8 January 2014


MIMA Explores Art and Optimism in 1950s Britain

Art and Optimism in 1950s Britain is a major new exhibition that explores the changes in the country’s mood and artistic output in the post-war period. This spring, mima presents an exhibition that takes visitors on a journey through the Festival of Britain via the chill of Cold War paranoia to the optimism of 1950s […]

28 December 2013


Future London Art Exhibitions To Watch Out For In 2014

As we rapidly approach the New Year, Artlyst has compiled a list of the top ten art exhibitions to look out for in 2014. Most are located right here in London and just a tube ride away. Many are free or available for half price with an Art Fund card, which we highly recommend as […]

1 October 2013


British Museum Mounts Exhibition of Sexually Explicit Japanese Shunga Art

Thousands of ‘spring pictures’ or shunga, art were produced in Japan between 1600-1900. Now the British Museum has compiled a comprehensive exhibition of this sexually explicit work. It is the first of its kind in the UK to examine the often tender, funny, beautiful and undoubtedly accomplished shunga art that was produced by some of […]

8 August 2013


Is Beauty Back? New debate released featuring Julian Stallabrass and Sidsel Christensen

Is Beauty Back? The Future of Art Watch Julian Stallabrass, Griselda Pollock and Sidsel Christensen debate the future of art and the return of beauty http://iai.tv/video/is-beauty-back Brought to you by the Institute of Art and Ideas and HowTheLightGetsIn

29 July 2013


Witches And The Supernatural Featured In Scottish National Gallery Exhibition

Delving into the world of Witches and Wicked Bodies through depictions in art is the theme of a major new exhibition which opened over the weekend at the National Gallery Of Scotland. The show gives insight into how witches and witchcraft have been interpreted by artists over the past 500 years and includes works by […]

21 June 2013


Free Range 2013 Establishes Emerging Art Award in conjunction with FAD, Degree Arts & Cass Arts

Free Range 2013, the UK’s largest graduate art, design & fashion show, is pleased to announce the establishment of a new emerging art award in conjunction with FAD, Degree Art and Cass Art, designed to support 10 young artists in the year following their graduation. As an annual showcase of British-based art and design graduates, […]

21 May 2013


Melting Cultural Frame-works

Melting Cultural Frame-works   Big metropolises such as London, New York, Shanghai, not to mention New Delhi or Mumbai are going to get even bigger in future, turning into mega-regions. They are busy cross-roads of ideas, concepts, and cultures, where immigrants often transform the dominant civilisation, whilst adjusting to a new way of life.   […]

18 May 2013


The Energy Frequency Of Creation In Our Relationship To Art

Amanda McGregor asks; If Our Relationship To Art is Determined By A Need To Escape To A Controlled World Of Fantasy And Magic, How Do We Become Financially Stable? Our dependency on our relationship to art normally starts at a young age. This is prompted through a need to escape  to a world of magic […]

7 May 2013


Tindersticks announce year long celebration for landmark 20th anniversary

2013 is a landmark year for Tindersticks, marking 20 years since the release of the band’s first album. Tindersticks will mark this special anniversary with a plethora of exciting new music and art releases across the year, culminating in a jubilant ‘Across six leap years’ anniversary tour of European cities in October. Celebrations kick off with the release […]

17 April 2013


Painting in a Post-Communist Era

Although the Berlin Wall started coming down over twenty years ago and, by then, Communism as an ideology became a thing of the past in Europe, the influence over a young, and not so young, generation of painters remains. The New Leipzig School in East Germany, and the Romanian school, seem to have a common […]

21 March 2013


California Digital Arts showcases Luxembourg artist for the first time

Archetypal Symbolism in Sultana Raza’s Abstract Digital Artwork   Digital Arts: California has selected 78 finalists from 27 countries for its Simply The Best 2 show of artworks of international digital artists, and photographers. For the first time, this includes works from Indian-born Luxembourg-based artist/writer Sultana Raza.   Her abstract digital artworks explore themes related […]

20 December 2012


Mayan Calendar Folk Carvings Reveal The Art of Armageddon

A popular prophecy that ancient Mayan culture may or may not have predicted is about to be tested tomorrow. The end of the world, on 21 December 2012. Given the state of the global economy and world unrest, the idea of an imminent apocalypse seems plainly believable and is perhaps a sensible solution. José Argüelles, […]

24 November 2012


50 Foot Scarf Warms-Up Angel Of The North

  Guerilla knitters have placed a 50 foot scarf around the Angel of the North. The multicoloured woollen creation was fired over the 20 metre sculpture using a bow and arrow before knitters clambered up using rigging to wind the scarf around the sculpture’s body. The ‘Cold Angel’ project was set up by Bradley L […]

14 August 2012


Crisis and Mosaics

   Since late childhood I have been cherishing mosaic art and dreaming of finding a way to practice it until I have met a Greek master mosaicist, Mrs. Magdalene Theocharis (visit www.artabus.com/theocharis) in 2003, and since then she has been teaching me this art until today. As a monumental art comprising a cycle or cycles […]

11 July 2012


Syria Fine Art Embargo To Be Enforced By EU

June of this year saw the confirmation of a luxury goods embargo on Syria by the European Union, a political sanction implementing the EU’s opposition against the escalating violence in Syria. Under the umbrella term of “luxury goods” lies art alongside sports cars and designer goods, limiting cultural exchange between the middle east and the […]

13 June 2012


Apple Set To Take Art World By Storm

Apple has finally launched its latest and greatest Macbook which is set to take the art world by storm. With every new launch for Apple comes a great deal of new features, some of them useful and some of them simply a way to promote a new better, greater, faster product. Although this new update […]

28 May 2012


Free Range Showcases Graduate Shows From Across The UK

Free Range is an Old Truman Brewery special project set up by Tamsin O’Hanlon to provide new creative graduates with the opportunity to showcase their work on an international level. Since its inception in 2001, Free Range has become the number one platform and launch pad for the next crop of creatives to showcase their […]

4 May 2012


NY Frieze Sets The Benchmark For Future Art Events

A stunning fair with style and substance opens on Randell’s Island Frieze is just what the doctor ordered to reinvent the lackluster New York fair scene, which has spent many years in the doldrums. New York has needed a fair of this scale and calibre in order to reclaim its rightful place as market leaders. […]

18 April 2012


Makode Linde’s Racist Cake The Underlying Ethics

This is a subject well worth debating! An Afro-Swedish,male, artist creates a cake in the form of a grossly exaggerated  caricature of a tribal woman, in order to highlight female circumcision. A tasteless exercise at the best of times and a difficult task to carry out without offending someone. In this case it has offended […]

1 April 2012


Smithsonian Explores The Art Behind Video Games

Seal Of Approval For Video Games As American Institution unveils major exhibition The first major exhibitions to explore the 40-year evolution of video games as an artistic medium has opened at the world renowned Smithsonian. The show focuses on the superb graphics, creative storytelling and player interactivity. The exhibition features some of the most influential […]

3 February 2012


Sharing Our Intimate and Personal Relationship To Art

The process of sharing our intimate and personal relationship to art is often a confidential aspect of life that is rarely bought to the surface through critical debate, the artist is often praised and understood but how we as an audience ‘feel’ about works is often left as an unsaid. Debate is dictated and discussed […]

27 December 2011


Heineken Srengthen Their UK Performance

Watch brand new Heineken beer party video Here As the UK’s leading brewer and cider maker, Heineken draws on centuries of experience to produce a range of Britain’s best loved beers and ciders. The Brewer is passionate about our brands but equally passionate about being a responsible and sustainable business.Heineken are strengthening their performance by […]

13 December 2011


Design news – Glowing light ball bench by Manfred Kielnhofer

The “Glowing Light Ball Bench” created by Manfred Kielnhofer was present at the Light Art Biennial. The bench which has a very simple design consists of three light balls and two wooden board perforates that lay over the light balls. RGB Light technic by TechnikDesign.com http://kielnhofer.at/blog/

6 December 2011


Universal Music, Talenthouse and Teenage Cancer Trust launch new music/art project – Secret 7″

Universal Music, Talenthouse and Teenage Cancer Trust launched an exciting project combining music and art named, Secret 7” this week, in aid of charity.  Seven hosts, including: The Cure, Florence & The Machine, Bombay Bicycle Club, Ben Howard, CSS, Noah + The Whale and DJ Shadow, are challenging creative’s to design the artwork inspired by one of their songs.  Talenthouse, the cutting edge social media […]

26 October 2011


Totem Shaman And The Artistic Process

Last weekend, I went on a quest for a vision to work out how I related to the illusive aspects of society, such as the economy, in-authenticity and how these areas related to my creativity. I worked with Shaman, Leo Rotherford and was honored to take central position in a Star Maiden Circle which allowed […]

12 October 2011


Remote: work by Courtney Price now installed

I am very pleased to announce that Remote has just installed 16 beautiful works by Portland based artist Courtney Price. “The artwork I make is not about function and does not aim to reference anything specific – but it is both inclusive and exclusive of the things around.  I like lines and colors and planes […]

22 September 2011


The Spirit Guard: Madonna by Manfred Kielnhofer

These are sculptures which with their formal appearance recall the past. At the same time they are made in a material that is often mentioned as a possible base of the future. At night the light inside of the sculptures ensouls them, while during the day blankness dominates. Anthony Gormley´s artwork “Another Place” shows men […]

15 August 2011


A Short Talk By Matthew Lee Knowles

In this ten minute talk I discuss the importance of a particular aspect of my work, which can be linked clearly to science, philosophy, biology, art, poetry, life and music.   I talk of complexity and of the audible, visual and philosophical in music.  Dotted within are quotations, facts, opinions and suggestions.  It is intended […]

12 August 2011


Why should I buy original Art?

Why buy an original piece of art work, when you can buy an inexpensive print? When it comes right down to it, creating a piece of art is a mystery. No artist, no matter how articulate, can explain why a particular work of art was created. By buying an art work you buy a piece […]

22 July 2011


Spotlight on Jina Wallwork by Tread Softly Ink

Jina Wallwork studied art at Staffordshire University where she received a BA(hons) degree in Fine Art.  She has exhibited her artwork in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. In January 2011, as part of a project by the artist John Baldessari, Jina’s name appeared in lights across the Australian Museum in Sydney. […]

13 July 2011


Art as an investment?

History shows us that the greatest artists have constantly re-invented their subject matter, style, and ideas. An Investor will look to buy into the story of the artist and will look for interest and evolution in both the artist and the work. Artists should always challenge themselves to ensure continuing artistic development and create work […]

13 February 2011


Art Coma 6 – Awakening

When you perform as an artist from a coma, what are you actually doing? Well if you are lucky, your spirit is free and having its own journey, tuning and communicating with the angels, archangels, ascended guides, a few aliens, a few spirits, maybe the odd Grandmother, maybe God, the Universe, then getting to work on […]