2 July 2022


Boris Johnson Denounced UK Government Over Parthenon Marbles What About Now?

As a student, Boris Johnson lambasted UK officials for not allowing the repatriation of the Parthenon Marbles.

20 January 2022


Tracey Emin Asks Number 10 To Remove Gifted Artwork From Display – Clare Lilley Appointed New YSP Director –  Rare Henry Moore Sculpture Discovered

Tracey Emin Asks Number 10 To Remove Gifted Artwork From Display – Clare Lilley Appointed New YSP Director –  Rare Henry Moore Sculpture Discovered

22 April 2016


Boris Johnson Solidarity Gesture Brexits Through The Palmyra Arch

Our mop haired Mayor Mr Johnson never misses a photo opportunity to bolster his image as a misjudging, hot air-filled joke by posing with a misjudged, hot air-filled joke. As a gesture of ‘solidarity’ with civilisations torn apart by ISIS, unveiled in Trafalgar Square to baying press was a 3D printed (?) replica of Palmyra’s […]

9 November 2015


Boris Johnson Reveals £45 Million Pledge For New Cultural Quarter Olympicopolis

Stratford’s Olympic Park was recently the end-point of Anish Kapoor and Ai Weiwei’s march in support of refugees – the artists joined forces for a walk across London as the two strode down London’s Piccadilly accompanied by a hoard of journalists at the beginning of an eight-mile journey to show solidarity with refugees around the […]

28 October 2015


OPINION: Boris Johnson Calls For New Artists’ Studios And Cultural Spaces

Boris Johnson has called for new artists’ studios and cultural spaces. This important cultural plea comes as the London Mayor publishes guidance for councils, planners and developers on protecting arts venues – and with good reason – as artists continue to be priced out of the UK capital, as developers move in, stripping London of […]

6 November 2014


Boris Johnson Warns Against London Art Funding Cuts

London Mayor Boris Johnson has warned against cutting the capital’s arts funding after a group of MPs asked Arts Council England to focus on regional arts funding and reduce its focus on the capital. This call came after a new House of Commons Culture, Media and Sport select committee report that said there was a […]

20 June 2013


Katharina Fritsch Unveils Her Giant Blue Cock In Trafalgar Square

Katharina Fritsch has unveiled her fourth plinth commission (Thursday 25th July 2013) in London’s Trafalgar Square. The 4.7m high sculpture titled ‘Hahn/Cock’ will occupy Trafalgar Square’s empty plinth for 18 months. The Mayor of London Boris Johnson said: ‘As a platform for contemporary art, the Fourth Plinth has etched itself into the consciousness of people […]

21 May 2012


Fourth Plinth Designs By School Kids Winners Announced

An awards ceremony was held today to present schoolchildren with prizes for their winning designs as part of the Fourth Plinth Schools Award. Elmgreen & Dragset, whose artwork currently resides on the plinth, presented the prizes, having chosen their favourite works from each borough of London, which are currently on show in an exhibition at […]

8 February 2012


Graffiti Of David Cameron And Boris Johnson As Rioters Found In Banksy Hotspot

A graffiti artist has stencilled an image of David Cameron and Boris Johnson as rioters onto a wall previously adorned by a Banksy. The artwork, which experts do not believe to be by Banksy himself, depicts the pair next to the word ‘Eton Posse’, in a reference to the infamous public school both men attended, […]

3 April 2010


Anish Kapoor Tower Of Babel Planned For London 2012 Olympics

    Anish Kapoor has designed Britain’s largest piece of public sculpture, a 120 metre tall interwoven tower that people will be able to climb. The tower will boast spectacular views of London and the Olympic park. The work falls somewhere in between a crushed Buckminster Fuller Geodesic Dome, a fun fair Helter Skelter and […]