21 October 2012


Rotterdam Police Release 100 Million Art Heist video

Burglars who absconded via the back door of the Rotterdam Kunsthal with seven masterpieces by Picasso, Matisse, Gauguin and Monet worth millions were caught on CCT. The masked hooded men are seen removing the paintings in large rucksacks. The thieves must now be finding out that their spoils are not so easy to sell on […]

14 February 2012


Have Police Found Stolen Goya Masterpiece?

Cops discover what they believe to be a stolen masterpiece by Goya; but, farcically, its theft is news to its gallery owners During an unrelated search operation of property dealer’s house, Oshiwara police discovered what appeared to be the famous painting ‘Saturn devouring his son’ by Goya, and are now working to ascertain if it is […]

6 January 2012


Tracey Emin Artwork Stolen From Oxfam

Thief denies charity £300 from sale of embroidered handkerchief by Tracey Emin A handkerchief embroidered by Tracey Emin has been stolen from Oxfam. Staff at th Herne Hill branch had been overjoyed to find the piece stuffed in a bag of clothes left by an anonymous donor. Bearing the words ‘Be Faithful to your Dreams […]

20 January 2011


Stolen Masterpieces Recovered in Scotland

Works by Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot, Samuel Peploe and Federico Barocci Returned. Poor record keeping and slack security by the Kelvingrove Art Gallery, the Museum of Transport, and Maryhill stores in Scotland has aided the disappearance of at least 10 works of art worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. Three paintings stolen from the gallery, more […]