21 June 2014


Fair Cop: Art Basel 2014 Ben Austin’s Final Words

I met up with the bunch of ‘kunsts’ being Sam Roddick, James Oster Antony Micallef and their friend Lindsay outside the main hall and after unsuccessfully trying to score a VIP BMW to take us to the Fondation Beyeler to see the Richter show, apparently their VIP card was not first tier enough to warrant […]

20 June 2014

Art Basel: Visuals With A Bit Of Drunk Texting

Ben Austin follows the pack to the Art epicentre with a satellite or two thrown in for good measure Isn’t there a rule about drunk texting and doesn’t that apply to writing about an art fair, anyway I really don’t care, as it is nearly 11pm, I’m due to go to the Kunsthalle for arty […]