21 May 2016


ART16: A Cure For Avant Garde Guilt Trips By Edward Lucie-Smith

Art16, the Olympia Art Fair this year was considerably more fun than its immediate predecessor. It was more spacious in feeling, better laid out, better lit. Large art fairs often leave me, when I finally stagger out of them, feeling in urgent need of two things – a stiff drink and a quiet lie-down. This time I had none of those symptoms. […]

16 May 2016


Art16 London Gets Ready To Launch Its Fourth Edition Art Fair

Art16 opens its fourth edition on Thursday with a focus on exciting and innovative contemporary art from established, emerging and mid-career artists across all visual art forms. Art collectors will have fresh discoveries of artists working outside the western canon, particularly with ‘London First’ and ‘Emerge’ sections to unearth new talent. ‘Emerge’ showcases the next generation of artistic talent while ‘London First’ brings together galleries who have never before participated in […]