3 August 2011


Street Art Counter Culture Joins London Olympics

London’s Olympic Park area, including Hackney Wick will be decorated with street art as part of the ‘Cultural Olympiad’ next year. This is a ‘if you cant beat em Join em’ solution to all of the creative graffiti that has existed in the area for decades. The more organized Art exhibitions by David Hockney, Lucian […]

24 July 2011


Lost Banksy Restored In Bristol

We reported last week that an early Banksy painting titled “Gorilla in a Pink Mask” was whitewashed over by the new owners of a building in Bristol. Saeed Ahmed thought the work of art was just another piece of graffiti and ordered it to be painted over. After a huge public outcry which caused international […]

19 July 2011


Graffiti Artist TOX JAILED FOR 27 MONTHS

Banksy Mural questions, Are Tags Graffiti art?  Tag artist, Daniel Halpin 24, of Camden, North London who was Immortalised by Banksy in a mural last spring, was jailed at Blackfriars Crown Court on Friday following a trial where he was found guilty of seven counts of criminal damage. Halpin, who sprayed graffiti in London and […]

18 July 2011


Banksy Graffiti To Get Listed Status In Bristol

Steve Comer, a Liberal Democrat councillor from the Eastville ward in Bristol, is calling on local people to put together an official register of public artworks, after a 10-year-old Banksy mural  ‘Gorilla in a Pink Mask’’ was whitewashed over by mistake. The painting on the wall of a former social club had been a familiar […]

15 July 2011


Banksy Masterpiece Destroyed In Bristol

Banksy’s “Gorilla in a Pink Mask” a Bristol landmark on the wall of the former North Bristol Social Club.A valuable Banksy worth £250,000 has been whitewashed over by the new owners of a building in Bristol. Saeed Ahmed thought was just another piece of graffiti and ordered it to be painted over. “I thought it […]

13 July 2011


Banksy Gives Kate Moss £200 k Wedding Present

Banksy Spotted at Kates Highgate Mansion Working on New Mural  Kate Moss,the 37-year-old supermodel has been left a surprise present by the infamous graffiti artist Banksy. It has been reported that while she is off on her honeymoon soaking up the shade on a luxury yacht in the Mediterranean, the artist has been given access […]

22 June 2011


Art In The Streets Cancelled By Brooklyn Museum

The Art in the Streets exhibition which includes work by Banksy and Shepard Fairey currently held at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles which planned to move to the Brooklyn Museum on 30 March through 8 July 2012 has been cancelled from it’s east coast run due to a financial shortfall. The exhibition […]

14 June 2011


Banksy Street Art Infiltrates Home of Robin Hood

Love it or loath it, Street Art is now everywhere and the genre is not only making the transition from the street to the gallery,it is also crossing over onto the walls of the museum. It has infiltrated advertising, graphic design, fashion, music and the Visual Arts as quickly as it has appeared on our […]

12 June 2011


New Banksy Exhibition Opens In London

Urban Art Invades the Andipa Gallery with Major New Exhibition A two man exhibition of Banksy and War Boutique presents an exciting opportunity to see original works by two well known mavericks of urban art. The established Banksy and the popular, emerging War Boutique, a young artist who is just breaking onto the international stage, […]

1 May 2011


A Tale of Two Murals Kobra vs Banksy

Brazilian Street artist Eduardo Kobra with his assistant Eduardo Agnaldo have painted a new mural in Camden. It is a collage of images, some nostalgic, some contemporary. The work is located on the famous Banksy wall in Chalk Farm . The large painting has been authorized by Camden council and has been produced two years […]

20 March 2011


Banksy Works Destroyed by Cultural Vandals

Stolen – Damaged and Power-Washed! Will Banksy Survive? – New Group Forms To Protect Street Art Last month just before the Oscars several new works by the Bristol born Artist, Banksy (AKA Robin Gunningham) appeared in various locations in Los Angeles. A number of these works have now been stolen, vandalized and destroyed by local councils […]

11 March 2011


Mr Brainwash Run DMC Lawsuit

This must be the season for artists lawsuits. First it was Shepard Fairey settling the case concerning the iconic disputed photo of Obama. Than Jeff Koons sued Canadian company Imm-Living for allegedly copying his metallic balloon dog sculptures and marketing them as $30 resin bookends. The suit implied that Koons owned the intellectual rights to […]

23 February 2011


Google Street Art View Showcases Graffiti

Google’s “Street View” has now been utilized to showcase works of graffiti art from around the globe. The project has been realized through a collaboration between the Brazilian ad agency Loducca and energy drinks manufacturer Red Bull. The sponsorship has created an innovative source for discovering new and exciting works and the project is user […]

18 February 2011


Banksy Meets Jamie Oliver

British guerilla artist Banksy has created a new work on a wall in Westwood California in preparation for his Oscar nominated documentary, “Exit Through the Gift Shop”. The ballots are due Tuesday and it is looking good for the artist, who is busy lobbying for votes by keeping a high profile. The work has been […]

25 January 2011


Banksy Nominated for Oscar and Bafta Latest

It’s official Banksy’s film, Exit Through The Gift Shop, has been nominated for an Academy Award as well as a Bafta. The Bristol street artist’s first film has been nominated in the Best Documentary Feature category for the Oscars which will take place in Hollywood in February. The Academy is already considering what do in […]

13 January 2011


Shepard Fairey vs. AP Case Dismissed

The copyright lawsuit between the American Urban Artist, Shepard Fairey and AP (Associated Press), came a step closer to a conclusion yesterday, when U.S. District Judge, Alvin Hellerstein dismissed the case. The artist who had created the Barack Obama “HOPE” image from a photograph by a professional AP news photographer, has been excluded from the […]

20 November 2010


Banksy Favorite For Oscar 2011

It has been reported that Exit Through the Gift Shop, the Banksy documentary that was released earlier this year is now seen as a strong contender for the award for best documentary. The film has already been nominated for a BAFTA, named documentary of the year by the Online Film Critics Society and was runner […]

12 October 2010


Banksy Does The Simpsons Doh!

  Graffiti Artist Banksy (aka Robert Banks) has created an opening sequence for the American cartoon The Simpsons. The episode, called ‘MoneyBart’, was aired on TV in the US on Sunday night and will be shown in the UK later this month. Producers approached Banksy to design one of the “couch gags” that open each […]

10 September 2010


Banksy Latest Photos HMV London September 2010

Walking by the HMV Store in Oxford Circus last night, I noticed two never before seen works by the Graffiti Artist Banksy. They were installed to promote the release of his video ‘ Exit Through The Gift Shop’ The works ,valued at around £100,000 are guarded by two members of security staff and are on […]

9 September 2010


Banksy Invades HMV Oxford Circus September 2010

The Graffiti Artist Banksy (AKA, Robert Banks) has invaded the HMV Store in Oxford Circus in central London. The elusive sprayer left the shop with a little more then they expected, when asked to install a display of posters promoting the release of his DVD ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop’. The artist unveiled, a full-scale […]

27 August 2010


Banksy Art forgers Sentenced

Grant Champkins-Howard and Lee Parker have received a suspended sentence of 12 months after pleading guilty to selling numerous fakes of prints purporting to be by the Urban Artist Banksy. They were also banned from selling anything on the Internet for five years and ordered to undertake 240 hours of community service. They had both […]