21 June 2015

Art Basel: Satellites Of Love – Volta Liste Scope Etc 2015

So, after an evening spent in Mulhouse, as that is only reasonable place to stay within a half an hour radius of Basel, it actually wasn’t so bad, a quick train ride and viola. There was an incident involving coffee being spilt in the back seat of a taxi to the train station that created a little bit of local upset, […]

19 June 2015


London Descends On Art Basel The Mecca of Contemporary Art

Here we go again: Basel! The Mecca of Contemporary Art where the pilgrims of the Art world meet religiously every year. I love going to Basel. It feels like going to a huge family reunion where you see old friends and meet new ones…carefully avoiding the old grumpy aunties… My preview days were intense and […]

6 June 2015


Art Basel 2015 Artlyst’s Where To Go What To See Guide

Art Basel, which take place in June every year, stages one of the world’s most important art shows for Modern and contemporary works. They bring together 284 leading international galleries to the heart of Europe. This year’s edition of the fair sees a reconfiguration of Hall 2, creating a special focus on Modern and historical works from 1900 to 1970, a […]