Venice Biennale Collateral Exhibitions Provide Calm and Quality

It was a relief to step away from the hustle and bustle of the Giardini and Arsenale, the main venues for the 58th Venice Biennale, to visit exhibitions elsewhere.

17 May 2015


American Abstract Expressionism of the 1950’s.

OUTSTANDING ACADEMIC TITLE ~CHOICE, 2003  “This excellent publication builds on the earlier publication. It has broadened the scope to include artists from throughout the US, rectified…omission of African American artists…and concentrated on 88 artists…Excellent layout and superb photographs. Highly recommended.” ~CHOICE August, 2003. “Researchers will seek out this well designed selection.Recommended for American art museum, […]

27 April 2015


Venice Biennale: Centenary Of Armenian Massacre To Be Marked In Pavilion

A group exhibition featuring 18 artists from the Armenian diaspora is to open at the Venice Biennale, and will according to the Armenian government, commemorate 100 years since the genocide of more than one million Armenians by Ottoman Turks during the First World War. Turkish leaders found a scapegoat in the Armenian people, gradually taking […]

26 April 2015


Flight 1 And The Curse Of Arshile Gorky

There have been many stories about the tragedy of the artist, but perhaps none are quite so extreme as the story of Arshile Gorky, a story of tragedy that even continues nearly a quarter of a century after his death. The artist was born Vostanik Manuk Adoian on April 15, 1904, in Khorgom, a village […]

16 February 2015


America’s Only Art Cop Gets Conviction – Chagall Thief Gets Four Years

An art thief that tried to sell a number of stolen expressionist masterpieces that including paintings by Marc Chagall and Arshile Gorky at well below their market value, has been sentenced to four years in prison, Associated Press reports. The not-so-clever thief Raul Espinoza, who has prior burglary convictions, pleaded no contest to one count […]