26 May 2013


Banksy Hometown Plays Host To Europe’s Largest Urban Paint Festival

Upfest, Europe’s largest Urban Paint Festival takes place this weekend (25th – 27th 2013) in Banksy’s hometown Bristol. It features over 300 artists painting 30 thousand square feet of artwork on boards, streets, and many other surfaces. Upfest was created in 2008 between three crazy but art loving individuals. Inspired by Super Cans (Southampton),  Cans […]

11 May 2013


Banksy Mural: Withdrawn In Miami To Be Auctioned In London

A Banksy mural titled, ‘Slave Labour’ that was hacked off a wall outside a Poundland shop in Haringey that turned up in a Miami auction and withdrawn, after a public outcry, is to be offered for sale in a London auction. The mural depicts a child labourer hunched over a sewing machine stitching a string […]

3 April 2013


Stolen Banksy Mural To Be Replaced By Turnpike Art Group

A community art mural will replace the Banksy painting titled, ‘Slave Labour’ that was stolen earlier this year from the wall of a Poundland shop in Haringey NW London. It was later consigned for sale at a Florida auction with an estimate of £320,000 -£452,000. The Haringey MP Lynne Featherstone who failed in her attempts […]

29 March 2013


New Banksy Style Stations Of The Cross Mural Appears For Easter

A new Banksy style mural located in the London Bridge area has been unveiled for Easter. Already nicknamed, ‘The Stations of the Cross’ the mural shows Christ carrying the cross while police taser him and the paparazzi photograph him, in his suffering. This work of art definitely shares the hallmarks of a genuine Banksy, however […]

22 March 2013


Stolen Banksy Mural: MP Lynne Featherstone Hits A Brick Wall

The Haringey MP Lynne Featherstone has failed in her attempts to get to the bottom of the missing Banksy mural titled ‘Slave Labour’,stolen from a wall in her constituency. After meeting with The building’s owner, directors of Wood Green Investments, Robert Davies and Les Gilbert she was told that,  “The mural had been stolen by […]

5 March 2013


Street Artist Stik Turns Big Issue Sellers Into Art Dealers

The Street artist Stik, renowned for his iconic graffiti portraits of stick people, has created an exclusive series of four prints available only with the Big Issue magazine (on sale March 11th).  The prints, which will not be available through any other channels, are part of a collaboration designed to turn Big Issue vendors into […]

27 February 2013


Banksy Pays Tribute To Graffiti Legend Nekst With RIP Gif

British street artist Banksy has paid tribute on his website to Nekst a graffiti writer legend from the 1990s.  He recently placed a GIF animation paying homage to Nekst who passed away in December. This homage is the latest in a long line of tributes sprayed around the world in memory of the Nekst. Banksy’s […]

23 February 2013


Banksy Goes Under The Hammer In Miami Today Despite International Condemnation

Who technically “owns” Street Art installed without permission in a public location, on a private building? This question is currently being raised in blogs all over the web. It is a question that is further blurred by the fact that many street artists deny involvement in their guerrilla activities for legal reasons and have never […]

6 January 2013


Mr Brainwash Beatles Mural Erased From Oxford Street

A 5 meter high mural of the Beatles by the French born American artist Mr Brainwash, which was the centrepiece of his first London exhibition, has been painted over by the owners of the former Royal Mail sorting office, on the corner of Museum Street.The monumental painting of the Fab Four, wearing bandanas over their […]

26 December 2012


Banksy ‘ll Fix It Controversial Mural Removed By BBC Television Bosses

A Banksy style mural has been destroyed by the BBC to avoid drawing attention to the Jimmy Savile scandal.  It’s not clear who the actual artist was who created the controversial mural across from BBC television Centre, but security bosses quickly ordered workmen to remove the provocative graffiti, highlighting the case. It was located on […]

29 November 2012


Banksy: Shady Dealings In Excavated Murals Exhibited In Miami

The Keszler Gallery in the Hamptons, New York are exhibiting two Banksy murals removed from Bethlehem in 2007, at an Art Basel Miami Beach satellite fair next week. The works make up a larger show of Street Art by the Bristol born artist and include the iconic Kissing Policemen mural which was sold last year. […]

15 November 2012


New Banksy Book Lifts The Lid On The Man Behind The Stencil

The first in-depth biography of the ‘Urban’ artist Banksy by a former Times correspondent has been published this week. Banksy is perhaps the best known of the new breed of Street Artist. His pieces have fetched hundreds of thousands of dollars at many of the world’s most prestigious auction houses. He was even nominated for […]

13 November 2012


Urban Art Invades London In New Pop Up Exhibition

Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Risk and Ron English are part of a new ‘Urban Art’ exhibition at the Opera Gallery in London. Urban art, and its perception, have considerably evolved in the past forty years. The basic graffiti on underground seats that was regarded as sheer vandalism has become a rich aesthetical statement left in the […]

3 November 2012


Banksy Mural Hacked And Fragmented Resurfaces In Nottingham

An art gallery in Nottingham is exhibiting what’s left of an important Banksy mural as part of an installation. The work is on show in ‘The new I Is’ an exhibition at the New Art Exchange in Hyson Green. ‘The Afflicted Yard’ incorporates Banksy’s work Balloon Girl, and is included in a show celebrating 50 […]

14 September 2012


Banksy Sperm Alarm Thief Walks Free From Court

A previously convicted art thief who  attempted to sell a stolen work by the internationally known graffiti  artist Banksy on eBay for £17,000 walked free from court today. Leon Lawrence, 32, hacked the artwork off of a hotel in West London and put the mural,  titled Sperm Alarm sale. Mr Lawrence apparently framed the piece, […]

2 August 2012


Banksy Lays Low As Olympic Street Art Goes Underground

Where are the new Banksy pieces? The media has been a buzz since the artist displayed two new photographs of graffiti that he created specifically in relation to the Olympics. A search around the web brings up nothing more than a few vague speculations about the location of his latest work and a fury of […]

21 July 2012


Banksy’s East London Studio Photographed And Exposed

A photograph has been released of the interior of Banksy’s East London studio. It shows several examples of work in progress, ahead of the 2012 Olympics. The elusive artist is also seen in the frame, in this rare snap. Many journalists have speculated that Banksy will use the Olympics as the backdrop for a number […]

3 June 2012


Banksy’s Six New UK Graffiti Masterpieces Unveiled

In the last month Banksy has been busy at work creating at least a half dozen new pieces in the UK.  The first to appear was a portrait of a child worker sewing a string of Union Jack bunting for the Jubilee. It was painted on the side of a Poundland shop, a place where […]

2 June 2012


Giant Banksy Appears In Bristol To Mark Jubilee

A large scaled Glam Rock mural in the style of Banksy has appeared in Bristol to mark the Queen’s Diamond jubilee. The mural over a local Clay Cafe is a 1950’s rendition of the Young Queen Elizabeth wearing a tiara with an Aladdin Sane style lightning bolt drawn on her face. The piece has been […]

18 May 2012


New Banksy Child Worker Appears As Old Rat Is Destroyed

This week a Melbourne builder hacked himself a place in art history. Destroying Banksy’s stencil of a parachuting rat, he subverts the subverted, while the uproar that followed satirises the comically contradictory attitudes of street art connoisseurs. Like the Perspex plane which covers Banksy’s work on Tottenham High Road, this most recent amendment to his […]

15 May 2012


Precious Banksy Artwork Accidentally Destroyed By Builders

An iconic work by Banksy has been destroyed by construction workers in Melbourne – one of the last remaining artworks in Australia by internationally celebrated street artist. The workers accidentally drilled through the piece – depicting a parachuting rat – from the other side of the wall in order to create a sizeable hole for […]

14 May 2012


Has Banksy Killed Street Art?

A new mural in Detroit makes the controversial claim that big-name graffiti artists such as Banksy have killed street art. The ‘writer’ of this new piece entitled ‘Death of Street Art’ is by the Atlanta-based SEVER, and depicts six figures in the styles of some of the world’s most famous graffiti artists – including Banksy […]

11 May 2012


Duchamp Was Here Cool Street Art Banksy?

I found this posted on facebook. It could be a Banksy. Who ever created this piece is a cool artist in every way, shape or form!

8 May 2012


‘Steal A Banksy’ Hotel Proposes Warhol Forgery Challenge

Art Series Hotels have launched another modern art-themed publicity stunt, following up on its Steal Banksy challenge. Last summer the Hotel group made headlines with their Steal Banksy Challenge. Guests at the Melbourne Art Series Hotels were invited to try and steal a number of Banksy artworks from off the wall: if they succeeded, it […]

7 May 2012


Banksy Tops Poll As Most Iconic British Artist

The Banksy stencil painting of kissing policemen, first executed on a Brighton pub wall, has been selected as the most iconic British work of art in a poll of 1,000 artists.  The “Exit Through The Gift Shop” graffiti artist’s work tops a list dominated by modern and contemporary British works selected by the UK artists […]

6 May 2012


Loch Ness Type Monster Sighted In Wisconsin

Banksy like Street Art Must Be Removed ,Says Council The Department of Natural Resources in EAU CLAIRE Wisconsin are enraged at the appearance of a life scale ‘street art’ reproduction of the Loch Ness monster in the local  Chippewa River. The sculpture in three pieces consisting of a long neck middle section and tail, mysteriously […]

4 May 2012


Damien Hirst & Stella McCartney Give Art To Yoga Charity

Major artists including Damien Hirst and Stella McCartney have donated artwork to a charity auction, the proceeds of which will go towards a Special Yoga Therapy Centre in London. The auction – going by the title ‘Raising The Roof’ – also includes artworks by  Tracey Emin, Banksy, David Hockney, Gavin Turk, Sam Taylor-Wood, Marc Quinn, […]

3 May 2012


Iconic Bansky Artworks Reinvented Using Live Actors

A new series of images by newspaper photographer Nick Stern has seen iconic Banksy artworks re-created using real life actors. ‘Much of art is a recreation or interpretation of real life, but this project works the other way round – I wanted real life to recreate art’, explained Stern. He chose to work with Banksy […]

1 May 2012


Banksy Sent To Detroit Jail

An iconic work by street artist Banksy has found a new home in a former Detroit jail – now the gallery known as 555 Gallery. The artwork was originally created on the wall of an old car factory, and was salvaged when the building was demolished. It depicts a young boy holding a paintbrush next […]

25 April 2012


Exhibition For The Artist That Banksy Ripped Off

French street artist Blek Le Rat is arguably the inventor of stencilled graffiti as we know it, inspiring a plethora of street artists, including the biggest fish of all – Banksy. Now Blek Le Rat – A.K.A. Xavier Prou – is to have his own exhibition in London, reclaiming the style as his own by […]

20 April 2012


IKEA Flout Banksy Principles With Copycat Adverts

IKEA – the world’s largest furniture retailer – appropriate the ‘cool’ of street art in new advertising campaign The new campaign has been made to coincide with Milan Design Week, and it has seen furniture giants IKEA pasting stencilled black and white posters across Milan’s subway stations. Accompanied with the slogan ‘People bring Design to […]

18 April 2012


Russian Banksy Sparks Bomb Scare

Bomb squad sent in to investigate new artwork by Russian Banksy Last night in Moscow, a bomb squad was called out to ascertain the threat surrounding a ‘suspicious object’. In the event, it turned out not to be a bomb, but two-metre wide rendition of an alien from the pioneering arcade game ‘Space Invaders. This […]