25 July 2019

Ten Questions About Ten Years Of Charlie Smith London Zavier Ellis In Conversation With Paul Carter Robinson

Zavier Ellis is the founder and director of CHARLIE SMITH LONDON, a vibrant contemporary art gallery in Shoreditch, London, which is currently celebrating their 10th Anniversary.

8 July 2019


19 March 2019

Archaeologies Charlie Smith London – Davina Jackson Pontone – Edward Lucie-Smith

Two of the most consistent of these in terms of quality are Charlie Smith London, situated above a pub in Shoreditch; and the Pontone Gallery, just a step away from Sloane Square. Both of these galleries have just opened slightly unexpected shows.

6 February 2019


Hugh Mendes Unveils A Menagerie Of Dead Artists

Hugh Mendes returns for his third solo exhibition, mid September, at Charlie Smith London with a Menagerie of historical paintings of dead artists.

17 July 2018

Mythos Against Innovation – Charlie Smith London – Edward Lucie-Smith

Charlie Smith London has long been one of the most reliable innovative galleries in Shoreditch.

15 May 2018

17 February 2018


Hugh Mendes: Donald Trump Obituary Painting Is Not Just Fake News

Hugh Mendes has created his most controversial image to date, for his latest exhibition, a group show at CHARLIE SMITH LONDON.

29 October 2017

Sam Jackson – Derek Ridgers At Charlie Smith London By Edward Lucie-Smith

The Sam Jackson-Derek Ridgers show currently on view at Charlie Smith London, and due to be seen again next April at the Galerie Heike Strelow in Frankfurt, carries with it a curious echo of the Soutine show, now on view at the Courtauld Gallery.

4 March 2017


Armory Show Highlights By Gallerist Zavier Ellis Of Charlie Smith London

The Armory Show, which opened to the public in New York on 2 March is always one of the highlights of the art fair season. This year, the first fully under new Executive Director Benjamin Genocchio is a step to separate the fair competitors like Frieze and Art Basel. “This is not a franchise fair,” Genocchio explained to the assembled press before the doors opened on Wednesday. “This is a New York institution.”

23 December 2016


Young Gods Celebrates Tenth Curated Exhibition Fresh From London Art Schools

The tenth edition of Young Gods, curated by Zavier Ellis, which opens at CHARLIE SMITH LONDON on 13 January is always an important exhibition to visit if you want to continue to have your ear to the ground!

12 October 2016


Hugh Mendes Talks to Artlyst About His Preoccupation With Death And Memento Mori

Hugh Mendes is a German-born British painter. He graduated with an MA in Fine Art from City and Guilds of London Art School,  in 2001 after reading a BA (Hons) in Fine Art at Chelsea School of Art 1975-78. Mendes’ work has been shown globally at Museum shows and it is in prominent private collections […]

6 September 2016


German Enfant Terrible Florian Heinke First London Solo Exhibition Unveiled

Florian Heinke has his first London solo exhibition at the popular Charlie Smith London Gallery in Shoreditch, opening this week. Heinke is known for his paintings that alternate between political polemics and transcendental beauty. Combining text and image only in black acrylic on unprimed canvas, Heinke’s methods are unique and highly impactful. Schooled initially on the streets of […]

23 July 2016


Charlie Smith London Announces Ten finalists For Anthology Art Competition

The Anthology Art Competition sponsored by CHARLIE SMITH LONDON is always one of the high points of the Summer art season. Each year thousands of applications are sifted through to define the long-list which is then whittled down to ten finalists. The work always represents excellence and is used as a barometer to measure new emerging contemporary […]

7 November 2015


Exhibition New London Figurative To Open At CHARLIE SMITH LONDON

CHARLIE SMITH LONDON presents ‘New London Figurative’. The exhibition is a response to the rising dominance of the use of the figure in contemporary art, presenting three new wave artists who work with the figure in profoundly contrasting ways. Jelena Bulajić is concerned with the ageing human face. Her unrelenting gaze is realized in small […]

6 August 2015


Artlyst Photo Special: Anthology 2015 At CHARLIE SMITH London

CHARLIE SMITH LONDON announces its fifth edition of the annual juried exhibition Anthology. Selected and curated by internationally respected art world professionals, Anthology is a multi-disciplinary exhibition that reaches out democratically to artists worldwide. Presented at the CHARLIE SMITH LONDON gallery in Shoreditch, London, the exhibition will continue to be a key barometer of emerging […]

4 June 2015


Emma Bennett To Open At Charlie Smith London

CHARLIE SMITH LONDON is delighted to present Emma Bennett with her third one person show at the gallery. For this exhibition Bennett has created an exquisite set of intimate oil paintings on oak panels. Combining appropriated still life elements with beds, fire and landscapes; this is a significantly personalised series. Exploring the fleeting nature of […]

23 April 2015


Dominic Shepherd To Open At CHARLIE SMITH London

CHARLIE SMITH London presents Dominic Shepherd in the artist’s latest exhibition ‘Bare Foot Prophet’. In this exhibition Dominic Shepherd responds to the progress of our times, channelled via his own idiosyncratic circumstances. Edging towards the end of an idyll, where development has come to interrupt a fifteen year reverie, the artist states: ‘this new body […]

27 February 2015


Anti-Social Realism: New Exhibition For CHARLIE SMITH LONDON

The exhibition ‘Anti-Social Realism’ soon to open at CHARLIE SMITH, LONDON, will attempt to pose new pictorial possibilities through artworks that tackle notions of contemporary realism and offer us a distant echo of a political reality. The wry misnomer of the exhibition’s title slips between many interwoven threads, simultaneously conjuring up images of ‘anti-social behaviour […]