25 May 2012

Alinka Echeverria’s Mexican Spirituality Adornes London Gallery – REVIEW

Symbolism and mysticism may seem part of an earlier time, but in Mexico City, notions of magic and spirituality are very prominent pieces of a contemporary lifestyle.  Since 1531 the Virgin of Guagalupe has become the most powerful symbol for Mexicans, and her image is seen throughout the Americas as a figure of hope, peace, […]

22 May 2012


Alinka Echeverria Explores Boundaries Between Documentary And Fine Art

Alinka Echeverria was born in Mexico City in 1981 and although she has spent most of her life in the US and Europe, studying at prestigious institutions such as, the International Center for Photography in New York, still retains a deep understanding of her native culture. Echeverria’s work explores the boundaries between documentary and fine […]