28 October 2014


Mayoral Candidate Promises To Fill London With Statues Of David Bowie And David Beckham

Labour MP David Lammy, a mayoral candidate, has made a strange campaign promise: if he is elected as the Mayor of London, the MP will fill the city with statues of celebrity figures such as Adele, David Bowie, and David Beckham, that Lammy considers will be inspirational for the city’s populous – the Evening Standard […]

16 May 2011


The Ressurection of Pop Art ?

  Exciting new artist Lisa Andrews whose new collection – The Brits, consisting of four oil on canvas paintings: Amy, Adele, Lily & Paloma, now available as prints, is being hailed as a huge new talent and leading light in the resurrection of Pop Art.   Pop art developed in the early 1960s. Originally a […]