22 December 2016


Artbytch 2016: Death, Fake News And A Few Bloody Good Exhibitions

Artbytch looks back on a depressing year with great exhibitions.

13 May 2016


Turner Prize 2016 The Artbytch Verdict Is Out And WTF

This week Artbytch looks at the announcement of the shortlisted Turner Prize nominees for 2016.

25 March 2016


Tracey Emin’s Unintentionally Unironic Zoolander-style Who Am I Quest

When learning of Tracey Emin’s decision to marry a rock of course the first thing the less charitable parts of our minds would be thinking will be along the lines of “well no one else would” or “someone has to”, etc. and other grumpy-expression shaming opinions. But I’ll leave that filmly unsaid, and instead ponder on […]

22 January 2016


London Art Fair Captures The Middle Market Above and Beyond

London Art Fair has faced increasing competition in recent years: First Frieze moved in on the international market then Art15 snapped at its heels with a whole new array of sexy swanky shiny bling, while the Affordable Art Fair has won over much of the lower end buying public by proffering stuff in the realm […]

18 December 2015


Art 2015 Sum-up: Lawsuits, Over Inflated Auctions And Cultural Armageddon

It’s been a year of everyone suing everyone else, grappling over intellectual property, and spending too much at the auctions. Only yesterday a dispatch box used by Maggie Thatcher sold for £200k plus commission at Christie’s, smashing its initial timid estimate of under £5,000. I watched the sale unfold in which a collective hysteria seemed […]

11 December 2015


Christmas Art And Shopping And More F-ing Gift Shopping

I know I bytch a lot about how museums should remain free to enter, and how it’s not so bad to accept cash from a giant evil global oil conglomerate to achieve this goal. Also to this end – staying free that is – I’m even not against some good hard wringing of customer’s cash […]

1 December 2015


Artbytch Announces Her Best And Worst London Exhibitions Of 2015

Without doubt the best exhibition all year has been Goya: The Portraits at the National Gallery. What makes a great exhibition is a fantastic concept, executed with diligence and rigour. The National has achieved the rarity of finding a new angle through which to explore an otherwise heavily exposed artist. This is something that can […]

14 May 2015


The Turner Prize: A Limp Shrug Of Non-Spiration

Writing about the increasingly obsolete Turner Prize is the very definition of shooting fish in a barrel. Waldemar Januszczak has already written the Turner Prize essay to end all essays: calling 2014’s effort nothing short of torturous, “plumbing the depths of portentous banality”. He posited himself as an unwitting guinea pig, sacrificing himself so that […]

27 December 2014


ArtBytch Round-Up The Best And Worst London Art 2014

The highs and lows of art in 2014: early on the Whitechapel Gallery scored a big hit with deco-haired Hannah Höch’s impressively hard-hitting collages, an under-valued figure operating with relative independence alongside the Dadaists and a clear precursor to the celebrated current collage work of John Stezaker. A palpable hit for feminist art history. Aside […]

12 December 2014


Art Basel Miami: Summing Up Superficiality In The Contemporary Art World

If you thought the Frieze Art Fair was the pinnacle of superficiality in the contemporary art world, Art Basel which took place last week on Miami Beach is its attention grabbing, celebrity obsessed, glitter sprinkled sister: part art fair, part Spring Breakers! This is what Frieze would look like if frequented by the excessively moneyed, […]

28 November 2014


ArtBytch: Black Spider Memos, Victorian Excess, And Smell-O-Vision Art At Leighton House

Art history generally lauds the arrival of democracy in Greece in the 5th Century BC, accompanied by a similarly noble pinnacle of super-naturalism in sculpture; that is, a form of art generally received as characteristically ‘pure’, or ‘above nature’. The arrival of the rule of law signified the backbone upon which democracy continues to structure […]