26 September 2018


Camden Arts Centre Partners With Frieze For New Emerging Art Prize

Camden Arts Centre has announced a new partnership with Frieze London for 2018.

16 August 2018

4 March 2018


Giorgio Griffa: The Golden Ratio And Inexplicable knowledge – Revd Jonathan Evens

Camden Arts Centre is currently presenting the first solo exhibition in the United Kingdom of Giorgio Griffa, an Italian abstract painter who has been closely linked to the Arte Povera movement.

21 September 2017


Nathalie Du Pasquier Interviewed Ahead Of Her Camden Arts Centre Exhibition

Interview conducted by Neil Zakiewicz with Milan-based artist, Nathalie Du Pasquier

30 December 2015


Florian Rothmayr: Largest Solo London Exhibition To Date At Camden Arts Centre

Florian Roithmayr presents a new body of sculptural works in Gallery 3 which observe material transformation and transference in the processes of making. Capturing the unforeseeable gestures which occur in the interstice between mould and cast, the sculptures embody the consequences of one surface, material or body yielding another. The configuration of the exhibition changes […]

20 July 2015


Ben Rivers: Major Solo Show Announced For Camden Arts Centre

A new solo show by British artist Ben Rivers (b.1972), brings together two of his seminal 16mm film works and two new films, premiering at Camden Arts Centre. To complement his exhibition, Rivers has curated a group show, Edgelands, exploring the overlooked fringes of the urban landscape. Both exhibitions run at Camden Arts Centre from 25 September until 29 November […]

15 April 2015

Jo Baer: Towards The Land Of The Giants – Camden Arts Centre – Cultural Signifiers Of Time Passing

Centring around Baer’s most recent series, In the Land of Giants, developed since 2009, Camden Art Centre’s exhibition of Jo Baer’s work reveals the artist making great shifts in formal terms yet maintaining continuity in subject matter. These newer works are inspired by Paleolithic cave paintings, and much of the imagery derives from Baer’s time […]

10 April 2015


American Artist Jo Baer Opens New Exhibition At Camden Arts Centre

Camden Arts Centre presents an exhibition of Jo Baer’s most recent series of paintings, ‘In the Land of the Giants’. The latest series, developed since 2009, reflects on the artist’s life-long interest in history and science. Inspired by Palaeolithic cave paintings, Baer saw in these ancient marks, with their instilled meaning, a midway between abstraction […]

13 April 2014


Camden Arts Centre Presents New Exhibitions By Phillip Lai And Moyra Davey

The Camden Arts Centre is presenting two new exhibitions to kick off the Spring season. The first is by Phillip Lai a London-based artist known for a diverse practice often emphasising spatial experience, situation and encounter as materials. His work brings about a sense of itinerancy and estrangement in its particular use of familiar objects, […]

29 January 2014

Nina Canell: New Exhibition Explores Connections That Make Up Our Environment

Nina Canell’s current show, ‘Near Here’, at the Camden Arts Centre explores the connections that make up our environment. Canell’s work recalls the legacy of Duchamp’s ready-mades, and she uses objects like cables, nails, steel, gum, and carpets to assemble her pieces. Though the gallery is fairly small for an exhibition space, the sculptures are […]

24 January 2014

Silke Otto-Knapp Explores Performance And Interaction With Dark Landscapes

At the Camden Arts Centre’s latest exhibition, Silke Otto-Knapp explores performance and landscape in her watercolour and gouache paintings. Several paintings are of the iconic, choreographer Anna Halprin’s outdoor stage, which is enclosed in her Northern California forest. Choreographers and dancers have used this outdoor stage, and the magical setting must have inspired great creativity.  […]

22 October 2013


Silke Otto-Knapp To Exhibit At Camden Arts Centre in Early 2014

In January the Camden Arts Centre presents an exhibition of new works by the German artist Silke Otto-Knapp (b.1970). Otto-Knapp is best known for her large scale canvases depicting scenes inspired by stage performance and landscape. Silke Otto-Knapp opens at Camden Arts Centre on 17 January 2014 and admission is free. Otto-Knapp tackles the tradition of […]

30 July 2013


African American Artist Kara Walker New Camden Arts Centre Exhibition

The Camden Arts Centre are to present an Exhibition of ‘Capable Artworks’ by the Notable Hand of the Celebrated American artist, Kara Elizabeth Walker, Negress, this autumn. One of America’s least compromising artists will finally have a solo show in London, bringing her truly cutting-edge, politically-charged paper silhouettes, on the themes of historical slavery and […]

5 May 2013


Godzilla And The Boob Meteorite Star In Art Performance Piece

British artist Serena Korda’s theatrical rendering of animal symbolism and folklore titled Aping the Beast which has been ongoing at the Camden Arts Centre, finished with a bang yesterday, (Saturday 4 May). The performance piece began with a procession from the center at 3:00 pm. It included children wearing spooky latex masks, looking like bald […]

29 April 2013


Five Meter High Godzilla Puppet Comes To Hampstead Heath

Serena Korda’s exhibition at the Camden Arts Centre, finishes with a final performance titled, ‘Aping the Beast’ which takes place on Saturday 4 May. Commencing with a procession from the Camden Arts Centre to Hampstead Heath, the performance will culminate with a re-enactment of The Battle of the River Plate, in Whitestone Pond, where the […]

22 April 2013

Dorothy Iannone Challenges Tracey Emin’s Title Of Ultimate Bad Girl

When I first heard that boobs, bums, willies and acts of masturbation mischieviously fly out in the work of octogenarian American artist Dorothy Iannone, I must admit I was curious. She has been compared to Tracey Emin as  the ultimate bad girl, the real definition of a minx, and this is her first retrospective show […]

13 April 2013


Dieter Roth Explored In New Exhibition At Camden Arts Centre

A new exhibition by the German-Swiss artist Dieter Roth (1930-98) titled Dieter Roth: Diaries is set to open at the Camden Arts Centre 17 May – 14 July 2013.  Roth worked with obsessive energy and his prolific output included installation, sculpture, drawing, video, assemblage and books. All of his work was a diary of sorts […]

22 November 2012


Film in Space An Exhibition of Film and Expanded Cinema

A new group exhibition Film in Space selected by British artist-filmmaker Guy Sherwin (b.1948) focuses on expanded cinema, a film movement which came to prominence in Britain in the early 1970s. The movement was closely associated with the London Film-Makers’ Co-operative, an organisation based in North London and set up in 1966 by artist-filmmakers to […]

25 January 2012

Raphael Hefti Gets Experimental at Camden Arts Centre

Raphael Hefti @ Camden Arts Centre – REVIEW Swiss artist Raphael Hefti’s first solo show in the UK is both smart and visually beguiling. Claiming to have spent a decade ‘subverting’ and ‘interfering’ with material processes, the fruits of these labours are well worth a look, and act as an irreverent counterpart to the intensity […]