18 January 2020


Betty Spackman: Posthumanism Debates – Interview Revd Jonathan Evens

Betty Spackman is an installation artist and painter who exhibited internationally for over 25 years with a studio based in Toronto and Europe before coming to British Columbia.

11 August 2016


Canadian Artist Jean-Paul Kelly Explored At Delfina Foundation This Autumn

New work by the Canadian artist, Jean-Paul Kelly is to be presented by the Delfina Foundation in September. Exploring the relationship between materiality and perception, Kelly examines complex associations between found photographs, videos, and sounds from documentaries, photojournalism, and online media streams. By working through these documents, Kelly seeks to illuminate the gap between physical matter and the subjective […]

7 November 2012



Paul Carey-Kent Surveys A CHOICE FROM WINNIPEG I’ve just had the chance to visit Winnipeg (population 700,000, Canada’s 8th largest), which is an unusual city: set in the middle of the prairies it’s the world’s coldest and also one of the most isolated – 500 miles from the nearest city, Minneapolis. Those factors, together with […]