimt Celebrated By Contemporary Artists – Review

A flash of colour and lingering pose adorn the walls of the Lazarides gallery near Tottenham Court Road. For a brief moment London is transformed into a modern Viennese court of wonder. New and old are mixed together with international flare at the new exhibition “Klimt Illustrated”. Nine international street artists have been working tirelessly […]

18 August 2012

Brancolini Grimaldi Summer Show Reignites London Photography Scene – Review

London is getting better at showing Fine Art Photography. The number of galleries dedicated to the medium is negligible when compared to New York, mediocre as measured up against Paris and barely on par with the German cities. There is no British national institution dedicated the form, despite the efforts of those at the V&A, […]

18 August 2012

Damian Ortega White Lines And Multiverse – Review

In an age of austerity, it has become increasingly rare for private galleries to make the space for art that is so unsellable, so uncommodifiable.  But then the White Cube is not just any gallery and Damiàn Ortega is not just any artist.  The brainchild of British Art dealer, Jay Jopling, the White Cube quickly […]

12 August 2012

Vyner Street Exhibition Reviews August 2012

Vyner Street has been receiving its share of adverse publicity lately, with some critics questioning whether this cultural enclave in Bethnal Green is now a has-been in the art world.  During better economic times, Vyner Street became a thriving artistic hub, with critically acclaimed galleries attracting an eclectic mix of dealers, collectors, artists and art […]

11 August 2012

Zhang Huan Mind Over Matter And Self Control – Review

Zhang Huan (White Cube Bermondsey) is an interesting artist, with an impressively diverse range of art to his name.  The artist was born in 1965, on the eve of the Cultural Revolution, pursuant to which whole tracts of Chinese culture were obliterated – somewhat unusually by China’s own people rather than by a foreign colonial […]

11 August 2012

Andy Warhol Fame I Wanna Live Forever – Dulwich Review

Andy Warhol (1928-1987) lived a life of irreconcilable contradictions.  He regularly went to church on Sunday, didn’t run up debts and didn’t do drugs.  He openly lived as a gay man at a time when many still preferred to hide their sexuality in the closet.  Yet, in the 1980s, he claimed that he was a […]

5 August 2012

Titian Given Contemporary Makeover In New National Gallery Exhibition

The most common way of seeing a Titian is as follows: you walk into a prestigious and/or 19th Century building, follow the signs to Venice, take a deep breath, and walk into a huge room full of Venetian oil paintings of various thicknesses. The most common way of seeing Titian is amidst other Titians, which, […]

4 August 2012

Fitzrovia Area Art Gallery Reviews August 2012

Fitzrovia has rapidly grown into one of London’s prime contemporary art hubs. June 2012 witnessed the launch of Fitzrovia Lates (http://www.fitzrovialates.co.uk).  As part of the scheme, over 20 galleries stay open until 9pm on the last Thursday of every month.  On the menu is a programme of curator tours, discussions and performances for art lovers who […]

3 August 2012

Another London: Images From A Wiser Innocent Time – Review

This is a show of unadulterated image-making from a simultaneously wiser and more innocent time. Full of the type of photography that turns people onto the medium, it is a meditative, soulful experience. We’re proud of London aren’t we? Now the Opening Ceremony has come and gone, even more so maybe, for if that show […]

3 August 2012

Anthony Gormley Inner And Outer Body Experiences – Review

Anthony Gormley’s work is interesting for a number of reasons.  Not least, is that the conceptual foundations of his practice are rooted in eastern spirituality.  Second, his oeuvre is unashamedly centered on the human body.  Both are remarkable in the contemporary art world, which often eschews religion in art and which can be quick to […]

2 August 2012

Mr Brainwash Breaking London The Agony And The Ecstasy

Review – It is not an easy feat for an emerging artist to make a splash in London, during the Olympics or at anytime for that matter . But here we have Thierry Guetta AKA Mr Brainwash coming onto the London scene and doing just that. Mr Brainwash was made in heaven for the tabloids. […]

25 July 2012

London Photography Exhibition Round Up – July 2012

Tis the season of the group show, so it is refreshing when a gallery attempts to use this format to create a dynamic exhibition instead of a mere’ greatest hits’ of represented artists.   There is sound commercial imperative for the latter approach, but, as is the case with the excellent ‘Uncommon Ground’ at Flowers […]