3 August 2015


Joe (Joseph) Stefanelli American Abstract Expressionist

Joe Stefanelli (born 1921) also known as Joseph J. Stefanelli belonged to the New York School Abstract Expressionist artists whose influence and artistic innovation by the 1950s had been recognized around the world. New York School Abstract Expressionism, represented by Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Franz Kline and others became a leading art movement of […]

30 July 2015


Graffiti: The unique art that speaks volumes

Are you looking for a unique and inexpensive way to add colour, style and an unexpected dash of excitement to your home? Graffiti isn’t just used for painting the streets in art, why not create some truly artistic in your home? Whether you like simple stencil-style patterns and words, or more elaborate Banksy style art, […]

24 July 2015


Sexism In Art: And What We Perceive As Acceptable Body Depictions

So, I was about to launch into thoughtful musings on that inexplicable relationship between artist and muse and how the female body just happens to lend itself to being pored over to varying degrees of distraction. Egon Schiele is a classic example of an artist walking a very thin tightrope between viewing the female body […]

2 July 2015


RU : REUNITED Group Exhibition

AP Contemporary proudly presents “RU : REUNITED” group exhibition by Oleg Tselkov, Alexander Zakharov, Olga Tobreluts and Gago Chtchyan from 7 July to 31 August, 2015. Opening Reception on 7 July 2015 ( Tuesday) from 6pm – 9pm Russia has the longest persistence in socialist realism art and restriction was until the dissolution of Soviet […]

22 June 2015


Unfinished Works of Art Highlighted In New Courtauld Gallery Exhibition

The subject of unfinished works of art and why they are interesting enough to be displayed in a public gallery is the topic of a newly curated exhibition at the Courtauld Gallery. ‘Unfinished’ takes centre stage at the annual Summer Showcase which highlights some of the Courtauld’s outstanding permanent collection This special display focuses on the theme of […]

10 June 2015


Art and neuroscience. New paintings explore the Stroop Effect

 My new paintings explore the Stroop Effect. They demonstrate that the brain’s reaction time slows down when it has to deal with conflicting information, for example, if the name of a colour, say “RED” is printed in different colour, say blue. When a word’s meaning is combined with distracting information, such as a colour, two […]

22 May 2015


Week 15 – 13-19 April – The White Review (by AJ Dehany)

The quarterly White Review publishes photography and art (decide for yourself what and means in that sentence) alongside the usual shorter literary forms from essay to poetry. It is named after and partly inspired by La Revue Blanche, the French art and literary magazine run between 1889 and 1903, which was strongly associated with Marcel Proust in the days before […]

22 May 2015


Fig-2 Week 13 – Shezad Dawood – 30 March-5 April – The Room (by AJ Dehany)

Part 1: Art For All The fig-2 openings are getting hectic. I think some bastard has been publicising them. This isn’t how counter-culture works. It’s more like.. in the year 2009 full-time Eddie Redmayne impersonator and occasional guest on Star Trek Professor Stephen Hawking threw a party for time-travellers. Afterwards he sent out the invitations. Nobody […]

22 May 2015


Fig-2 Week 12 – Tom McCarthy – 23-29 March – Satin Island (by AJ Dehany)

Present: Tom McCarthy (author, installation artist), Fatoş Üstek (curator, mathematician), Clémentine Deliss (curator, researcher), Alfie Spencer (Flamingo Group Head of Semiotics), Mark Blacklock (author) Apologies: Claude Levi-Strauss (anthropologist), Levi Strauss (businessman), Bronisław Malinowski (anthropologist), Guy Debord (situationist), Paul Rabinow (anthropologist of “the contemporary”), Alain Badiou (thinker), Roland Barthes (semiotician), Jacques Derrida (deconstructionist), Douglas B. Holt (author on […]

22 May 2015


Fig-2 – Week 11 – Beth Collar – 16-22 March (by AJ Dehany)

It follows me around like a fog, or I move through it like a ghost. Neither one thing nor another, everywhere and nowhere, I’m never sure what I’m supposed to be. Liminality in general usage is variously employed to mean ‘between two things’, kind of both and neither. The state between caterpillar and butterfly; the periods […]

22 May 2015


Fig-2 – Week 10 – Annika Ström – 9-15 March – Six Lovely People (by AJ Dehany)

SIX LOVELY PEOPLE In the Silent Disco Diner, someone is murdering the six individuals from the Match.com adverts, one by one. Who has the means, motive, and opportunity? And can Labby, the amateur labrador detective, solve the mystery in time? My God, it’s full of twats. The Silent Disco Diner was heaving with bodies.  On […]

22 May 2015


Fig-2 Week 9 – Deborah Coughlin with Gaggle – 2-8 March (by AJ Dehany)

This week in Kabul, Afghan artist Kubra Khademi was forced into hiding after publicly wearing a metal suit featuring exaggerated breasts and buttocks. The suit was so designed because “this is all that men see of women”, to highlight the sexual harassment of women. After only eight minutes a mob of men shut her down.  On the […]

17 May 2015


American Abstract Expressionism of the 1950’s.

OUTSTANDING ACADEMIC TITLE ~CHOICE, 2003  “This excellent publication builds on the earlier publication. It has broadened the scope to include artists from throughout the US, rectified…omission of African American artists…and concentrated on 88 artists…Excellent layout and superb photographs. Highly recommended.” ~CHOICE August, 2003. “Researchers will seek out this well designed selection.Recommended for American art museum, […]

8 April 2015


How Much Has the Foreign Office Spent On Art In The Last 5 Years

Artlyst asks; “How much money the Foreign and Commonwealth Office spent on art, in the last 5 years and how much was spent on average per artwork”? Here’s the wishy washy answer, dear readers!  FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT 2000 REQUEST REF: 0082  Thank you for your email of 24 January asking for information under the […]

31 January 2015


Alchemical Art

‘The Aim of art is not to represent the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.’ Aristotle – Greek Philosopher (384 – 322 BC) Our ability to imagine is a valuable gift and one to be acknowledged for its vital role in our evolution. By imagining we can think about the inner workings of […]

26 January 2015


Launch of Gitoon – A New Service for Art Creators & Curators

Do you love art, but find it difficult to find good artworks online? Are you an artist looking for a platform that doesn’t require prohibitive gallery fees? Gitoon – a new service launching on the 28th of January – aims to bridge the gap between the traditional gallery and the wealth of artists and works […]

14 January 2015


What Is Art And What Does It Mean To Primary School Children

A national competition will reveal what art means to primary school children. A UK-wide competition is launched today asking all primary school children ‘What is art?’. The competition by Artis challenges primary school children aged 4-11 years old to explore what art is, encouraging them to move beyond the idea that art is just a […]

21 December 2014


About the ‘Real’ in ‘Portraiture’ Rembrandt van Rijn and the observer

  “Rembrandt, Rubens, Titian, knew from the outset, with a sublime compromise, how to fuse the entirety of their personality with the flesh of their subject sitting before them, how to animate it with their passion while it resembled others, to glorify their dreams or their sadness. This, I cannot do, I want to be […]

7 December 2014


Contemporary Art: Where’s Your politics? Where’s Your Guernica?

Last month I went to see KP Brehmer. Real Capitalism–Production at Raven Row gallery. I came away feeling elated that such beautiful work could be so politically clever. Brehmer pushed the buttons of Capitalism using its own templates, casting comment across its growing evils using charts, graphs and maps. Brehmer’s work is quiet yet immensely […]

13 November 2014


Twin Peaks Fans Ecstatic As David Lynch Brings Art Exhibition To MIMA

With the return of a new series of Twin Peaks announced fans will be overjoyed as David Lynch brings his most recent exhibition to Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, coinciding with the reprise of the iconic hit TV series. A sensational coup for the region, the Tate Plus institution is also the first UK gallery […]

16 October 2014


What Makes Canvas Prints Look Better?

An individual who is a follower of poster art and adores bigger flaunts of photos, it’s most expected that he or she have begin to consider about canvas prints. Many artists aren’t pleased about canvas prints, as these prints offer fine-looking artistic work much economical than a painting. In today’s world, canvas printing work is […]

7 October 2014


Live Art for London Cocktail Week at Canvas Bar

Canvas Bar is « Cocktail and Art », presenting a new concept in the hospitality and entertainment industry : mixing made-to-measure cocktails elaborated by infamous mixologist Jumbles St. Pierre and art, giving local artists the opportunity to exhibit, display and present their art to a crowd of enthusiasts.  Situated in the heart of Shoreditch, Canvas Bar provides a […]

4 October 2014


Art, business and the ideology of the cancer cell.

The primary aim of the cancer cell is growth; growth at all costs, even if it kills its host. The aim of most quoted businesses is now growth; year on year growth. Shareholders insist on it. Stasis is failure. The aim of collecting art is now growth in prices and profit. In terms of styles […]

27 September 2014


5 Tips for the amateur Sculptor

There are many different types of clay that are used in sculpting, each type has specific properties and can vary greatly in terms of handling and finish. Oil-based clay appears unrefined and is difficult to work intricate details, but it is known to remain soft and can be reworked, which makes it the perfect clay […]

18 September 2014


La Belleza Fa, Mona lisa Festival In Florence, June 2014

Within the walls of San Leopoldine, an old monastery in Florence, objects and events await discovery. In a way, this waiting is a discovery in itself. It causes a new question to arise, mostly internalised. Self questioning. The voices of Gattarossa and the Magma Collective mingle  rise and fall. Works are scattered gracefully in a vast […]

12 September 2014



Muriel Belcher, owner of the bohemian Colony Room Club, a favourite haunt of: Francis Bacon, Lucien Freud, Dylan Thomas, Christopher Isherwood, Henri Cartier-Bresson and many other creative luminaries, would only allow membership to certain people. All races, sexes, sexual orientations, ages and classes were welcome, but there was one crucial criterion for membership. In Muriel’s […]

4 August 2014


Art Marks Great War With Ceramic Poppies, Films and Ghost Sculptures

To mark the 100 year anniversary of the First World War, which began at  23:00 on 4 August 1914 and continued until 11 November 1918, the Tower of London is mounting a major new installation, ‘Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red’ is an evolving installation by ceramic artist Paul Cummins, with staging by set […]

19 July 2014



Atlas symbolizes the ravaging of the world by mankind.Half the world is an apple, the fruit of the earth.  The bite signifies the earth’s resources being used up and the juice falling into the glass represents the end product for consumption. Contact me for details to buy

23 May 2014


Leo Gabin American Pop Culture Filtered and Interpreted

White Cube has just announced an exhibition of paintings and films by Leo Gabin, as part of the Inside the White Cube programme. The Belgian trio, made up of Lieven Deconinck, Gaëtan Begerem and Robin De Vooght, investigate the materials and rituals of contemporary culture by pulling together endless amounts of online amateur video footage […]

14 May 2014


Sharing art

Reading about the so-called ‘new’ sharing economy, it struck me that I have been sharing my art for most of my life (I am now 75 years old). How has this happened? 1) I made gifts of my paintings to friends and relatives. (A few friends also bought works.) I bore all the production costs […]

25 April 2014


Sultana Raza’s ‘Understanding the Universe’ at Art Monaco

Sultana Raza’s is excited to present her art-works at Art Monaco 2014, taking place from 24 to 27 April. Gallerists and artists from around the world are presenting works in all conceivable media. ‘It’s inspiring to interact with artists and people from all over the world,’ said Sultana. One of her art-works on view is […]

4 April 2014


Artlyst London Launches Sister Website In Sao Paulo Brazil

Artlyst London is proud to announce the launch of our new sister website Artlyst Brazil. With the help and partnership of Douglas Negrisolli, a young and ambitious curator in Sao Paulo, we have created a platform and app showcasing one of the world’s most important emerging art markets. Artlyst Brazil not only keeps you up […]