1 December 2014


Banksy’s Folkestone ‘Art Buff’ Mural Has Been Flown To Miami Art Fair For Sale

Approximately two months after Banksy’s mural ‘Art Buff’ appeared in Folkstone – and was subsequently vandalised by the addition of ‘phallic imagery’ which resulted in its controversial removal – the work has been flown to the US to be sold at an art fair in Miami. The piece depicts a woman staring at an empty […]

10 November 2014


Clacton Council Banksy Mural Removal Branded “A Crass Act Of Cowardly Authoritarianism”

A council which destroyed a mural by Banksy has been branded “moronic”, “useless” and “cretinous”, reports the BBC. The work by the Bristol street artist consisted of a stencil showing a group of pigeons holding anti-immigration banners towards an exotic-looking bird. The work appeared in Clacton-on-Sea in October. But it was quickly removed by Tendring […]

4 November 2014


Banksy’s Folkestone ‘Art Buff’ Mural Has Been Removed Amid Protests

Just over a month since Banksy’s mural ‘Art Buff’ appeared in Folkstone – and was subsequently vandalised – by the addition of ‘phallic imagery’ it has been removed. The piece depicts a woman staring at an empty plinth while wearing headphones with her hands clasped behind her back; an act of vandalism was perpetrated against […]

30 October 2014


Banksy’s New York Residency Turned Into Documentary

Just over a year ago that infamous and celebrated Bristol street artist Banksy began a self-described ‘residency’ in New York City. The artist created a series of public artworks throughout the five boroughs of NYC. Now there a documentary is to be aired on November 17, following the street artist’s exciting 31-day adventure in New […]

21 October 2014


New Banksy ‘Girl With The Pierced Eardrum’ Defaced In Bristol

A day after a Banksy hoax reporting that the acclaimed street artist had been arrested; another of the artist’s public works have been vandalised. Banksy’s recreation of Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring re-named; ‘Girl with the Pierced Eardrum’, has been attacked hours after it was unveiled. The Bristol based artist’s interpretation […]

20 October 2014


Banksy Not Arrested – Internet Duped By American Site

The American satire website National Report had claimed in a news piece that the man behind the pseudonym was 35-year-old Paul Horner, from Liverpool. The story was accompanied by a mug shot and went on to claim that Banksy was arrested on charges of “vandalism, conspiracy, racketeering and counterfeiting.” “The Banksy arrest is a hoax,” […]

13 October 2014


Banksy Art Buff Mural Vandalised In Folkestone

Just two weeks after a Banksy mural appeared in Folkstone, it has been vandalised. The piece depicts a woman staring at an empty plinth while wearing headphones with her hands clasped behind her back. The piece is called ‘Art Buff’. On Sunday evening, an act of vandalism was perpetrated against the artwork; the unknown attacker […]

22 September 2014


Campaigners Ask Local Support To Keep Cheltenham Banksy Spy Booth

Campaigners in Cheltenham are asking for the community’s support in trying to keep Banksy’s Spy Booth mural – despite its recent vandalism. Hekmat Kaveh, a local businessman, has submitted an application to the planning department of the borough council to preserve the work displayed on the side of a grade two listed building. Yet art […]

27 August 2014


Banksy Saves Cash Strapped Youth Club With $650k Mobile Donation

A youth club in Bristol has been saved by the sale of a Banksy artwork which sold today to a private collector for enough cash to float the institution for the next few years. Mobile Lovers, which was moved from a doorway outside the club to the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery for safekeeping will […]

9 August 2014


Banksy’s Iconic Grim Reaper Cut Out Of Ships Hull

Banksy’s iconic Grim Reaper has been cut and removed from the side of a ship which has been used as a club.  It was stencilled above the waterline on the ‘Thekla ‘about 10 years ago and has deteriorated considerably. It will now be restored and go on display at the Bristol Museum, the site of […]

18 July 2014


Banksy Spy Booth Revealed As Hoarding Comes Down In Cheltenham

An ongoing situation has positioned a landlord against a local council in Cheltenham, over a disputed Banksy mural. The painting located at Fairview Road and Hewlett Road disappeared from view on 25 June, shortly after Banksy authenticated the work of art on his website. Hoarding was placed around the art which was scheduled to be […]

16 June 2014


Banksy Stall Art From NY Residency To Be Sold At Bonham’s

Banksy paintings on canvas bought during his 2013 ‘residency’ in New York are to go under the hammer at Bonham’s London. Purchased for just $60 apiece they will feature in their next sale of Contemporary Art on July 2nd for a price which reflects their true value. Estimated at £50,000 – 70,000 and £30,000 – […]

2 June 2014


Sotheby’s Appropriate Banksy For Unauthorised Retrospective Exhibition

It may sound like an unsuitable coupling but Sotheby’s S|2 is to present the first, unauthorised, retrospective exhibition of works by the internationally renowned street artist Banksy. The exhibition is curated by the gallerist Steve Lazarides. Heralded as the “Entrepreneur of the Urban Art Scene”, Steve Lazarides was Banksy’s agent from the outset of his […]

31 May 2014


Banksy Mobile Lovers On The Antiques Road Show For Valuation

Dennis Stinchcombe, the manager of the Broad Plain Boys’ Club in Bristol, has approached televisions Antiques Road Show to value Banksy’s ‘Mobile Lovers,’ a work created last month, which has caused an ownership row. The popular series was filming locally.  Last month, Mr Stinchcombe removed the the mural from a doorway in Clement Street adjoining […]

17 May 2014


Banksy Honoured With Webby Award For Better Out Than In

The Webby Awards, which were revealed yesterday in New York, have named the Street Artist Banksy as its 2014 winner. He will be now be honoured as Webby Person of the Year, at the 18th annual ceremony on May 19th, 2014 in New York City. Judges picked this year’s winners from among around 12,000 entries […]

18 April 2014


Banksy Spooks Mural Saved By Quick Thinking Pub Goers

Vandals have attacked the ‘Banksy’ artwork that appeared last week in Cheltenham in Gloucester. The mural which depicts three men hacking into a call box not far from the GCHQ (Britain’s national snooping centre) was daubed with white paint over the faces of the three spies. The graffiti was only saved by quick thinking drinkers […]

16 April 2014


Banksy Removed From Bristol Wall To Raise Funds For Boys Club

A new mural by the street artist Banksy has been removed only hours after it was revealed in Bristol. The work, which depicts a couple in a loving embrace, while glancing passionately into their iPhones was displayed prominently on Banky’s website www.banksy.co.uk yesterday after it appeared on Clement Street in Bristol. The graffiti which had […]

15 April 2014


Banksy Returns To Britain With Two Controversial Wall Murals

Banksy, the best known of all of the British street artists has been busy at work. He has released his first new mural on his website, since his New York month of art, where he released a piece a day in October. The first depicts two lovers in a dark doorway which is lit by […]

12 March 2014


Banksy Unveils Artwork To Mark Third Anniversary Of The Syrian Conflict

Quiet since his stint in New York last October, Banksy the Bristol born Street Artist, has unveiled an artwork to mark the third anniversary of the conflict in Syria. The piece reworks his iconic girl with a balloon which will be projected onto a number of landmarks around the world on 13 March. Included in […]

27 February 2014


Banksy Mural Damaged In Attempted Theft In New Orleans

Police were called in New Orleans after two men were spotted chipping away at a wall mural created by the elusive British street artist Banksy. The attempted theft was foiled when residents noticed a plywood hoarding had been erected around a wall obscuring the painting and the manager of the building was informed. Police stated […]

19 February 2014


Banksy’s Iconic Kissing Coppers Wall Art Sold At Miami Auction

Banksy’s iconic Kissing Coppers mural painted in 2004 has achieved $575,000 (£345,000) at a US auction held yesterday. The mural was removed from the wall of the Prince Albert pub on Trafalgar Street in Brighton last year. The owner of the building claimed he would use the funds towards essential repairs at the pub and […]

7 February 2014


Banksy Girl With Red Balloon Removed From Liverpool Street Wall

Street Art miners, The Sincura Group who were responsible for the removal and export of Banksy’s ‘Slave Labour’ have uncovered an iconic mural near Liverpool Street station. Long thought destroyed ‘Girl with the Red Balloon’, was originally created in a few select London locations, including the stairwell of the South Bank, Blackfriars bridge and on Great […]

12 January 2014


Banksy Painting Sells To Chris Martin For $650k At Haitian Charity Auction

Sean Penn’s Help Haiti Home Gala, which took place last night at the Montage Beverly Hills, saw Coldplay’s Chris Martin spend $650,000/£395,000 on a painting of a heart shaped ballon, by the British street artist Banksy. The Coldplay singer and his wife Gwyneth Paltrow were amongst celebrities who attended this star-packed evening. Chris Martin left […]

29 November 2013


Hacked Banksy Work From NY Residency To Be Sold In Miami

Banksy work from his New York residency series ‘Better Out Than In’ is to be offered for sale in Miami during Art Basel week. The works consist of an inflatable heart shaped balloon with band-aids, and a painted car door. The first has been painted on a 1,500-pound (680kg) wall hacked from a Brooklyn warehouse […]

3 November 2013


Banksy Bids Farewell To New York After Successful Residency

Friday 31 October was the last day of the Banksy’s New York project, which ran for a month in Manhattan. The objective of residency was to create a new public work of art each day. The pieces ranged from his popular ‘Spray Art’, Sculpture, to Video, and Installation works. The media frenzy created made international […]

31 October 2013


Banksy Donates $500,000 ‘Chilled Hitler’ Painting To NY Housing Charity

As we come to the close of Banksy’s residency in New York City, his latest work  ‘The banality of the banality of evil ‘ Oil on oil on canvas, 2013, a thrift store painting vandalised then re-donated to the thrift store, depicts a landscape of a lake and snow capped mountains with a contemplative portrait […]

28 October 2013


Banksy Rubbishes Carbuncle Design Of New York’s World Trade Center

The British Street Artist Banksy, who is currently winding up his month long residency in Manhattan, has publicly rubbished the new design of One World Trade Center. This is the building replacing the ‘Twin Towers’ destroyed in the 9/11 attacks. In a statement posted on his website, the artist sounding more like Prince Charles than […]

23 October 2013


Banksy New York Sphinx Seized By Art Dealer Cartel

Banksy the Bristol born ‘Street Artist’ has been producing a new work of art every day this month, for his residency in New York City. His latest work a 1/36 scale replica of the great Sphinx of Giza, formed from crushed cinder/breeze blocks, has been sold to a cartel of art dealers by the owner […]

20 October 2013


Latest Banksy installations In New York Are Proving Popular With Ants

The latest Banksy works in New York are proving a hit with the public, as well as ants? Yesterday he set up two paintings on canvas under a Chelsea overpass. One a solidarity painting for Jailed punk-artists Pussy Riot the other soldiers surrounding a woman wearing a hijab. The artist stated on his website,  “Are […]

4 October 2013


Banksy Creates Free New York Solo Exhibition With Audio Guide

Brand new works by the British street artist Banksy have appeared in New York. The elusive king of graffiti has unveiled plans for a month-long residency in the city that never sleeps. For the next month Banksy will be attempting to present an entire solo show on the streets of New York. You may follow […]

17 August 2013


Banksy Whitehouse Pub Rat Removed For Grade II Building Restoration

This has been a bad month for Banksy fans as the fate of several outdoor works are sealed by greedy art dealers and building restorers. The latest in a long list of defacements is in Liverpool, where an iconic rat holding a machine gun has been covered up by building works to the former Whitehouse […]

2 June 2013


Banksy Slave Labour Goes Under The Hammer Despite Protests

The Banksy mural ‘Slave Labour’ allegedly sold last night at a private event in London for more than 750,000 pounds ($1.1 million). It was reported in Bloomberg that buyers had made offers for the painting of more than 900,000 pounds in a 3½-hour silent auction that closed at 9:30 p.m. Guests sipped Taittinger champagne and […]