21 February 2017

Paris Art Thieves Receive 21 Years Collectively For Hundred Million Heist

The trial of the 2010 ‘Spider-Man’ burglary at the Musee d’Art Moderne in Paris has concluded securing an eight year sentence for 49-year-old Serbian mastermind Vjeran Tomic.

15 September 2015


Art Dealer Yves Bouvier Questioned Over Stolen Picasso Sales

The Swiss art dealer Yves Bouvier, the head of art storage, shipping, and servicing company Natural Le Coultre, as well as the Geneva, Luxembourg, and Singapore freeports, – who was previously arrested in Monaco on suspicion of defrauding art collectors – was questioned yesterday, by a judge in Paris who is investigating the case of […]

10 September 2015


Andy Warhol’s Jewish Geniuses Stolen And Replaced With Fakes

Nine Warhol prints of Jewish icons including Sigmund Freud and Gertrude Stein have gone missing from the walls of a movie editing studio in Los Angeles. The works are thought to be valued at $350,000, or £226,854 each, have been surreptitiously replaced by an industrious individual who had reportedly created fakes to replace the originals […]

22 April 2015


Artnapping: Should Museums Pay The Ransom Or Lose The Art?

In 2013 Van Buuren Museum, Brussels, suffered a robbery in which several works of art were stolen from its collection; including ‘The Thinker’ (1907) by Dutch painter Kees van Dongen, estimated at a replacement value of €1.2 million, or over £861,000. Other works stolen in this audacious and swift art heist included a painting by […]

3 March 2015


Thieves Steal Priceless Gold And Bronze Artworks From Château De Fontainebleau, Paris

French authorities are searching for 15 gold and bronze artworks stolen from the Château de Fontainebleau in an early morning break-in on Sunday. The target of the robbery was a crown that once belonged to the king of Siam. The New York Times reports that the perpetrators broke into the castle shortly after six o’clock […]

17 February 2015


Bryan Pearce Outsider Art Stolen In Cornwall Heist

Works by outsider artist Bryan Pearce have been stolen from a quiet Cornwall village. The burglar took the works from a private home in the village of Zennor, absconding with four paintings, included two canvases by the artist. The owner of the paintings estimates that the two outsider works of art, ‘Portreath’ and ‘White Jug […]

16 February 2015


America’s Only Art Cop Gets Conviction – Chagall Thief Gets Four Years

An art thief that tried to sell a number of stolen expressionist masterpieces that including paintings by Marc Chagall and Arshile Gorky at well below their market value, has been sentenced to four years in prison, Associated Press reports. The not-so-clever thief Raul Espinoza, who has prior burglary convictions, pleaded no contest to one count […]

12 January 2015


Stolen De Boulogne Sculpture Rediscovered In Museum Toilet In Paris

There has been a strange art theft that mirrors the recent attempts to steal another work of art. Le Monde reports that on Saturday, at approximately 4:30 pm, a security guard at Paris’s Musée des Arts Décoratifs gave the alert of the disappearance of a Jean de Boulogne bronze sculpture. The artwork depicts Samson and […]

15 December 2014


50 Paintings Stolen In Audacious Madrid Gallery Heist

Some 50 paintings worth an estimated €400,000 or £317,000, were stolen by three men who broke into an art gallery in the affluent centre of Madrid, near the Museo del Prado. The criminals entered the Puerta de Alcalá gallery in the early morning hours of Thursday, December 4. The perpetrators first broke into the adjacent […]

1 December 2014


Drunken German Students Steal Emil Nolde Painting Worth Millions

Two students from the southern German town of Erlangen will appear before a court on Tuesday to face charges that they broke into the Germanischen Nationalmuseum in Nuremberg and attempted to steal a painting by German expressionist Emil Nolde, reports the news agency DPA. The pair of unsuccessful art thieves have since been held in […]

14 November 2014


£150 Million Turkish State Art And Sculpture Museum Heist Was An Inside Job

It has now been revealed that an organised crime syndicate stole up to 302 works of art from Turkey’s State Art and Sculpture Museum, located in the capital, Ankara – after an anonymous caller offered information to the authorities – according to a report in the Hurriyet Turkish newspaper, three individuals from the criminal group […]

5 November 2014


Accused Picasso Thieves To Finally Stand Trial After Fresh Evidence Comes To Light

News flashed around the world in 2010. “Never before has such an important ensemble of works – completely unknown until now – been found in private hands”, exclaimed Anne Baldassari, then the director of the Musée Picasso in Paris. But the facts behind the discovery of the works are about to be played out in […]

29 October 2014


Recovered Matisse And Its Forgery Displayed Together For First Time In Venezuela

A Henri Matisse masterpiece is back on display at Venezuela’s Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Caracas Sofia Imber (MACCSI), alongside the inferior copy that was left behind by thieves, reports Reuters. The painting was returned to Venezuela over the summer, after missing for nearly 15 years – but the details of the return are shrouded […]

24 October 2014


Female Banksy Has Charity Linked Art Stolen

The artist known as the ‘female Banksy’ has had her work stolen. Art thieves made off with street art by Bambi the work was taken from a pop-up gallery in north London – according to a report in the Telegraph. The art, which is reportedly worth £20,000 was meant to promote a similar work by […]

14 October 2014


Henri Rousseau Painting Stolen From Museum Charlotte Zander

A painting by artist Henri Rousseau the famous Post-Impressionist; was stolen from Germany’s Museum Charlotte Zander on October 3rd of this month according to reports by the dpa. The museum is located in the Schloss Bönningheim, in the town of the same name around 40 kilometers north of Stuttgart. Although the identity of the painting […]

19 August 2011


Was Stolen Rembrandt A Fake?

Questions raised about the authenticity of recovered LA Rembrandt – “This is clearly a work of Rembandt’s school rather than by Rembrandt himself.”- Dr. Martin Royalton-Kisch – British Museum Curator Experts have raised serious doubts about the attribution of a 17th century Rembrandt sketch, measuring 11 in by 6 in (28 cm by 15 c) […]