14 January 2011


Con-Dem-Nation: UK

Arts, Cuts, Austerity and Prosperity The short-sighted, position-serving budget cuts and decisions being made by the Coalition government since May 2010 have stirred the waters of unrest in the country so deeply that no-one could possibly deny the diversity of people involved, the depth of feeling solicited and the very real reasons for the protests, […]

12 January 2011


Art Coma No# 2

Today I learnt I was using a word completely out of context and in realising the true meaning of the word, I was guided to everything I needed to know. The word was ‘transgression’, it means a number of things; a sin or an act against the biblical ten commandments, a crime or illegal act, […]

1 July 2010


The Opening Night, U3 triennial, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The opening night began before I even entered the Moderna Building, outside a large crowd of people from the students to the dressed to impress mingling on the lower platform and crowding on the stairs –  some venturing through the very imposing doors (Doors of education and knowledge, their stature indicating that something special is […]

15 April 2010


Great Realism And Great Abstraction In One: On Li Yan’s Paintings

(View original article at www.galerie-ling.de/en) Until today people still tend to distinguish between “figurative” and “abstract” painting based on whether it depicts anything. But what really is decisive in this question is the approach of the artist. Often it is much more difficult to create a figurative painting using abstract means, than to paint entirely […]

13 April 2010


Is Art Green?

This article was first published in Welsh Art now in 2008     We are all aware of the term food miles and some may even aspire to  shop within a local economy, buying only locally produced seasonal  food, leaving the exotic imported food on the shelves. Can we apply the  same criteria to the […]

24 January 2010


Mark Houghton by Chris Brown

  One of the perennial criticisms levelled at the white cube gallery is its dissociative relationship with the ‘real world’. By minimizing any unnecessary detail, removing distractions and presenting a blank environment, the gallery isolates the artwork from the very source it came from. While this often gives the viewer a purer appreciation of works, […]

5 January 2010


Centre for Experimental Art and Communication Toronto 1973-1980

The Centre for Experimental Art and Communication (CEAC) was founded in Toronto in 1975 by Amerigo Marras, Bruce Eves and Ron Gillespie, as an avant-garde artists collective. The Centre acted as a studio, resource centre, museum, gallery and performance space for the collective. It also acted as the host for visiting acts and artists in […]

4 September 2009


Canvas Art – The Accessibility

Art is far more accessible to buy and view right now. Even famous works of art are being loaned out to local galleries so a wider audience can see them. There is less stuffiness regarding art. Artwork can now be ordered more readily in bespoke commissions or particular colours and themes can be stipulated. A […]

10 February 2009


Beware of artist identity theft

We thought this would be an interesting article to reprint as it addresses important issues. The original appeared on Helium and was written by by Jennifer Brinkle. With more people surfing the internet on a daily basis, art identity theft has become more frequent. Stealing someone’s artwork is as easy as “right click save as.” […]