22 August 2017

Lost Banksy Coke Snorting Copper Found And Restored In Shoreditch

An important Banksy mural painted on the outside of a public toilet, in the east end of London, over ten years ago has been restored to its former glory by developers.

5 August 2017


Word On The Street – British Graffiti Art In Focus

Is an indigenous rock painting showing off the number of kills any different to a rebellious teenager taking his girl to their local make-out spot where he declares his love to her spray-painted in crude bright colours the night before?

26 July 2017


Banksy Balloon Girl Tops Poll of The Nation’s Favourite Artworks

Banksy’s Girl With A Balloon has been voted the nation’s favourite artwork. The populist poll sponsored by a new device which displays art as a TV screensaver when idling, spoke to over 2000 art enthusiasts to reach the verdict.

6 June 2017

Banksy Pulls Anti Tory Election Print After Election Validation Threat

Banksy has pulled his print offer after Avon and Somerset Police forces investigating the free original print offer threatened that it could invalidate the general election. The Street Artist had offered a free print to applicants who voted against the Conservatives in the General Election on Thursday.

4 June 2017

Free Banksy Original Print For Every Vote Against The Conservatives

The elusive street artist Banksy is offering a free print to anyone who votes against the Conservatives. The artwork, which is also on Banksy’s Instagram page, depicts his iconic “girl with a balloon” motif, this time with a Union Jack in the balloon. The instructions states; take a photo on your phone of the ballot and send it in and a free print will be posted to you. This could contravene laws designed to ensure votes remain secret and could break rules against bribery.

9 May 2017

Banksy Brexit Mural In Dover A Sign Of The Times

Banksy, the elusive street artist has created a relevant new work in Dover inspired by Brexit.

3 April 2017

Banksy Filmed In Israel – Should He Now Just Come Clean?

It looks like Banksy has been caught on film which raises the question, Should he just come clean? The identity of the world’s most elusive street artist could have been compromised once and for all.

4 March 2017

Banksy Walled Off Hotel His biggest Project Since Dismaland

Banksy, the elusive British street artist has opened a hotel next to Israel’s brutalist style wall in Bethlehem.

24 December 2016


Top 10 – Banksy Works Of Art

Artlyst brings you our top ten Banksy’s of all time. Which one is your favourite?

24 November 2016


Quiz – Where’s Banksy?

Test your knowledge of Banksy

23 September 2016


Banksy Love Plane Mural Partially Removed From Liverpool Carpark

An internationally known Banksy mural of a biplane located in a Liverpool car park has been removed by culture vandals The Sincura Group, which is known for buying, exhibiting and selling Banksy street works. The company said it had taken the biplane due to redevelopment and it will be restored before it goes on show in its […]

21 June 2016


Banksy SWAT Van To Go Under The Hammer At Bonham’s London

One of Banksy’s most iconic works , a SWAT van, spray-painted by the elusive street artist,  is to go under the hammer at Bonham’s Post-War and Contemporary art sale on 29 June 2016. It carries an estimate of £200,000-300,000.  The van has remained shrouded in mystery since September 2006, and has since been verified by the Pest Control Office, Banksy’s […]

7 June 2016


Banksy Gifts Mural To Bristol School As Dedication Thank You

The Street artist Banksy has created a half-term surprise on the walls of a Bristol primary school as a reward for the school naming a building in honour of the artist. The elusive muralist composed the painting at Bridge Farm Primary school in his home town of Bristol.  The artwork was discovered by teachers as they […]

17 May 2016


Banksy Exhibition Is Extensive But Unauthorised By The Street Artist

A new Unauthorised exhibition of the Street Artist Banksy is to open in Rome on 24th May. War, Capitalism & Liberty explores the contemporary issues through the artworks of the international Graffiti artist. This thought-provoking exhibition is to be held at Palazzo Cipolla and runs until 4 September 2016. The exhibition includes extensive works by Banksy mostly coming […]

11 March 2016


Hashtag-Ironic: Banksy Geo-profiling Study A Big Fat Waste Of Funding

Did Shakespeare really write all those plays? I find myself not even caring that much whether he did, or was aided, or – as some who like to stir things up have suggested – he was actually someone else, someone different from the earring wearing fuzzy headed one we see in most portraits. What matters is that […]

5 March 2016


Banksy Identity Revealed Through Geoprofiling Study At Queen Mary University London

Has the identity of Banksy been compromised? A study at Queen Mary University, London has tested methods of geographical profiling on the elusive artist and has concluded that the likely candidate, as a result of “geoprofile” is Robin Gunningham, named by the Mail on Sunday in 2008 and by Artlyst in 2011. The artist’s lawyers have intervened and the results due to appear […]

12 December 2015


Banksy Creates Steve Jobs Artwork At Calais Migrant Camp Highlighting Crisis

A new work by the infamous Bristol street artist Banksy has materialised at the migrant camp in Calais. Graffiti of late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has appeared in the jungle migrant camp, serving as a poignant reminder that he was the son of a Syrian migrant. Image: Graffiti of Steve Jobs carrying a sack and […]

9 December 2015

Jimmy Cauty: Warning This Installation Contains Strong Content And Ideological Messages

Jimmy Cauty comes from a generation of disruptive artists that actually has something to say. In an age where mass media has blurred the lines between art and propaganda, Cauty still creates a relevant ideological message, along with visuals that talk to most of the visitors to his exhibitions. His last London show was at the L-13 […]

24 October 2015


Dismaland: Opportunistic Thieves Steal Banksy’s ‘Dismal Aid’ Sign

Bristol street artist Banksy’s ‘crap’ dystopian theme park Dismaland was recently dismantled and shipped to a migrant camp near Calais to make shelters. The famed parked had featured a ruined fairytale castle, a crashed Cinderella coach and miserable stewards wearing Mickey Mouse ears, the unique theme park was designed to satirise commercialised tourist attractions. The […]

29 September 2015


Banksy’s Dismaland: Dystopian Theme Park Re-Tasked To Make Shelters For Migrants

After the theme park Dismaland – which has given Weston-super-Mare an economy boost of over £20 million closes to the public, and has seen the pop-up “bemusement park” visited by over 150,000 visitors in the last five weeks – it has now been appropriately ‘re-tasked’. Bristol street artist Banksy’s ‘crap’ dystopian theme park Dismaland is […]

27 September 2015


Banksy Dismaland Triumphs With £20m Boost To Local Economy

Banksy’s art theme park Dismaland, which has given Weston-super-Mare’s an economy boost of over £20m is set to close today, Sunday 27th September.  Visitors to the pop-up “bemusement park” has seen over 150,000 visitors in the last five weeks.  The head of the local Tourism board said the attraction to the seaside town has been a success […]

20 September 2015


Banksy’s ‘Donkey Documents’ Has First Public UK Display

The owner of the original building was bemused when people crowded round his wall. But art aficionados had spotted Banksy’s signature alert on his website of his latest work, ’Donkey Documents’. Banksy created it in 2007 with an aerosol can, as part of a series of works of art along the concrete barrier separating the […]

12 September 2015


Judge Rules Banksy’s ‘Art Buff’ Mural Must Be Returned To Folkestone

In December of last year campaigners stated that Banksy’s ‘Art Buff’ mural might return to Folkestone, after the work reportedly failed to sell at Art Basel Miami. As selling the painting on the open market turned out to be difficult, according to insiders, as the work had not been authenticated by Pest Control – a […]

23 August 2015


Dismaland: Some Miss The Point Of The Intentionally Miserable Farce

If the reports from varying news agencies are correct then something has gone seriously wrong with Bristol street artist Banksy’s latest dystopic theme-park-work Dismaland – or is that something has gone right? When the Bristol street artist unveiled his newest and surprising creation, a group show as a biting satire of Disneyland, the art world […]

21 August 2015


Dismaland: Wince-Inducing Yet Lacking Banksy’s Usual Cutting Satire?

It emerged in July that Disneyland Paris is allegedly charging German and British tourists up to 15% more than French visitors to the park. Behind the sparkly wholesomeness is, as usual, a faceless corporate conglomerate hyper-capitalist agenda at work. It’s timely then that Banksy has created his own satire of the brand – if you’re […]

19 August 2015


New Banksy Installation Spotted In Weston-super-Mare

A new installation in Weston-super-Mare bearing all of the characteristics of a Banksy has been unveiled. The giant sculpture of a theme-park castle and tanker has appeared on the site of a derelict funfair, at the former Tropicana site, in North Somerset. The new artwork consists of a sand castle with a windmill on top and several rundown rides. […]

29 July 2015


Banksy Street Art Removed From Bethlehem Up For Auction

Murals believed to have been created by the Bristol street artist Banksy on walls in Detroit, and in Bethlehem are to be put up for auction in September.  The artist’s work, ‘Donkey Documents’, depicts a donkey having its papers checked by a soldier and was left on a barrier dividing the West Bank from Israel […]

11 July 2015


Shepard Fairey Arrested In LA Over Detroit Malicious Destruction Charges

The American Graffiti artist Shepard Fairey, who was charged in Detroit with causing criminal damage after allegedly vandalising several buildings during his residency in the city, has been arrested in Los Angeles. The artist was returning from a ‘Spraycation’ installing his largest exhibition to date at CAC Málaga in Spain. Agents at the Los Angeles Airport intercepted the street artist as he returned home […]

26 June 2015


Shepard Fairey: Detroit Arrest Warrant Issued For allegedly Tagging Buildings

The American ‘Street Artist’ Shepard Fairey is being sought by police in Detroit after he allegedly tagged buildings around the city. A warrant for the arrest of the graffiti giant, best known for creatin the “Hope” image of President Obama during his 2008 election campaign, has been issued by enforcement officers. Just because he is a well-known artist does not take away the […]

2 June 2015


Banksy Glasto Mural Realises £445k At Paris Auction

A Banksy painting that was produced on the side of a festival worker’s trailer, during the 1998 Glastonbury Festival, has realised £445,792 ($676,668). at a Paris auction.This important early mural was painted in 1998 went under the hammer at Digard Auctions in Paris. Silent Majority is an exceptional artwork and marks the beginning of the Banksy […]

1 June 2015


Banksy’s Grim Reaper Finds New Permanent Home At Bristol Museum

Banksy’s The Grim Reaper has found a permanent home following a programme of restoration. The iconic mural which was painted on the bottom of an abandoned boat, will now be exhibited at Bristol’s M-Shed museum.The mural will be permanently on view at the museum from 3 June. The Thekla, was home to a nightclub and the well known artwork was visible just […]

24 May 2015


Banksy And Koons Raises $30m At Star-studded Cannes AIDS Auction

One of the leading AIDS charitys has raised a staggering $30 million in support of amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research, and its pursuit of a cure for HIV/AIDS. The star-studded black-tie event was held at the Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes, France, during the Cannes Film Festival. The undisputed highlight of the evening’s live auction, led by […]