16 April 2015


Imelda Marcos Seized Art Trove: Missing Goya Discovered

The former first lady of the Philippines Imelda Marcos – not to mention avid collector of a huge quantity of shoes – also ‘collected’ art. Now it has been revealed that Marcos was briefly in possession of an early 19th-century work by Goya. The painting vanished under mysterious circumstances from the Los Angeles Country Museum […]

17 February 2015


Prosecutor Asks For Five-Year Suspended Prison Term For Picasso Theft Couple

Artlyst reported last December that 271 undocumented works by Picasso estimated at a minimum of €60 million (£50 million) were discovered in the possession of Pierre Le Guennec, a retired French electrician, after he and his wife revealed that the paintings drawings and prints, a gift from the artist, had been stored in a garage […]

9 February 2015


Alfred Morris Momaday Artwork Worth $33,000 Discovered In US Police Sweep

A police officer searching a former meth lab in Albuquerque, New Mexico has discovered an illicit trove of artwork by the late Native American artist Alfred Morris Momaday. The find that was worth $33,000 or approximately £22,000 and was probably stolen, authorities believe. The valuable prints were found last week during a protective sweep of […]