12 August 2011


Why should I buy original Art?

Why buy an original piece of art work, when you can buy an inexpensive print? When it comes right down to it, creating a piece of art is a mystery. No artist, no matter how articulate, can explain why a particular work of art was created. By buying an art work you buy a piece […]

13 July 2011


Art as an investment?

History shows us that the greatest artists have constantly re-invented their subject matter, style, and ideas. An Investor will look to buy into the story of the artist and will look for interest and evolution in both the artist and the work. Artists should always challenge themselves to ensure continuing artistic development and create work […]

30 June 2011


You Tube of The Art World?

An Art Fair for individual Artists is a rare beast, but perhaps that is about to change? Invariably Art Fairs are made up of established galleries with established artists, creating a bottleneck whereby new and talented artists cannot be seen, as the galleries prefer to exhibit their established artists with a proven following. Whilst the […]

16 May 2011


The Ressurection of Pop Art ?

  Exciting new artist Lisa Andrews whose new collection – The Brits, consisting of four oil on canvas paintings: Amy, Adele, Lily & Paloma, now available as prints, is being hailed as a huge new talent and leading light in the resurrection of Pop Art.   Pop art developed in the early 1960s. Originally a […]