18 June 2015


New Documentary Hopes To Shed Light On Banksy Artwork Heist

A new documentary, The Banksy Job, will focus on the daring daylight robbery of a Banksy sculpture from a public street, the documentary will attempt to unravel the mystery surrounding one of the street artist’s stolen pieces, entitled The Drinker. The Banksy work, was a 10-foot statue, that the elusive street artist illegally erected in […]

14 February 2012


Have Police Found Stolen Goya Masterpiece?

Cops discover what they believe to be a stolen masterpiece by Goya; but, farcically, its theft is news to its gallery owners During an unrelated search operation of property dealer’s house, Oshiwara police discovered what appeared to be the famous painting ‘Saturn devouring his son’ by Goya, and are now working to ascertain if it is […]

23 January 2012


Art Thieves Left Dangling With $1.4K

Washington Art thieves rappel through gallery skylight in pitch black, only to make off with paltry $1.4K Two thieves smashed through a skylight and rappelled down into a Washington gallery, and stole two large pieces of art. The perfect art heist, with one minor setback – the two pieces of art were valued at a […]

20 January 2012


Priceless Art Stolen With iPhone

An elderly art-dealer is the victim of a brutal art heist during which the thieves were instructed what to steal via iPhone Two thugs broke into the home of the Northern Irish ex-vicar on 3 January 2012, beat, and then gagged him. Using an iPhone, they undertook a video survey of all his artworks and […]