25 September 2011


New Warhol Exhibition Opens In Bexhill

‘Warhol is Here’, a new exhibition which is part of the Artists Rooms series sponsored by Tate Modern and The National Galleries Of Scotland is a legacy of the remarkable donation of hundreds of contemporary masterpieces by collector/dealer Anthony d’offay. The exhibition explores  the work of Andy Warhol in the context of his beliefs, lifestyle […]

19 August 2011


Patti Smith Adapts Just Kids To Big Screen

Patti Smith and the late Robert Mapplethorpe to feature in biopic Patti Smith has started work on adapting her Award-winning bestseller Just Kids into a feature length film. This will finally bring to the big screen the story of downtown New York in the late 60’s and 70’s shedding some light on the the inception […]

13 August 2011


Hirst Spots vs Warhol Eggs

  Were Warhol’s Eggs The Inspiration Behind Damien Hirst’s Spots? Andy Warhol’s pioneering Pop Art defined a generation and a culture, distinguishing him as one of the most influential, creative and prolific artists of the 20th century. Hirst on the other hand assimilated this knowledge and was driven to follow in an almost parallel career. […]

7 August 2011


Andy Warhol At 83 New Sculpture Unveiled

A sculpture by Birmingham based artist Edgar Askelovic was unveiled yesterday to celebrate the Pop Artist’s 83 birthday. The Midlands artist spent three months working on the piece, which is currently on display at the McDermott Galleries in Birmingham. Askelovic is a creative designer from Lithuania, who is gaining a reputation for his extraordinary sculptures. […]

3 July 2011


Warhol Farrah Fawcett Portrait Missing

An Andy Warhol portrait of Farrah Fawcett valued at up to $10 million has gone missing from her estate. Private investigators have been called in to try and track down the work which was bequeathed to the University of Texas where the actress attended art college in the late 1960’s. Her on/off partner Ryan O’Neal […]

2 April 2011


Is Justin Beiber A Warhol Style Icon?

The answer is yes. If this were were 30 years ago Andy Warhol would embrace Beiber fever as he did other classic personalities from the film and music industries. Bieber crosses all boundaries of gender. His sex-appeal is androgynous and his classic good looks appeal, not only to heterosexual pubescent girls but also to a […]

26 March 2011


New Warhol Exhibition Dazzles Southampton

A new exhibition exploring the Art of Andy Warhol opens it’s doors to the public on the 27th March in Southampton. It explores a wide spectrum of mediums covering all periods of the artist’s output. The 200 plus works exhibited is part of the Tate’s and the National Galleries of Scotland’s Artist Rooms series deriving […]

24 March 2011


Warhol’s Elizabeth Taylor Resurrects Art Market

The year the work was created Warhol stated; “I’m going to stop painting. I want my paintings to sell for $25 000” If only he knew! A portrait of Hollywood legend Dame Elizabeth Taylor is coming back onto the market after a short rest in a vault. It will be offered by  Auctioneers Phillips de […]

7 January 2011


Dennis Hopper Shot Chairman Mao by Warhol Results

Yesterday,Christie’s NY offered a 1967 Warhol screen print of Marilyn Monroe in purple, yellow, and orange tones on a shocking pink background, with a presale estimate of $40,000-60,000. It fetched $206.500 four times the estimate. A further print with a more historically important background sold alongside it. This work, a 1972 Warhol screen print of […]

26 December 2010


Warhol Foundation Founder Dies

John Warhola, elder brother of artist Andy Warhol has died, on Christmas Eve, in Pittsburgh, from pneumonia. He was 85.  Warhola, was one of the three founding members of the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and guardian of his legacy. He was a driving force and spearheaded the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh […]

21 October 2010


Save The Hotel Chelsea From Donald Trump

First it was CBGB’S now the Hotel Chelsea, an underground landmark in Manhattan where Dylan Thomas, William S. Burroughs, Bob Dylan, Andy Warhol ,Eugene O’Neill and Sid Vicious once lived has been put on the market for an undisclosed sum. It has been owned and operated by the same family for 65 years. “It is […]