27 December 2011


Mr Brainwash Exploits The Holiday Season

New show opens with a ‘PoP’ on La Brea Avenue Mr Brainwash, AKA Thierry Guetta has rented out a five-story building, in an abandoned industrial complex with over 80,000 square feet, on La Brea Avenue in Hollywood, to exhibit his latest work. The preview held on 22 December had over 1000 invited guests with the […]

27 December 2011


Stolen Banksy Man To Stand Trial

70k Masterpiece stolen from London Hotel discovered on ebay A man has been committed to trial accused of stealing a work by the highly regarded street artist Banksy. The work was taken from the wall of a four star hotel, located in Victoria central London, on February 9 and April 4, 2011. Leon Lawrence, 31, […]

20 December 2011


New Banksy Works Appear In Canary Wharf

Banksy Oil Spill Sculpture Garners New Meaning As UK Art Institutions Get Cosy With BP Banksy has been busy in the run-up to Christmas. He has just posted a timely and never before seen wall-piece on his website. It is a text piece executed in the Canary Wharf financial district,London. While viewing this work I […]

18 December 2011


Mr Brainwash Massive LA Exhibition

Just In Time For Christmas Mr B Exploits The Holiday Season Mr.Brainwash will be opening a new exhibition, Art Show 2011, in an 80,000 square foot building in Los Angeles over the holiday season. There will be a preview of the show on December 22nd starting at 3pm. The first 300 people through the doors […]

16 December 2011


Liverpool’s New Banksy Vandalised By Feuding Rival

Banksy image of a biplane leaving a trail of smoke in Liverpool has been vandalised by long-term and bitter rival King Robbo The new Bansky work of a biplane leaving a trail of smoke across the wall of a car park in Liverpool city centre has been vandalised by a rival graffiti artist King Robbo. […]

16 December 2011


Banksy Work Highlights Church Abuse Scandal

Latest Controversial Sculpture Unveiled At Walker Art Gallery Liverpool Banksy has had a history of altering or adding to works of art in British museums, for over a decade. This time his target was The The Walker Art Gallery, where he has unveiled a new addition to its collection this week. The sculpture takes the […]

14 December 2011


Banksy Gives Christmas Present To Liverpool

New Painting on car-park wall included on official website A new work of art thought to be by the street artist Banksy has been found on a street in Liverpool’s city centre. The mural was painted on the side of a building and shows a sky writing biplane drawing a heart in smoke. It appeared […]

13 December 2011


Hotel Stages Banksy Art Heist

Australian Hotel group encourage guests to try and steal Banksy artwork without being detected by security This summer, Australia’s Art Series Hotels is offering the public the chance to steal $15,000 Banksy artwork No Ball Games – one of very few signed and authenticated Banksys available Down Under. From 15th December, guests to the Melbourne […]

11 December 2011


Art Below Launches Your Art At Angel Tube

Exhibition showcases emerging art during The London Art Fair – Hurry Entry closes 19 December For the month of January Art Below will be transforming Angel Tube station’s concourse into a public gallery space.  Artists of all creative backgrounds and nationalities are invited to enter their work. The ‘Art of Angel’ exhibition has been planned […]

9 December 2011


Banksy Headlines Belfast Exhibition Of Street Art

‘Tags Not Labels’, a major new exhibition of street art organised by the V&A opens in Belfast today, headlined by Banksy, Miss Tic, James Hewlett, and Shepard Fairey A major new exhibition of street art organised by the Victoria & Albert Museum has opened today at the Belfast’s Ulster Museum. It showcases over 30 street […]

8 December 2011


Grayson Perry On Taste Turns Tide Against Arts Cuts

Channel 4’s ‘Grayson Perry On Taste’ signals new spate of arts commissions from artists like Banksy, George Shaw, Hilary Lloyd, and David Shrigley Channel 4 has commissioned Turner Prize-winner Grayson Perry to present a 3-part documentary series exploring the relationship between taste and class in Britain. Grayson Perry on Taste will see the artist journeying […]

2 December 2011


Banksy Caught On Camera

  New Banksy artwork discovered in West London, with act of creation captured on film Staff at ForeignStudents.com believe that that they have discovered a new work by Banksy, the world’s most celebrated street artist. The piece has been stencilled onto the side of a disused building, and depicts a woman falling through the air, […]

1 December 2011


Banksy Strikes Twice In Glasgow

Banksy strikes Glasgow curry house an unprecedented second time – could this provide a clue to his true identity? Last year, Glasgow’s Nakodar Grill insured a Banksy rat sprayed on their restaurant for an incredible £20,000. Now, the curry house believes it has once again become the site for a new artwork by the world’s […]

26 November 2011


Banksy Not Nominated For Turnip Prize 2011

Prestigious Turnip Prize Artists Spotlighted as Banksy fails to make final Banksy the Oscar-nominated filmmaker and graffiti artist has missed out being shortlisted for this years Turnip prize. It would have been his fifth nomination. The work submitted in a gaudy gilt frame is one of his stick figures with text reading, ‘Is Crap art […]

7 November 2011


Occupying London A Moral Vacancy

An Artist’s Response to the St Paul’s protest – Editorial by Rebecca Mellor Occupations continue at St Paul’s, across the UK and worldwide. Protestors face continued dismissal by disconnected members of government, media and those with their eyes and minds firmly closed to the reality of the impact of inherently unjust and corrupt infrastructure directly […]

5 November 2011


Banksy Artwork Lost in graffiti War

Archway mural sprayed over by rival aerosol gang King Robbo or one of his followers may have been responsible for the loss of a major Banksy this week. The Archway mural at Junction Road, opposite McDonald’s, has been sprayed over with black paint. Another Banksy near Quinn’s pub in Camden Town was also damaged but […]

28 October 2011


Banksy Occupy London Sculpture Vandalised

St Paul’s installation covered in graffiti by other protesters The new sculptural work by Banksy the Bristol born graffiti artist installed at the St Paul’s Cathedral, Occupy London camp has been vandalised. It was unveiled two days ago in solidarity with the world wide Anti-Greed protest that has taken over ‘The City’. The elusive politically […]

26 October 2011


New Banksy Unveiled At St Paul’s Protest

Infamous Street Artist highlights stock exchange protest with new sculpture The Street Artist Banksy has unveiled a new sculptural work dedicated to the community of protesters, at the Occupy London movement ‘s camp, at St.Paul’s Cathedral. This is in solidarity with the world wide Anti-Greed protest that has taken over ‘The City,’ London’s Wall Street […]

4 October 2011


Mr Brainwash Exit Through The Pissoir

Thierry Guetta Exhibition vandalises London’s West End The first British solo exhibition by the infamous Mr Brainwash opens this week at London’s Opera Gallery in New Bond Street. Brainwash also known as Thierry Guetta is inflicting 30 of his latest ‘works’ on the British public. If you have somehow not absorbed who Mr Brainwash is, […]

14 September 2011


Iconic Banksy Mural Restored In Berlin

American Artist Brad Downey uncovers masterpiece as part of his own project One of the most iconic murals by British street artist Banksy titled,’ Every Picture Tells a Lie’ has been meticulously uncovered in Berlin. The American,urban installation artist Brad Downey has  unveiled the work after a gallery painted over it in 2003 to clear […]

7 September 2011


Banksy Donates 150k Angel Sculpture to Bristol Museum

The work is attracting a new generation of museum goer Bristol has had a love-hate relationship with Banksy since he began stencilling on the city’s walls nearly two decades ago. The “Exit Through the gift shop” exhibition (2009) was the highest profile Bristol exhibition ever and the most successful in the museum’s 190 year history. […]

3 September 2011


Looted Palestine Banksy For Sale In Posh Hamptons

Shady dealings in grey area street art is big business An art gallery in New York’s posh Hamptons, currently showing several works by the street artist Banksy is under moral pressure for dealing in looted cultural works. The case centers around two murals originally stenciled in Palestine and removed with or without permission from the […]

12 August 2011


Banksy Gets His Own TV Show

New Channel 4 Program “The Antics Roadshow” Saturday 13th August Banksy, who is no stranger to third person self promotion is about to invade the small box format. On the back of the success of the Oscar nominated documentary film,” Exit Through the Gift Shop” it is no surprise that Bansky is moving into the […]

7 August 2011


Banksy Hacks Off Murdoch With New Work

  New Banksy work revealed online First Photo The controversial British graffiti  artist Banksy aka Robin Gunningham has posted a new work on his website ( http://www.banksy.co.uk/newoutdoors/index.htm) exploring the scandal which has engulfed News International over the past months. The exact location of the work has not been revealed, but it is thought to be […]

3 August 2011


Street Art Counter Culture Joins London Olympics

London’s Olympic Park area, including Hackney Wick will be decorated with street art as part of the ‘Cultural Olympiad’ next year. This is a ‘if you cant beat em Join em’ solution to all of the creative graffiti that has existed in the area for decades. The more organized Art exhibitions by David Hockney, Lucian […]

24 July 2011


Lost Banksy Restored In Bristol

We reported last week that an early Banksy painting titled “Gorilla in a Pink Mask” was whitewashed over by the new owners of a building in Bristol. Saeed Ahmed thought the work of art was just another piece of graffiti and ordered it to be painted over. After a huge public outcry which caused international […]

19 July 2011


Graffiti Artist TOX JAILED FOR 27 MONTHS

Banksy Mural questions, Are Tags Graffiti art?  Tag artist, Daniel Halpin 24, of Camden, North London who was Immortalised by Banksy in a mural last spring, was jailed at Blackfriars Crown Court on Friday following a trial where he was found guilty of seven counts of criminal damage. Halpin, who sprayed graffiti in London and […]

18 July 2011


Banksy Graffiti To Get Listed Status In Bristol

Steve Comer, a Liberal Democrat councillor from the Eastville ward in Bristol, is calling on local people to put together an official register of public artworks, after a 10-year-old Banksy mural  ‘Gorilla in a Pink Mask’’ was whitewashed over by mistake. The painting on the wall of a former social club had been a familiar […]

15 July 2011


Banksy Masterpiece Destroyed In Bristol

Banksy’s “Gorilla in a Pink Mask” a Bristol landmark on the wall of the former North Bristol Social Club.A valuable Banksy worth £250,000 has been whitewashed over by the new owners of a building in Bristol. Saeed Ahmed thought was just another piece of graffiti and ordered it to be painted over. “I thought it […]

13 July 2011


Banksy Gives Kate Moss £200 k Wedding Present

Banksy Spotted at Kates Highgate Mansion Working on New Mural  Kate Moss,the 37-year-old supermodel has been left a surprise present by the infamous graffiti artist Banksy. It has been reported that while she is off on her honeymoon soaking up the shade on a luxury yacht in the Mediterranean, the artist has been given access […]

22 June 2011


Art In The Streets Cancelled By Brooklyn Museum

The Art in the Streets exhibition which includes work by Banksy and Shepard Fairey currently held at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles which planned to move to the Brooklyn Museum on 30 March through 8 July 2012 has been cancelled from it’s east coast run due to a financial shortfall. The exhibition […]

14 June 2011


Banksy Street Art Infiltrates Home of Robin Hood

Love it or loath it, Street Art is now everywhere and the genre is not only making the transition from the street to the gallery,it is also crossing over onto the walls of the museum. It has infiltrated advertising, graphic design, fashion, music and the Visual Arts as quickly as it has appeared on our […]