13 May 2016


Photo Feature: Dense Mesh: Exploring The Global Technological Apparatus At Carroll/Fletcher

Carroll/Fletcher is currently presenting ‘Dense Mesh’, a group exhibition of seven artists exploring technological progression in society via a collective response to Czech-born philosopher, writer and journalist Vilem Flusser’s book ‘Into the Universe of Technical Images’. Described as society ‘Poised between hope and despair for a humanity facing an urgent communication crisis, forecasting either the […]

9 May 2016

Thomson & Craighead: Orwellian Party Paranoia At Carroll/Fletcher

Carroll/Fletcher is currently presenting Thomson & Craighead in ‘Party Booby Trap’, the art duo’s second exhibition with the gallery, filling the space with a plethora of 21st century post-millennial fears. The show even includes the artists first fragrance ‘Apocalypse’, 2016, not as unpleasant as the concept of this paranoia-inducing assault on the nervous would have […]

29 December 2015


Mikhail Karikis Presents Multi-Part Project At Carroll/Fletcher

Mikhail Karikis’s Children of Unquiet (2013-2015) is a multi-part project encompassing video, photography, sound installation, and performance, centred around a children’s “takeover” of an abandoned workers’ village near Larderello in Tuscany. Known for its striking geothermal geography and sulfurous springs to which it owes its name of Valle Del Diavolo (Devil’s Valley), it was there […]